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More great news for those of us who live in the world of Love, not corruption.

Recent court records are showing that my defendants keep incriminating themselves while Judges are making ridiculous rulings that do not follow legal precedent; thus they are ABUSING THEIR DISCRETION and also their POLICE POWER.  Judges are making... (more...)

Should you call me a Jewish anti-Semitic Woman and Mother or a brave, reasonable, compassionate Jewish Woman and Mother who is exposing the truth about the POLICIES OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM of ALL Jewish leaders in the United States including RABBI MARVIN HEIR and his CROOKED NONPROFIT the Simon Wiesenthal Center, All Jewish Organizations, All Jewish Clergy and many Jewish people who follow along profiting from this terrorism too called Parental Alienation which involves the illegal use of Jewish Charitable Nonprofits?

Because I am Jewish, do you think I have an obligation to remain silent about the JEWISH POLICIES OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM involving Parental Alienation; which my facts prove, so these so-called Jews can continue to destroy love and make our world a worse... (more...)

Here is an email which makes me sick I had to send regarding my three children.

I just served my horrible husband with legal documents so I can obtain our three children’s current contact information. I believe the children have been THREATENED not to contact me and I can’t keep hiring a private investigator to obtain the information... (more...)

This is not a joke but you may laugh if you don’t cry due to this MOCKERY OF JUSTICE. Here are some examples of the testimony of my crooked, evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN from public records where he is trying to prove he longer can afford to pay me ANY spousal support. It was illegally reduced to zero by crooked JUDGE SILBAR and the crooked law firm representing me THE LAW OFFICE OF KALEEN HARRIS GONZALEZ never requested any financial documents to support his ridiculous testimony as you will see and never objected to my support being illegally reduced to zero either.

My crooked, evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN testified to the following under oath: • He had no financial interest in a company; • Even though he was their “primary signator” who signed all the checks; • Had worked there for many years until... (more...)

Crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and the crooked law firms SEASTROM, SEASTROM AND TUTTLE representing my crooked, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN and the crooked one representing me THE LAW OFFICE OF KALEEN HARRIS GONZALEZ intentionally, knowingly, outrageously, criminally and maliciously violated the law and still refuse to rectify their harmful errors.

Without any objections crooked JUDGE SILBAR stated that if MARK F. HASSMAN (my evil, crooked idiot husband) is not making a CURRENT INCOME, there is no need for the court to go through the California Family Law 4320 factors before granting his request... (more...)

If an idiot, evil, criminal husband like MARK HASSMAN can prove using lies and schemes that his ex-spouse has a violent, abusive criminal record, then he does not have to pay her any spousal support. This is why so many of us loving, law-abiding Mothers and Women have had fraudulent and criminal RESTRAINING ORDERS requested by crooked law firms, our crooked husband and granted against us by crooked judges since the time of divorce. We never had any problems with the law until then. Wonder why???

The personal declaration of law firm founder and attorney PHILIP G. SEASTROM shows he swore under “penalty of perjury” in pertinent part: The law firm SEASTROM, SEASTROM & TUTTLE “FORMULATED LITIGATION STRATEGY” This law firm on behalf... (more...)

How evil predators, like those who create and perpetuate the terrorism of Parental Alienation; conceal, steal and launder the honest, loving, law-abiding Mother’s assets for themselves; and sell the Children into Slavery WHILE THEY torture and destroy themselves which is all part of Justice.

With all their lies and schemes, they do not even realize all the legal admissions they have made which incriminate them and those in their CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. They try to act charming, helpless and sincere but the facts of many documents prove their... (more...)

Exciting updates proving Truth, Justice and Equal Rights are prevailing for those of us who live in the World of Love showing the world our honest and loving values everyday. This is how we live.

More documents have been served today which prove the horrible CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of Parental Alienation. Specifically, I filed and served my Opening Brief for the Court of Appeal for the renewal of an invalid, criminal and evil restraining order against... (more...)

Here is PROOF of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY which includes the “formulated litigation strategy” law firm founder and attorney PHILIP G. SEASTROM personally testified to in his personal declaration signed “under penalty of perjury” on the law firm stationery of NEMECEK & COLE dated August 4, 2015 which JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has been enforcing with invalid restraining orders and renewals.

1) Aside from My clean public record from Department of Justice for My entire life of over fifty (50) years; 2) The following 2009 letter from the law firm which represented me during the divorce proceedings named The law offices of Alan Shifman AND 3)... (more...)

Do you think this song describes JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S secret policy of “Reciprocity” especially after reading the following email sent to me from the attorney whose law firm represented me during the divorce proceedings and who signed the fraudulent, invalid and criminal divorce judgment?

I did not participate in this “reciprocity” so do you think this is why the judge mentioned in this email who is JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did not like me? This is just a small part of so much horrible incrimination I have regarding the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY... (more...)

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