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Parental Alienation is a very PROFITABLE BUSINESS for many in our Society

I want to make it very, very clear that PARENTAL ALIENATION IS A PROFITABLE BUSINESS for lawyers, judges, religious organizations, schools, therapists, business executives, relatives and others. It STARTS when 1) the alienating father (mother) begins... (more...)

A movie that depicts brainwashing and hatred embedded in young adults like many suffering from parental alienation

If you have never seen the brainwashing or the hatred embedded in Children, which includes teens and young adults and the vulnerability of the Children very characteristic in parental alienation situations; the new foreign film which has been nominated... (more...)

Silencing those who refuse to accept Immorality or Corruption

A Mother or Father should not be alienated by their Child at the time of divorce because they rebelled and refused to go along with doing immoral and illegal things. To try to SILENCE all those who refuse to accept immorality or corruption is turning... (more...)

My Daughter’s lie on the Dr. Phil show and what liars, cheaters and abusers DO

Some important updates: First, to my Daughter and all of you who have my money and have purposefully destroyed my relationship with my Children as is well articulated in a document as your intent… If the “cutting” occurred on the Dr.Phil... (more...)

Why Parental Alienation is a Conspiracy involving many people

To My Children and so many others explaining WHY THERE IS A CONSPIRACY or JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT of corrupt and immoral people and organizations to COMMIT PARENTAL ALIENATION… which commonly involves a Judge;Law Firms; Jewish Organizations and... (more...)

To My Children and so Many Others

You would not believe how your father and those he associates with are cheats and liars and are even deceiving the State of California aside from perpetuating Parental Alienation and stealing MY community property. As Judge Sfekas taught me and I... (more...)

Being involved in a criminal plan to use and abuse Women and Children so you can Profit from Divorce can land you in jail under RICO

Warning, to all of you who have participated in the criminal enterprise and have corporate policies which promote destroying the bond between a loving Mother(father) and her Children at the time of divorce called parental alienation which includes stealing... (more...)

Save Your Soul, don’t Sell it or Let others Take it !

If you SAVE your Soul and do Not Sell your Soul you will be so much happier and have peace of mind as this beautiful poem below explains. Don’t let those who create parental alienation and those who help them take your soul and your love like... (more...)

Just Received Another Death Threat

I just received another death threat and I wanted this out in public. I am sure it is from Rabbi David Wolpe because he is the one who hacks my computer and sends me Trojan messages. It is about shooting others, Lincoln but who knows who shot Booth. This... (more...)

Being Terribly Abused at School due to the Parental Alienation

For my youngest Son who was terribly abused at CATE SCHOOL, a college prep boarding high school near Santa Barbara, California, please do not worry and they will not get away with this. NO ONE SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO THIS SCHOOL EITHER. As photographs... (more...)

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