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Sometimes following your Heart means losing your Mind

Please never be hopeless even when it appears you have lost what is important to you; like your Children or Children if you think you have lost your loving Mother (father) due to all the lies and schemes. For example; I became so sick from the emotional... (more...)

Stupid is what stupid does…same for Corrupt, Immoral, Evil and Uncompassionate

Stupid is what stupid does. The same applies to corrupt, immoral, uncompassionate, evil people or is a better description corrupt, immoral, uncompassionate, evil TERRORISTS? ***Only TERRORISTS would have a sophisticated plan to destroy the loving and... (more...)

The unlawful agreement PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH made with my ex-husband

Forgot to mention; did you know the Irvine Police Dept called me because my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN made an agreement with PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH and we were emailing each other which the police said was a violation of his agreement... (more...)

To those who have taken responsibility to heal themselves; THANK YOU and I hope you are PROUD of YOURSELF!

Thank you everyone for sharing and all of your support. I hope this helps many TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to HEAL THEMSELVES as a REASONABLE and RESPONSIBLE adult should. No one else can heal you but YOU; you have to go through your emotions, the lies and... (more...)

Why many people who need help Choose NOT to get the Proper Help

Two very common mistakes many people make are: 1) they do not ask for help because they let their egos get in the way and they act too proud. They think…how could someone like them ever need help? They are the King or Queen and know it all. 2)... (more...)

Honest and Worthy Leaders

Honest and worthy leaders do what is best for the health, safety and welfare of mankind like Winston Churchill who stood up to Hitler, Abe Lincoln who stood up to those who promoted slavery and Benjamin Netanyahu who is standing up to the current day... (more...)

Many Abuse and Manipulate to feel Needed and Loved

Want to know an important secret which drives many people to hurt and abuse others, even you?  Many people want to feel needed and also loved. However, in their past, many dishonest, corrupt and abusive people were either deprived of love or abused,... (more...)

When you need to Save Yourself

Sometimes in life when those you thought you could trust you realize are unreasonable, corrupt, dishonest and do horrible things; like an alienating parent, a brother or sister, other relatives, religious leaders, teachers…it is very important... (more...)

Especially for my Children and millions of other Alienated Children….

Especially for my Children and millions like them who have been alienated from their loving Mother (father) with lies and schemes… Please tell me, what have I ever done to you that has caused you to alienate me from your life now for 7 years and... (more...)

When I reached out to those who I thought cared about Women and their Children

Just like Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is reaching out to his friends, the United States by giving a speech to Congress on the dangers a nuclear Iran poses not only to Israel but to the entire world, trying to reasonably convince countries... (more...)

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