As we remember the Charleston victims, their parents, family members and friends

As we remember the Charleston victims, their parents, family members and friends; we should CLEARLY UNDERSTAND why a parent with the help of a Judge, Law Firms, Rabbis, a Pastor, other Religious Leaders, Therapists, Executives, Business Partners and some relatives are not only very sick, emotionally unbalanced and troubled but they are TERRORISTS for INTENTIONALLY and REPEATEDLY carrying out acts of Parental Alienation against the loving, law-abiding Mother (father) and their Children of all ages.

As many experts have proven both Children of all ages and their loving Mother (father) suffer very severe emotional torture, terror and oppression when the Children have been told lies about their loving Mother (father) and falsely made to believe she no longer loves them or cares about them. 
This is devastating but worse; what does this say about the mental problems of those who have made parental alienation a SECRET BUSINESS POLICY where they have been profiting for decades like the JEWS and many JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS have been doing? []

Profiting from Parental Alienation is not what Judaism teaches or permits and it is my understanding Parental Alienation is also not what Christianity teaches or permits either because PARENTAL ALIENATION IS TERRORISM.

Any person with a sound mind knows that if you destroy a loving, enriching and positive relationship between a Mother (father) and her Children; both the Children and the Mother will suffer. 
Today, people all over this country are mourning for those in Charleston because they UNDERSTAND the pain a loved one suffers when their companionship has been destroyed. The killer in Charleston will be held accountable but what about the thousands who have created and are encouraging parental alienation situations?
****** Why have they for decades, as bestselling author Stephen Fried writes; been able to and even WANT TO get away with acts of parental alienation.

First, we do not need religious leaders, judges, lawyers, executives and others leaders who intentionally and deliberately harm Children of all ages and their loving, law-abiding Mother (father) so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE. To carry out their secret policy of Parental Alienation shows severe sickness. […/]

Hitler destroyed the bond between Children and their loving Mother (father) so he too could profit and we know he is viewed as a TERRORIST by many experts and others.

Those committing Parental Alienation will NOT be reasonable because they think they are so successful that they do not need to follow the law because they are ENTITLED. They try to run their own dictatorship so expect this.

Know that YOU HAVE RIGHTS and if your divorce judgment is invalid, fraudulent and incomplete; you have a right to have a fair and LEGAL DIVORCE and hold those accountable who cheated you and took your property and money. This is common sense and is just a sophisticated way of stealing and causing severe emotional torture and terror.

Also, a judge and a law firm are supposed to enforce custody and visitation arrangements which are in the best interest of the wellbeing of the Children. This means a judge and a law firm are NOT permitted to allow a parent to alienate the Children from the other parent to create a parental alienation situation so divorce can be profitable at the EXPENSE of the loving Mother(father) and her Children of all ages. To destroy a Parent/Child bond is terrorism as Hitler and others have shown us.

As we remember the Charleston victims today; please look around your own community and question your leaders as to why they do not have sermons, write articles, have discussions, classes and other events on parental alienation AND why they refuse to reunite loving law-abiding Mothers (fathers) with their Children of all ages where their companionship was suddenly destroyed at the time of divorce.

Questioning your community leaders is reasonable and also shows that you are a caring, loving and empathetic person who is trying to make our society a better place for all; this includes loving Mothers and Children of all ages. With understanding comes change.

As always, this is not legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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