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Email time again. Here is another very sad and incriminating email from my idiot, brainless and heartless husband MARK HASSMAN who thinks he knows more than doctors and can continue to deceive Judges, the IRS and others about his financial situation.

I am thrilled more and more of the truth is being exposed and I am really looking forward to my oral arguments on Tuesday in the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, case#BC580980. Here is the email. On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 9:45... (more...)

Another reason why we will continue to prevail against these evil, crooked people is that with all their tangible wealth they are still unsatisfied because……

They know they are BETRAYING THEMSELVES with all their lies and schemes. This SLOWLY EATS AWAY at their subconscious mind while they keep trying to rationalize and make more excuses for their behavior. In addition, they continue to live a DOUBLE and... (more...)

Forgot to mention and I am thrilled, my notice of appeal was filed with the court yesterday for my case where evil and very crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR renewed my husband’s invalid restraining order against me for either 10 or 15 years without any legal basis. Consequently…

I cannot attend my children’s graduations and other celebrations if he, MARK HASSMAN an his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY, a.k.a. the high priced call-girl from the Dr. Phil show are there even though I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire... (more...)

Is creating and promoting evil in the world in order to feel powerful worth the sacrifice of not being able to love a person?

Very rich people are rich because they approach their daily life with love in their heart and mind. The amount of tangible wealth they have is irrelevant because this does not make a person rich or sustain true happiness, pride or peace of mind.  I... (more...)

The defendants of my State and Federal lawsuits promote Parental Alienation and have stolen and laundered the assets of a loving, law-abiding Mother but STILL continue to incriminate themselves and each other as truth, equal rights and justice prevail because…

First they are very delusional and think they are entitled to ignore our laws. Also, they are so fixated on their own evil philosophies, ideas and practices that they are afraid to CREATE new honest, reasonable, lawful business policies so they can LEARN... (more...)

On this Father’s Day, how do you define an evil, crooked father and the adult children who have turned evil and crooked WHILE UNDER HIS CUSTODY since their loving, law-abiding Mother has been alienated for nine years now due to being illegally deprived of her equal rights, civil rights, constitutional rights and other rights by many other evil people in our society and also by evil people who refuse to help?

When I tell people I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE MY CHILDREN ARE, they do not respond to contacts I make on Facebook and I can’t afford to keep hiring private investigators to find them only to have them ignore me again, they ask: 1. What is WRONG WITH... (more...)

TO MY SON ON HIS UPCOMING BIRTHDAY AND ALSO MY OTHER TWO CHILDREN; PLEASE REALIZE that the emails you have received since the time of divorce that say are from me ARE NOT. They were illegally and immorally sent by your father MARK HASSMAN with the aid of RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE WITH the evil intent and promoting Parental Alienation. My other defendants have also aided in promoting this terror, torture, abuse and oppression. See the prior post for details.

I hope you contact me soon so we can reestablish our relationship and you can have my Motherly love back in your life. Please stop believing the lies and schemes; you know or should know I have been a loving, law-abiding Woman/Mother as my character,... (more...)

Brutal, Deliberate and Evil describes what my husband MARK HASSMAN together with RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE have been doing by illegally writing and sending alias emails to both me and my CHILDREN making all of us think the other sent them and have become horrible thereby promoting the Parental Alienation.

This email below which I posted yesterday was NOT sent by my Son but was sent by my very evil and crooked MARK HASSMAN together with RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE who has been hacking my computer and cellphone for years but ALL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS... (more...)

My minor son who was at high school at the time of the divorce sent me this very abusive email. I certainly never taught him and allowed him to speak this way and never tolerated his unreasonable, entitled attitude either and still do not, nor should I. Also, where do you think he got these ideas from? Will he continue down this path?

He is celebrating his 24th birthday soon and has CHOSEN not to communicate with me since the time of this email in 2010 despite my loving, law-abiding character and values and despite the many important lessons I have taught him and the love I have showered... (more...)

It’s email time again. These emails show the horrors of Parental Alienation and how evil many judges, law firms and the court-appointed therapist have been, along with my crooked, evil husband MARK HASSMAN along with his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY. Please won’t any judges, lawyers, religious leaders and others help me REUNITE with my Children AND OBTAIN A LEGAL DIVORCE JUDGMENT which complies with our laws so I can finally be divorced from this evil idiot and loser and help my Children heal by letting them feel MOTHERLY LOVE again?

 These emails show the horrors of Parental Alienation and how evil many judges, law firms and the court-appointed therapist have been, along with my crooked, evil husband MARK HASSMAN who is trying to be “charming” when he is being very manipulative... (more...)

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