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I am so Grateful, Judge Claudia Silbar Requested more Information and seems to Realize my Ex must have Hidden Sources of Income as the Facts Show

I am so grateful and if you stand for integrity you will be too. I am so grateful Judge Claudia Silbar requested additional information and I was given a court date before next year. If Judge Claudia Silbar is reading this; “Thank You!!!” I think... (more...)

Treat yourself for the Holidays and Everyday to this Fabulous Gift

Treat yourself and your friends and family for the Holidays and Everyday to this fabulous ebook. A friend of mine wrote an ebook that will get your entire body as well as your mind into shape while having fun too. He has a variety of workouts,... (more...)

You can make Lemonade when Life Gives You Lemons; it is a Great Opportunity!!!

When life gives you lemons; if you choose to make lemonade with a positive attitude and reasonably address your issues, not blaming others; you will find you have been given a wonderful OPPORTUNITY to make important accomplishments with the special skills... (more...)

It is Important to develop your own Ideas and not Say things to Please Others

It is important to develop your own positive thoughts, philosophies and ideology and not say things to please others and then turn around and say the opposite to please someone else. People who do not stand for anything are very vulnerable and fall... (more...)

Do You Know How to be a Friend? First, are YOU kind to Yourself?

Do you know how to be a friend? First, are you kind to yourself? You deserve that so please make sure others treat you with respect by setting your boundaries. If they don’t respect you then stop associating with them because; NO ONE DESERVES TO... (more...)

Big Egos, a Sense of Entitlement, a Judge, a Rabbi, Business Executives and Others. This is about YOU, not them.

When you have positive energy, people want to be with you and those who stand for negative ideas will try to knock you down because they refuse to address their own issues as to why they have negative energy. So just expect it and keep doing positive... (more...)

Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom yesterday and why Mitch McConnell’s Wife made such a Positive Impression on Me

Summary of Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom yesterday morning, which was very enriching in many ways and for Mitch McConnell; January can’t come soon enough for you to take over as millions of us spoke on Election Day. Our President seems to bully... (more...)

Do YOU have Despicable Conduct and are YOU Capable of Realizing when YOU have a Losing Hand?

DESPICABLE CONDUCT is conduct that is so vile, base, or contemptible that it would be looked down on and despised by reasonable people. Making SECRET AGREEMENTS with Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles; Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church... (more...)

You Deserve to have Fun and Don’ t Believe People who Try to Make You Believe You Don’t!!!

Please remember you deserve to have fun and do good things like I did this weekend. Don’t think you don’t deserve to have fun because that it just the “shame and insecurity” controlling, manipulating people try to make you believe. So, IGNORE... (more...)

Many Concealed Assets were listed on a Bank Application but the law firms and my ex-husband who is a CPA did NOT Disclose Them. Why? Due to their Agreements where they will get these Concealed Assets?

A bank application in my ex-husband’s handwriting lists many of the concealed assets and their values. It also lists the concealed “Mark F. Hassman and Sara Hassman Trust”, the limited liability Companies and Partnerships that were concealed their... (more...)

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