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The court hearing today went very well

I was very impressed with Judge White. The demurrers were not granted which the defendants requested and instead I am amending the complaint to comply with Judge White’s suggestions.  Further, she was very efficient by ordering all the demurrers... (more...)

Do they not UNDERSTAND or just do not think it is IMPORTANT?

Do you REALLY think (now be HONEST) that a judge, law firms, rabbis, a pastor, executives, joint venture partners, a 401k profit sharing administrator, a school, a synagogue, a church, the court-appointed therapist, the new wife and my ex-husband who... (more...)

Can you think of anything more horrific and evil…

Can you think of anything more horrific and evil then a husband collaborating at the time of divorce with a judge, lawyers, rabbis, a pastor, a court-appointed therapist, business partners, the 401k profit sharing administrator, a school and his new... (more...)

Why are some people depressed even though they have many material things, a great career and what appears to be friends?

Some people are depressed even though they have all the material things they want, a professional career and what they consider friends. (even though many would sell their “friends” down the river if that suited their own interests). These... (more...)

Feeling lost and sad can be a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY; no need to be bitter

Feeling lost and sad can be a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for you to delve inside your soul; use your special talents and skills; find other resources too so you can figure out why you feel so lost and sad.  THEN you will have the knowledge and skills to... (more...)

How should you treat those who destroy the heart, mind and soul of others, even Children of all ages?

How should you treat someone who PRETENDS to love mankind, be honest, compassionate and religious when they are a lying, cheating, stealing person who intentionally harms the heart, soul and mind of others FOR MONEY and CONTROL? What I have just described... (more...)

Most people do not take the time to separate lies from the truth and false images from reality.

Knowledge is our personal belief system of everything we believe. Unfortunately, most people believe lies and do not take the time to separate the lies from the truth or a person’s deceptive image from the reality of their actions.  For example, Jewish... (more...)

Do you think this therapist is trying to MANIPULATE using the “shame and blame” technique?

I wanted to post an email conversation I had yesterday showing how a therapist tries to MANIPULATE a loving, alienated Mother (me), to try to distract me from the main issues which are needed to end Parental Alienation. Why? Do you think he is working... (more...)

Great Morning picketing in front of Sinai Temple and Eric Garcetti said “love won.”

Many must be getting my message about how RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at Sinai Temple PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by working with the wealthy and influential husband/father who controlled the marital finances by: 1) helping him conceal marital assets and income... (more...)

More self-incrimination by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and MARK F. HASSMAN, my corrupt, abusive ex-husband

Great hearing today with more and more self-incrimination by  MARK F. HASSMAN and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR.  They think they are entitled to ignore the law by not establishing the net worth of the community estate and by NOT dividing it 50/50 between EACH... (more...)

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