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What should be done with professional, very well educated white collar criminals? As renowned author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn stated; “We must have the courage to see the evil in the world and root it out.”

Prison, whether behind bars or self-inflicted due to cowardly succumbing to the demands of evil, abusive people or organizations; can help one realize the importance of freedom and being moral. However, many professional and other criminals do not believe... (more...)

Been very busy promoting truth and justice for Women, Mothers and Children and holding those responsible in the Establishment along their slaves, puppets and stooges. I have been talking with IRS, Bank of America and others.

Will update soon. Have a great day as I plan to do helping myself and others so we make our world a better place for honest, kind, reasonable and responsible people. As history and my personal past has shown, don’t worry about those who are corrupt... (more...)

Our Trusted Leaders all over the World have been serving THEMSELVES and each other at the Expense of Loving, Law-Abiding Mothers and their Children whereby they are DESTROYING HUMANITY as we know it but maliciously trying to MISLEAD US WITH PROPAGANDA to make us think this is Progress.

Joseph Goebbels served as minister of propaganda for the German Third Reich under ADOLF HITLER. Goebbels was responsible for presenting a favorable image of the Nazi regime to the Germans and others around the world. When the Nazi regime failed, just... (more...)

What does it mean to be a Human Being?

BEING HUMANE MEANS having basic decency which includes respect, compassion, honest communication and making reasonable, objective decisions to make society a better place for the general welfare; not only the elite or the establishment. BEING HUMANE... (more...)

A recent letter written by RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles either clearly shows: 1) his moral dilemma of working to aid a corrupt, immoral policy which has been and continues to be the cause of so much UNNECESSARY SUFFERING or; 2) his letter shows he is AN EVIL BASTARD who takes pride and has joy in lying and harming Mothers and their Children

A recent letter written by RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles either clearly shows:  1) his moral dilemma of working to aid a corrupt, immoral policy which has been and continues to be the cause of so much UNNECESSARY SUFFERING or; 2)... (more...)

Like the Soviet Union, in America today it is impossible to tell the truth and obtain Justice. The Government, which includes Judges and those from nonprofit organizations and Banks who work together, will silence anyone who tries to prove that the Government is involved in repeated acts of corruption, abuse, terror, torture and oppression; hacking too.

No matter how many of your legal rights the Government illegally and immorally takes away from you; they want more until you exist as their slave, having given up your freedom and INDIVIDUAL character. As you try to peacefully expose the truth, you... (more...)

BANK OF AMERICA, which like WELLS FARGO, JP MORGAN CHASE and other banks, has been involved in hiding assets and laundering money as the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, 10/19/2016. WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS MONEY COMES FROM?

Why not ask FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA and RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD OF THE RABBINICAL ASSEMBLY who is a member of PRESIDENT OBAMA’S religion council and both of these women claim to love and help Women and Children in America? However,… To TEACH... (more...)

Some believe that IF HILLARY WINS THERE IS GOING TO BE A NUCLEAR WAR and the plans were discussed in the deleted emails and this is why many terrorists contributed to the CLINTON FOUNDATION so they can all try and control the world together.

This also explains why the Obama administration ignored Benjamin Netanyahu’s warnings and supported the Iranian Nuclear Deal which is clearly not in the interest of the United States and the democratic principles our nation was founded upon. This... (more...)

Today as in the past, MANY ARTISTS SACRIFICE THEIR ART FOR POLITICS so they can continue writing, acting, singing, painting and composing even if their creativity is stifled because they wrongfully believe they must please the Government and the Establishment. They have agreed to keep creating art and being used as a tool to promote the Party line, even if immoral and corrupt and disguised as religion, education and being intellectual by State journalists, State critics and the bourgeois Establishment.

Thus, these artists have allowed themselves to manipulate the minds of society with the deceptions of the Government and the Establishment. They have become figureheads of the corrupt and immoral State for the heavy price of INDIVIDUAL freedom and morality.... (more...)

The blocking of this email shows more incrimination by SINAI TEMPLE, their law firm NORTON & MELNIK, more JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS and others in the Establishment. Do they think that by blocking my email they will not be held liable for their corrupt and abusive acts and will silence me and the truth?

Like I have said, give corrupt, immoral people enough rope and watch them hang themselves and each other as they PRETEND to be moral and kind. Don’t fall for their false image. The first email is to RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S secretary who is the... (more...)

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