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When a person is strong enough to search for the truth; find it and declare it in the face of all opposition; he or she should be admired not alienated, ridiculed and mocked.

 Only an imbecile who also lacks compassion would alienate, ridicule and mock such a strong, wise, esteemed person. Although I do not agree with many views of philosopher Avram Noam Chomsky; I do agree with his political philosophy about TRUTH.  Chomsky... (more...)

Do Judges, Lawyers and the other defendants HONESTLY BELIEVE THE LAW IS WRONG and I have no legal rights?

Do Judges, Lawyers and the other defendants HONESTLY BELIEVE THE LAW IS WRONG and therefore I am wrong and NOT legally entitled to: 1. Know the Net Worth (value) of the community estate under my husband’s control; 2. Know exactly how my husband... (more...)

There is an Invisible Corrupt Empire Secretly Existing in our Democratic Republic where its Secret Members Abuse Mothers and Hold Their Children Hostage so they and their Secret Empire can Profit and Control Humanity.

The secret members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire consist of Judges, Lawyers, Rabbis, other Religious Leaders and Organizations, the Court-Appointed Therapist, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, Non-Profit Schools, the Husband, his Mistress and others... (more...)

Our CURRENT legal or judiciary system in the United States is a pointless institution for achieving justice UNLESS you are prepared to take your case all the way to the US Supreme Court.

This is quite a stark contrast to the 1980’s and 90’s when I clerked for the wise, honest and compassionate Judge James S. Sfekas and also the wise, honest and compassionate Judge John Fader presided over my lawsuit against my mother, father,... (more...)

Unless a person keeps enforcing his or her legal rights, their case will result in injustice because this was PREDETERMINED FROM THE START by the Judge, other Officials and Lawyers so ALL OF THEM and OTHERS HELPING THEM COULD PROFIT as a CORRUPT COLLECTIVE GROUP.

When someone keeps enforcing her legal rights by FILING APPEALS based upon very clear facts of abuse and corruption; wise people are willing to be persuaded to accept a new REASONABLE and MORAL point of view. Today, the legal or judiciary system insists... (more...)

For My Daughter and fans of Hilary Duff and others from the hit show “Younger.”

 If you will be near Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 3rd there is an event where you can meet the cast members, writers and producers of this show and talk to them too. For tickets go to:…. I... (more...)

It appears judges, law firms, religious organizations, executives, the court-appointed therapist, non-profit schools, my husband and his mistress are all involved in MARRIAGE FRAUD.

One type of MARRIAGE FRAUD is marriage where the U.S. citizen knows it is a fraud. Court hearings and court documents over the past eight (8) years show my divorce contract is fraudulent, invalid and unenforceable because:  1) the net worth (value)... (more...)

Being UNREASONABLY UNYIELDING is the mistake many people involved in a lawsuit make especially those who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder tendencies because they think they are unstoppable due to their money and influence.

The plethora of facts in my lawsuit in the Court of Appeal show the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of abuse, terror, torture, theft, fraud, Parental Alienation and other corrupt and immoral acts from the face of many documents signed “under the penalty of perjury;”... (more...)

From today’s Wall Street Journal and also my New Attitude.

Since watching the political candidates especially Donald Trump; I have realized that there is another perspective than the one I have had. I now realize that Guilt lies with the SYSTEM AND THE ORGANIZATIONS which embrace the corrupt and immoral system.  I... (more...)

The 3 lawsuits I have filed beginning at age 27 showing my PATTERN of using my skills, knowledge and free will to ENFORCE OUR LAWS and HOLD THOSE ACCOUNTABLE which is Justice and Democracy.

  I have always been a person who has fought for my legal rights and the legal rights of others so I could make our world a better place for ALL. This is what the US Constitution supports along with Democracy and many religions.  EQUAL... (more...)

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