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Why would a Person try to HIDE Money, Luxury Purchases, Retirement Plans, Bonuses, and other things If They were Honest?

Why would a person try to hide money, luxury purchases, retirement plans, bonuses, and other things if they were honest? They wouldn’t. This is why many sick, evil alienating parents have to: • remarry someone who is corrupt like them and will go... (more...)

How to easily explain Parental Alienation and why it is a Living Hell, like a modern day Holocaust

Parental Alienation is a living hell, like a modern day Holocaust, for both the loving parent and their precious alienated children who have literally been taken from their loving arms as Hitler and his soldiers did to children years ago. Like back then,... (more...)

Recognize what IS…

Recognize what IS, not the way you imagine it. As Gandhi said, Love is Truth. Thus, it is only reasonable, rational and sensible to UNDERSTAND that someone who lies to you and misleads you does not love you. Period! No excuses. If you choose to continue... (more...)

Home, what should this place represent?

1. Should “home” be a place where precious children, which includes teens and young adults, are told lies about their loving mother (father) by their sick, abusive parent and suffer many emotional, psychological and physical problems as a result?  2.... (more...)

Expect the Lies and Unreasonable, Harmful Behaviors

Expect the lies, unreasonableness and harmful behaviors but know you are strong and are building not only your own strong character but also your children’s character by setting such a wonderful example for them. EXPECT these sick abusive parents... (more...)

Children and all people have a RIGHT to choose

Children and all people have a RIGHT to choose to love and communicate with both of their parents after a divorce without fearing punishment or retribution by a sick, evil parent and those aiding this parent. No one has a RIGHT to emotionally torture... (more...)

Solutions to help end the child abuse & emotional torture of Parental Alienation

Have You Ever Loved Me? This is a good question we should ask our alienated children to help them sort out their feelings. This was also the powerful title of a painting in an art show yesterday. It is only REASONABLE, that we discuss in a civil, polite... (more...)

Making Children Feel Incapable so they are Extremely Dependent

Making children feel incapable so they are extremely dependent upon them is a very common strategy sick, abusive parents use to intentionally destroy the scared parent/child relationship usually at the time of divorce. In other words, making the children... (more...)

It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes…

It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes… It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes, as a loving parent we need to give them space and time to have some life experiences so they are better able to understand truth and reality.... (more...)

No One is Born an Abuser or a Criminal

No one is born an abuser or a criminal. Guilt, shame and grief is in all of us and it needs to be addressed responsibly, not directed at harming others. Sick, unhealed people take their guilt, shame and grief out on others. This includes those with respectable... (more...)

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