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If the crooked Establishment and other COWARDS can’t BEAT YOU INTO SUBMISSION so you accept their corrupt ways because you CHOOSE to reasonably and bravely fight to maintain your values and character; they will lie, cheat, steal, do all types of CRIMINAL ACTS as my State and Federal lawsuits show. THIS IS EVIL and so are those who perpetuate this.

After having stolen from me many assets worth millions of dollars and depriving Me, a loving, law-abiding Woman/Mother of custody and visitation WHILE I WAS VERY SICK FROM THE PARENTAL ALIENATION AND OTHER HORRIBLE ACTS HE COMMITTED; my crooked, horrible,... (more...)

We can learn many important lessons from wise and also compassionate President Abe Lincoln, Union Army leaders Sherman and Grant and also wise, defeated Confederate Army leader Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee was reasonable and objective when he ACCEPTED DEFEAT by coming to terms that further resistance was futile and also IMMORAL. Robert E. Lee accepted the fact that the cause of ABOLISHING SLAVERY was just and that the war should end. He... (more...)

As we celebrate President’s Weekend remember that wise and compassionate President Abraham Lincoln helped pass the 13th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

His bravery, compassion and wisdom made Slavery illegal and provided Equal Rights to Women. Accordingly, law-abiding Women are legally entitled to receive at the time of divorce and thereafter, the fruits of their labor; we are NOT SLAVES. This means... (more...)

All I can say is if the shoe fits, wear it and act prudent and reasonable. First, go to the authorities with the information and tell them what you know and connect the dots for them.

This will get them hunting everyone else involved. The conspiracies are already known thus; you have already been thrown to the wolves. The bank accounts are very incriminating with the names and they are worldwide. Get this intelligence into the system... (more...)

Justice is coming!!! Remember, things are not always what they appear, such as the hypocrisy of a guilty person feigning innocence.

Punishment for this sort of “institutionalized” or “collective” hypocrisy fits the crime because the criminal conspiracy will cease to be fruitful. It may appear to have a profitable potential but will yield very meager if any... (more...)

This is for all of my supporters who live in the WORLD OF LOVE, KINDNESS, RESPECT, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE; THEY ALL GO TOGETHER and are therefore celebrating Valentine’s Day.

If you choose, follow my lead and make some fun plans which will create new memories. I have grilled some delicious chicken, steak and salmon and also made a wonderful and healthy vegetable soup. I also made a wonderful salmon salad with the grilled... (more...)

Great things have happened because due to MY COURAGE of using my education, skills and experiences I have exposed the truth of how many in the Establishment are running criminal CONSPIRACIES to harm America and control society and future generations so they can profit and feel powerful.

I have exposed corruption from the highest levels of government from the Obama administration to the U.S. Supreme court, so-called judges, so-called religious organizations and leaders, so-called executives, schools, universities and other “charitable”... (more...)

Great things are happening for those who promote truth, justice and equal rights for all; NOT making women, children, teens and young adults into SLAVES WHO HAVE BECOME OBEDIENT having given up their OWN thoughts and behaviors SAYING AND ACTING as told.

If I don’t fight this battle to obtain my legal, civil and other Constitutional rights, like PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing, then we will no longer have an American Democracy based upon Freedom. There will only be terror, intimidation by those who... (more...)

The CRIMINAL AND SEXUAL acts of SINAI TEMPLE, its Senior Rabbi, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and of ALL Rabbis and ALL Jewish Organizations and other Leaders and Organizations in the United States shows they and those aiding them have been promoting the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES of: 1) PARENTAL ALIENATION and 2) the illegal and immoral use of CHARITABLE NONPROFITS.

As explained in great details in many of my posts below and also in my California State and U.S. Federal lawsuits BC580980, B267984 and CV 16-4188-RGK(JEM) respectively; ALL RABBIS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS in the U.S. and those aiding them refuse to... (more...)

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S tweet below followed by the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT’S action can serve as a crystal ball to my defendants, potential defendants and those aiding them; showing what the future very reasonably holds for all of them. Decide for yourself. Here is the tweet:

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!” Then, late Saturday, the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT filed papers notifying the District Court that it would seek to... (more...)

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