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Did you hear the news that my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and his mistress who pretends to be his wife named MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY a.k.a. the high-priced call girl from the Dr. Phil show who used my stolen money and assets for her BREAST IMPLANTS, have SPLIT UP.

This could be very incriminating for the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE involving crooked judges; law firms and their lawyers; religious organizations and their leaders and members; nonprofit organizations and their leaders; schools... (more...)

I have wonderful updates including a SHORT SALE SCHEME which disgracefully includes my three NOW ADULT CHILDREN I raised as their stay-at-home Mother teaching them love, honest morals and responsibility but first; I want to tell you about a FOX STUDIO PREMIER SHOWING I attended of a Russian spy movie soon to be released to the public where the indoctrination, brainwashing, abuse, terror and fear techniques are very similar to those used in Parental Alienation situations by the evil predators and terrorists who pretend to be law-abiding.

The name of the Fox movie is RED SPARROW and it shows the TEACHING of the indoctrination, brainwashing, abuse, terror and fear techniques and then how their innocent prey who have been EMOTIONALLY and FINANCIALLY terrorized are forced to CARRY THEM... (more...)

Why joining OUR REVOLUTION is POLITICALLY CORRECT and not joining could be very politically devastating.

Do morals and reason have a place in politics?  What about religion?  In the United States, should our leaders in business, education, religion, government and other areas have to follow our laws of democracy which support equal rights, freedom, love,... (more...)

As a business saying goes; “If you can’t beat them, buy them.” Thus, to keep it very simple; I recommend all of my defendants, very regretfully my three adult children and others involved in the secret real estate and other deals which involve my stolen assets and income; get together and buy me out.

This is reasonable, logical and being objective especially after your ridiculous position at the hearing today which proves how all of you are grasping at straws and trying to stay alive with your lies and schemes which are very predictable as today’s... (more...)

Here is an update on the great progress of OUR REVOLUTION to END the domestic terrorism and torture of Parental Alienation and also some information about the unique Graffiti Art workshop I took.

To begin, this week I have a hearing before a California Superior Court judge named Judge Elizabeth White who is trying to award damages against me like a civil jury trial took place when one never did. She claimed she had no jurisdiction to hear my case... (more...)

The horrors of Parental Alienation: Here are many facts I sent to Watson Wyatt now called Towers Watson, a prestigious investment company and employer of my 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN. Towers Watson provides financial advice and I provided my facts so that I could not be implicated in my son’s criminal, illegal and immoral financial schemes I have PROOF OF by keeping these facts a secret.

These are very serious crimes which my 28 year old son can go to JAIL for especially if he doesn’t REPENT and keeps committing them because in America JUSTICE must apply to ALL of us. My 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN is a college and business school... (more...)

Many renowned authors like Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Robert Louis Stevenson, Oscar Wilde and Christopher Marlowe make it very clear that those who REFUSE TO REPENT for the evil they have committed will continue to be destroyed by the devils they serve.

Their life is filled with grief, misery and idle fantasies as they abuse their power and positions of authority by harming others. They enjoy harming others since “misery enjoys company” and this also makes them feel powerful and in control of... (more...)

I am so glad I received these comments because they very clearly illustrate the EVIL THOUGHT PROCESS AND ACTIONS of evil predators and terrorists which include those who create and/or promote the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation. I could not have explained it better.

To begin, evil predators and terrorists try to control others with their AUTHORITY and DO NOT ACT WITH REASON. This is why history has PROVEN that it is very difficult to NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS since they do not think and act reasonably and just want... (more...)

The Art of Hate and how Terrorists and Evil Predators which include Nonprofit Organizations, Schools, Leaders and Governments USE HATE to DESTROY LOVE so they can control everyone’s life with their EVIL INDOCTRINATION. Also, an email to attorneys regarding my upcoming hearing.

Terrorists and Evil Predators PROVOKE HATE with lies and propaganda which is all part of the brainwashing involved in the terror and torture of Parental Alienation. The alienated children of all ages are TAUGHT and FORCED to HATE their loving, honest,... (more...)

As OUR REVOLUTION to END the domestic terrorism and torture called PARENTAL ALIENATION continues, the facts and all the evil terrorists involved keeps becoming clearer especially since tomorrow is my special 60th birthday.

I have an overwhelming amount of evidence proving; 1) My three children and I had a very positive, loving and enriching companionship; 2) Since the day they were born; 3) Which SUDDENLY  ended at the time of the divorce about ten (10) years ago; 4) Due... (more...)

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