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Tomorrow I should have an exciting update since I had a very productive morning “taking care of business.”

I know many of my supporters will be pleased especially Issendai Icchantika.  Issendai and I had a very interesting and informative conversation which you can view in the comments of the post beginning: “I now have proof that the UNITED STATES... (more...)

The reason Divorce with Parental Alienation and a Fraudulent, Invalid Divorce Contract is so devastating can be summed up in just a few words; HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE and do not stop until they destroy them emotionally and financially.

Then they use their “accomplishment” to control the children and others saying; “Unless you do what I say, I will destroy you too, like I did to your Mother.” I have been told professionally that people like this have narcissistic... (more...)

The following is testimony of MARK HASSMAN, my husband ADMITTING he has EVADED TAXES, with the help of BANK OF AMERICA and a “good friend.” I have been trying to obtain a legal, valid and enforceable divorce contract so I can finally be divorced.

My husband is a graduate of Harvard business school, a certified public accountant and a Chief Financial Officer who has expertise in real estate, finance and accounting and cheated me royally. However, truth is prevailing and as the saying goes; paybacks,... (more...)

Following the assets I had accumulated with my husband during our marriage of over 20 years which is still ongoing due to the fraudulent, invalid and unenforceable divorce contract discloses the horrible TRUTH very clearly.

***The sad part about comprising about 85 pages of these bank and other transactions, including many vehicle loans, is that they appear to involve my own three young adult Children. The transactions involving money and assets, including our homes show... (more...)

I now have proof that the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is intentionally depriving me of my Constitutional right to DUE PROCESS of law.

In the United States, the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution mandates that before a person can be deprived of her life, liberty and property; she is entitled to Due Process of law by having her issues and concerns heard before a non-biased court... (more...)

Here is a video which is guaranteed to make you sick and question why leaders especially Jewish Organizations and their clergy and other leaders are not fervently being very vocal in defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism and the Iranian Nuclear Deal and also Parental Alienation which is a form of terrorism as any sane person knows.

This video shows the indoctrination commonly used in situations of Parental Alienation which experts and other sane people have deemed terror, torture, oppression and abuse and also I am proving this is my lawsuits.  Here is the video: If... (more...)

Unfortunately many people believe that in order to become wealthy and obtain prestigious titles they must allow themselves to be taken advantage of to varying degrees; sometimes being sexually abused and abused in other ways.

Hollywood is a perfect example but many women in business feel this way too. I have been a very successful woman in business, even in the automobile industry which is predominately male and stood my grounds and was rewarded monetarily and with a promotion.  I... (more...)

Wonderful update; my lawsuits are moving along nicely and now BANK OF AMERICA has stupidly directly involved itself.

BANK OF AMERICA has a horrible reputation for acts of dishonesty and corruption due to their corrupt, immoral policies as the mortgage crises showed which they continue to follow as my facts show. Truth and Justice are prevailing.  Never be intimidated... (more...)

We can choose to work toward changing the nature of those who wish us ill.

While doing this, reasonable people and reasonable religions like Judaism teach us not to be debased by their depravity. Don’t fall prey to their evil ways. Instead, always be proud of YOUR actions even if you stand alone. Choose to be friends... (more...)

On Father’s Day and every other day; it is important to see your Father and also your Mother and everyone you CHOOSE TO associate with as they TRUTHFULLY are.

A person’s values are shown by their DEEDS; THEIR LACK OF DEEDS and HOW THEY TREAT OTHERS, especially those who depend on them for honest guidance and are reasonably expected to do what is in their best interest. Not only is it immoral but it is also... (more...)

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