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MARSHALL R. COLE of the law firm Nemecek & Cole will also be held personally and criminally liable along with his client PHILIP G. SEASTROM of Seastrom, Seastrom & Tuttle since I have PERSONAL DECLARATIONS from both of them

I will make this very short and sweet as the facts clearly speak for themselves; MARSHALL R. COLE of the law firm Nemecek & Cole will also be held personally and criminally liable along with his client PHILIP G. SEASTROM of Seastrom, Seastrom &... (more...)

As my wise, honest and compassionate beloved GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; it is important to get rid of the weeds in your garden, and your LIFE which destroy love, truth, compassion and other positive values and not to elect government officials who try destroy others so they can secretly profit at their expense.

I am thriving in bringing forth the truth and obtaining justice, like my beautiful Benjamin Garden is thriving as the photo attached shows. Enlarge the photo so you can see all the beautiful flowers and my bird feeders too, for the hummingbirds and... (more...)

Anyone who does not want a VOICE to fix horrible problems like Parental Alienation, Fraudulent Divorce Contracts so the Wife/Mother’s property, savings, retirement and other assets are REDISTRIBUTED TO THEM at the time of divorce with the use of a Rigged Legal System and the illegal and immoral use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements must be PROFITING and ARE THE PROBLEM THEMSELVES or must be TOO BRAINWASHED TO BE CAPABLE of focusing their mind.

These acts are DOMESTIC TERRORISM. For over 8 years now, I have reached out to:  1) Judges, 2) Law Firms,  3) Rabbis and  4) other Religious Leaders and Organizations,  5) Business Owners and  6) other Executives,  7) Schools and  8) Universities,  9)... (more...)

There is going to be some very, very incriminating evidence disclosed soon as part of my motion to recuse Judge Claudia Silbar from this new, baseless lawsuit my husband filed against me to try to take away my legal right to Due Process so I can end Parental Alienation and obtain a legal Divorce Contract.

As the wise, honest, compassionate Judge I clerked for, JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me; I am giving all the defendants who choose to read this (and I will email it too), “the benefit of the doubt,” before I badly incriminate all of you.... (more...)


It is now after 5pm at the White House.  Another day has gone by where the very educated MICHELLE OBAMA has IGNORED the very serious EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of Parental Alienation affecting many millions of Women and their Children. This shows MICHELLE OBAMA... (more...)

MICHELLE OBAMA missed a great opportunity today which clearly shows her character or lack thereof

Does MICHELLE OBAMA lack compassion as well as common sense and is this why she refuses to acknowledge the epidemic problem of abuse, terror, torture and oppression called Parental Alienation? Very educated MICHELLE OBAMA has made it her LEGACY to help... (more...)

What do you think RUTH BADER GINSBURG the Supreme Court Justice will say regarding issues involving the educated Establishment, crooked HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENT OBAMA and First Lady MICHELE OBAMA which are all shown by my lawsuits?

-Will RUTH BADER GINSBURG the Supreme Court Justice say Parental Alienation is NOT terror, torture, abuse, oppression and horror like Hitler’s Holocaust. Therefore, those in the Establishment have a right to create Parental Alienation and perpetuate... (more...)

Today, I saw a very funny but also thought provoking musical comedy of “The Addams Family” at the quaint Morgan-Wixson theatre in Santa Monica where the main themes were “FULL DISCLOSURE, ABOLISHING SECRETS” and “allowing yourself to mature by being pulled in a NEW POSITIVE DIRECTION OF TRUTH AND LOVE.”

Theater in Los Angeles is fabulous. Aside from the major stages, many neighborhood theaters have wonderful performances with up and coming stars who have great singing, dancing and acting talent.  Often, like today, after the show we have a “talk... (more...)

This is a very special post for MY CHILDREN AND OTHER CHILDREN who have been suddenly alienated from your honest, caring, loving, law-abiding Mother (father) since the time of the divorce. All of us are going through the CURRENT DAY HOLOCAUST which I plan to end soon as I explain below.

First, I want you to know that I know you have been used, abused, harassed, tormented, intimidated and threatened in many horrible ways.  I should be ending all of this soon using peaceful means of passive resistance and the legal system. I have overwhelming... (more...)

More incriminating news…my husband MARK HASSMAN who committed perjury by swearing under oath SEVERAL times before Corrupt, Biased JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR that he is “insolvent” and therefore needs to reduced my alimony to even zero, has incriminated himself AGAIN.

I am preparing for my cross-complaint to his senseless motion to try to deny me of my legal right to Due Process. He wants to prevent me from suing to try to obtain a legal, valid and enforceable Divorce Contract and be justly compensated for all the... (more...)

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