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Why my Daughter, Sons, the people I sued and those who lead the organizations I sued have many PROBLEMS and OBSESSIONS and why I don’t.

Why my Daughter, Sons, the people I sued and those who lead the organizations I sued have many PROBLEMS and OBSESSIONS and why I don’t. Specifically WHY: • my Daughter has gained a lot of weight since the time of the parental alienation and has... (more...)

It appears someone took this post off of my facebook page so I am adding it back at such an appropriate time too.

It is very disgraceful what many Congressmen and women are doing; Jews and non-Jews alike along with many Jewish leaders as this post someone removed clearly explains…. Now Jewish leaders and organizations are clearly SELLING ISRAEL DOWN THE RIVER... (more...)

Becoming Reasonable or Going to Jail, that is the Question.

As each day passes the facts become clearer and clearer for those with a sound mind…that is, those who intentionally, repeatedly, fraudulently and maliciously deprived and still deprive me of receiving my millions of dollars from my divorce AND... (more...)

MY WAY is using REASON, MY MIND and the LAW never acts of Corruption. I have been involved with Corrupt Family all of my life so NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME.

For Everyone: Those who live in the world of Love and Kindness AND ALSO those who live in the world of Abuse, Manipulations and Corruption (see post below for more clarification re: Hermann Hesse, “Demian”)…know those in the world of Love and... (more...)

Which World do You Live in and Why and Upfront and Personal too.

 As the brilliant, acclaimed author Hermann Hesse explains in “Demian,” “Steppenwolf, ” “Siddhartha” and many of his other famous novels; there are 2 worlds that exist side by side (as explained below) and each human being has free will... (more...)

So what do you think this attorney will do…promote justice or promote corruption?

Below is an email I sent my criminal attorney today. Why not guess if you think he will respond to me soon so I can ADVANCE my criminal case by replacing him, being assigned a public defender and finally since October 30, 2014, when I hired him almost... (more...)

It becomes clearer and clearer why they want to stall and instead want to have a faudulent criminal case pending to hide the truth.

The Court Hearing today went very well as it becomes clearer and clearer why they are trying to stall and avoid having this unfounded, malicious, fraudulent case thrown out and instead want to say a criminal trial is pending. The evidence against all... (more...)

Showing more Corruption by Fraudulently using the Court System. This is called Abuse of Process

Tomorrow is going to be a great day for those who are honest and promote justice…I have my criminal court hearing where it is alleged that by sending my adult son in his mid-twenties an email; I have contacted my ex-husband. Really, I am not joking. My... (more...)

A Mother’s Love is a very powerful force and other important lessons

If they continue to be abusive and unreasonable by continuing to: 1. promote parental alienation against me and my children;  2. profit from my divorce by refusing to help me receive my 50 percent interest in the community estate; 3. and deprive me... (more...)


Those who USE PARENTAL ALIENATION to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE; any reasonable person with a sound mind should not only hate them, but should hate what they represent…destroying the sacred bond between a Mother (father) and her Children. These people will... (more...)

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