Passing Laws to Promote Public Policy and Fundamental Rights


Passing Laws to Promote Public Policy and Fundamental Rights by Eliminating Legal Incentives for Parental Alienation and Establishing Legal Sanctions

Several fundamental rights are denied when parental alienation strategies are used to psychologically and emotionally manipulate a child’s, teen’s, or young adult’s (hereinafter referred to as child’s ) mind so he or she no longer has, for example:

  • Freedom of Thought: freedom to hold a viewpoint independent from the alienating parent without fearing repercussions
  • Freedom of Expression: freedom to communicate a feeling or thought without fearing interference or repercussions from the alienating parent
  • Freedom of Association: freedom to leave or join a group if chooses, without fearing interference or repercussions from the alienating parent; for example, going to see the alienated parent or other family members
  • Freedom of Liberty: freedom to have control over his or her own actions.

 For anyone who does not believe parental alienation is real…ask an alienated parent to show you emails, birthday cards and notes from the children before the parental alienation and then after it began, if they even have any. You will not believe these are the same children.

 But, no matter how much concrete evidence there is, there are those who put a spin on almost anything, even the existence of the Holocaust.

The main problem is that our legal system has become so corrupt or if we want to give the judiciary the benefit of the doubt; the judges, mediators and other decision makers do not understand how our laws are being manipulated or understand the entire picture so they are making binding decisions that are not in the best interest of our children and in fact are often very detrimental to them.

The courts have become a place for a parent, especially one with money and power, to take out his or her hatred, anger and rage against a loving parent, which is extremely detrimental to the wellbeing of the children and our society.

Awareness of this very serious problem along with education of the judges and those on Capitol Hill is imperative to resolve these parental alienation issues because this will get to the root of the problem and eliminate it. We need to establish concrete guidelines for the judiciary to follow that:

  1. address parental alienation issues so children are no longer alienated from their loving, fit parent
  2.  and also enforce concrete sanctions to deter the alienating parent and those who aid him or her in implementing these parental alienation strategies which help destroy the sacred parent/child relationship

Awareness must be our first order of business because passing these legislative changes is merely common sense but we must make many in society realize this.

When the power of love exceeds the love of power, those in powerful positions will readily make these legislative changes to help the millions of suffering children and others in our society. Others will also stop turning their heads to this mental abuse and do their part to fervently stop it.

-by Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder



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