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The Solutions are to Use Reason Instead of Many Forms of Violence

As I watched the peaceful, playful little duckling family again this weekend; I couldn’t help but think of how millions around this world unnecessarily create problems harming innocent women and children like this mother duck and her ducklings. I... (more...)

There are Two Types of Partners Adults Generally Seek

Either they are looking for a partner who will keep them in a state of comfort; not caring where the money comes from or if abusive, controversial or illegal means are used to obtain the money. All they care about is maintaining their comfort no matter... (more...)

What is LOVE?

What is Love? Is love being married and together bringing into this world wonderful children and together nurturing the children by spending years doing things that are in their best interest and fun too? Is love spending years learning and growing... (more...)

Do You Have a Room with a View of Growth or of Manipulation and Other Forms of Violence?

Do you have a room with a view of growth or a room with a view of stagnation, manipulation, lies and other forms of violence which includes Parental Alienation? To change your view and realize Peace of Mind and Happiness; you need to have a plan. Plan... (more...)

Playing it SMART is using REASON not any form of Violence to get what you want.

Once you start using violence which includes lies, manipulation, intimidation, schemes, shaming others, emotional torture like Parental Alienation and other forms of violence; you will continue to create more and more shame for yourself as you lose your... (more...)

Who has the Right to Express their True Thoughts and Feelings Without Being Harassed or Punished?

-Who has the right to express their thoughts and feelings in a respectful, civil manner and be treated fairly?   On the other hand; -Who should expect to be harassed or taken advantage of when someone does not like what they have to say or what they... (more...)

You Can Only Love Another If You Respect Their Existence & Their Beautiful Thoughts and Feelings

Respect and Freedom for ALL; but many believe they that do not deserve to be respected or have freedom or even have fun. This is just the shame that someone like an alienating parent has made a child believe so he or she can ruin their self esteem and... (more...)

If You Face Your Problems They Will Shape You, Not Scar You

To be a responsible person and face your problems you must understand 3 things: 1-what or who caused your problems 2-why were they caused 3-and how you can avoid having these problems occur again. For example; why do millions of children believe since... (more...)

Speaking Strongly in Support of our Precious Children Leads the Way for Change

Speaking strongly in support of our precious children by showing we are neither deterred, impeded or subsumed by the evil and abusive acts of those creating and aiding the Parental Alienation, leads the way for millions of children, even adult children,... (more...)

Expect to see the Arrogance, Bullying, Rudeness and Disrespect by those creating and aiding in Parental Alienation

Expect to see the arrogance, bullying, rudeness and disrespect by those who create parental alienation and those aiding that parent in maintaining the parental alienation. Even when you are reasonable and civil and are just trying to understand why you... (more...)

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