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Often in Life We are in Positions Where We have to Learn What to Do. Trust Yourself.

If there is a will there is a way to become a beautiful person and nurture others to do the same. Often in life we are in positions where we have to learn what to do. For example; just because you start college does not mean you know how to be a good... (more...)

Why it is Important to Stand Strong Against those Who Create and Support Parental Alienation which is Harming Millions

The following is not legal advice just my opinion: The United States Constitution guarantees and protects individual and property rights. These rights cannot be taken away without an Amendment to the Constitution. Thus, if people or organizations take... (more...)

President Obama said “Religious Organizations” are NOT those who harm others like ISIS

After listening to the President’s speech last night he stated that ISIS is not a religion because they condone killing and harming others.  What do you think all of these “religious” organizations are in the US and elsewhere since they refuse... (more...)

Have Any of you SEEN MY CHILDREN?

Emergency Post-9/9/14   I just realized that I have been leaving voice mail messages for my Children for many months but; they were being re-routed to one of my ex-husband’s “associates.” I also believe the same has occurred with my son’s emails. ... (more...)

The Importance of Defining Your Values and Why Divorce to Alienating Parents is a Business Decision

If you let others define you; you don’t own your mind, heart and soul. This is control. You can either choose to allow yourself to be controlled or choose to Set Your Boundaries. When a person does not treat you in a respectful way; set your boundaries... (more...)

Religious Organizations and Non-Profit Schools help Destroy the sacred Mother/Child Bond with their Fraudulent “charitable” Agreements.

DEVOTION is what a loving Mother feels for her Children and for her Husband, especially when they have a long marriage. Thus, when the Husband starts telling the Wife lies and manipulates the Children to act disrespectfully towards their Mother; she... (more...)

Do You Know how to Find Inner Peace and Escape from Darkness?

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. (Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer) However, many never allow themselves to get past stage one or stage... (more...)

What Do You Stand For, Consistently?

What do you stand for? Do you know what your motives and goals are? Do you want to know the truth or live a life believing lies? These are all questions which everyone must decide for themselves which determines their values and character. Then all... (more...)

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu are to Strategies Abusive Parents and those Aiding Them Use

Sun Tzu’s highly acclaimed political war strategies described in his bestselling book “The Art of War” along with Machiavelli’s political war strategy of “Divide and Conquer” are used by millions of sick, evil alienating parents and those... (more...)

Many go into a State of Shock and become Non-Responsive due to Abuse

Many children, teens and young adults GO INTO A STATE OF SHOCK and become NON-RESPONSIVE due to experiencing the destruction of the companionship and relationship they enjoyed with their loving, kind and caring Mother (Father) around the time of divorce... (more...)

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