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Sometimes to grow we have to Burn Our Bridges so we can never return to the Corruption and Abuse

Here is a very thought provoking poem written by my friend’s boyfriend that I wanted to share: “If one can take all their desires and wants and reduce them to the point where they fit into the palm of their hand, then nothing can get out... (more...)

A Wise person NEVER seeks out War but must ALWAYS be Ready for it

A wise person NEVER seeks out war but must ALWAYS be ready for it ESPECIALLY when not only their own rights and freedoms are being threatened but also those of millions of others like Loving Mothers and their Children of all ages and Future Generations. Warriors... (more...)

Update, a better solution to help resolve the secret policy of encouraging Parental Alienation and Profiting from Divorce

Update. I just left my FINAL message to Howard Lesner the executive director of Sinai Temple. I will no longer be calling ANYONE at SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles anymore. Instead, I have decided there is a much better way to address my very REASONABLE... (more...)

Unless you stand up for your rights Abusers like those at Sinai Temple will keep harassing you so they can profit from YOUR divorce

Have great news!!! I just finished listening to my voicemail messages and Howard Lesner, the executive director of Sinai Temple left a message around 1pm today 3/25/14 that if I don’t stop leaving messages at Sinai Temple for him and others to... (more...)

Just want to put this out in public; I just received another Trojan email Death Threat.

 This time it said “Death by milk” and “still dancing.”  They must really be getting nervous and are truly sick and out of control to behave this way. These are religious leaders, executives, a judge, law firms, schools and... (more...)

A loving, caring father will Protect his children, not use and abuse them to make his divorce Profitable

This will be my last facebook post for a while and I wanted to address this to MY CHILDREN and of course others too: For over seven (7) years now for some irrational, unreasonable reason; all of you have chosen with your own freewill to alienate me from... (more...)

The Achilles Heel of many Immoral, Corrupt People and their Business Policies

The Achilles Heel of many immoral, corrupt people and their business policies is that they THINK they are “entitled” to ignore the laws that they OVERLOOK the simplest things. They can’t even imagine that they need to address their... (more...)

I wanted to warn you about Rabbi David Wolpe’s Hacking on the Internet

To My Children: I wanted to warn you about Rabbi David Wolpe’s hacking on the internet. If you think you have a friend on the internet; YOU DON’T. What Rabbi David Wolpe does is he has many websites and aliases so he PRETENDS to be all these... (more...)

Don’t even THINK about it!!!

My Adult Children; don’t even think about trying to deceive, trick or lie to me because this will only INCRIMINATE YOU even more. If you don’t believe me, just look at the HORRIBLE legal and other problems your father has caused for himself... (more...)

I heard a very clever story the other day…

It is about a person named Insecurasaurus. He has many nicknames one being Fool, another being MARK F. HASSMAN. Anyway, Insecurasaurus went to an impressive school called Harvard Business School and learned many useful things but he also learned how... (more...)

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