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Why the “Chain of Fools” will Destroy Themselves

GREED, DESIRE FOR CONTROL AND REVENGE are reasons a sick parent with the cooperation and assistance of Rabbis, Priests, Executives, Lawyers, School Administrators, Joint Venture Partners, their own sick Mother and others will cause and perpetuate Parental... (more...)

“Chain of Fools” and “Give them enough Rope and Watch them Hang Themselves”

Have you ever heard of the expressions; “A CHAIN OF FOOLS” and “GIVE THEM ENOUGH ROPE AND WATCH THEM HANG THEMSELVES?” The classic novelists Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Oscar Wilde and others have written about how people allow themselves... (more...)

Can the spouse who controlled the assets keep millions for himself, share them with others and say they were “netted out?”

Can you believe this??? Boy, I cannot wait to hear my “insolvent” ex-husband explain to the CRIMINAL JURY how millions of dollars of concealed companies, homes and many other assets were “netted out” so that HE TOOK THEM ALL and is “sharing”... (more...)


…Celebrate if you are reasonable, are not brain dead, are compassionate and have a soul and therefore should be in favor of bringing out the TRUTH which includes the TRUTH with regards to Parental Alienation which millions of loving Mothers (fathers)... (more...)

The Strategy of Using Restraining Orders which should not be issued to Separate Loving Parents and Children

Today is another Judgment day in Criminal Court since OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE has become a new hobby for my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN who is a DELUSIONAL, POWER CRAZY Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer and Harvard Business School grad.... (more...)

The Importance of Getting Delusional People out of Your Life so they do not Harm YOU

When you are in an enriching, positive environment and not with DELUSIONAL people; it makes such a difference in your attitude and perspectives as a joke below will explain. I was talking to some friends of mine and they both told me that they could... (more...)

When someone Betrays Your Trust, you are Not to Blame but it is Important to Learn so this does not Happen Again

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. When someone betrays your trust, especially when you have been in a long marriage or relationship; this is not your fault; YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME YOURSELF because in a relationship, you are EXPECTED to... (more...)

Alienated Children Never Give Up Hope

Alienated Children never give up hope. The Peace Price was recently won by two amazing girls from Pakistan. They were not allowed to be educated, were gang-raped, kidnapped, forced to marry much older men who treated them like slaves. They escaped... (more...)

Bringing About Policy and Legal Changes

Trying to cause policy and legal changes often is not a question of helping people understand the issues; it is often more a question of forcing people to realize the changes are important for THEM. For example, most people understand that it is almost... (more...)

Developing an Iron Will so You can Accomplish many Important Goals

I realized I have something that many people do not have which helps me stay strong, have good morals and values and be NOT be intimidated by those corrupt people who feel threatened when I try to bring out the truth on a very important subject like... (more...)

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