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Attached is a letter I received from MICHELLE OBAMA in March of 2014 who has continued to refuse to recognize the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements just as she and President Obama refuse to recognize Radical Islam.

Michelle Obama on her website and in many articles claims she cares about Women and Children and her legacy is to help them improve their lives and make better choices. However, she clearly appears to just be saying the words because if this was truly... (more...)

Think the defendants of my lawsuits will become reasonable and realize they are in a losing battle like TED CRUZ did by seeing the facts and fervently endorsing DONALD TRUMP or do you think they will continue to use their positions of authority to continue to encourage Parental Alienation and the illegal use of nonprofit agreements so they can profit?

Time will tell but I am making great headway in not only bringing forth the truth but also in holding those accountable for intentionally and maliciously harming Mothers (fathers) and their children at the time of divorce and thereafter. I will keep... (more...)

Children of all ages who have alienated your loving, law-abiding Mother or Father, please DO NOT THINK that if you have become addicted to drugs, alcohol, had a baby and/or have become married that you will be criticized and NOT shown love and compassion; this is WRONG so don’t believe it.

IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE as a sufferer of the abuse, terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation and many sexual and other abuses that go with it that you will suffer in some of these ways. Your loving, law-abiding, alienated Mother (father)... (more...)

Update on my life in the world of love, respect, kindness, compassion and self-esteem and how truth and justice are prevailing.

To begin, I filed a document explaining that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR should have disqualified herself from the upcoming September 30th hearing. I will keep you posted on the response from the court. Also, my friends and I are doing some fun and worthwhile... (more...)

I sit here on the eve of my oldest son’s birthday having filed more court papers today against my husband who illegally and immorally refuses to stop harming me who is his Wife and our Children.

My husband refuses to be honest and keeps lying,cheating and incriminating himself, his mistress, judges, lawyers, religious leaders, Bank of America, the court-appointed therapist, nonprofit schools, joint venture partners and others while keeping our... (more...)

Professional Football is back in Los Angeles after 37 years so as the RAMS, ram their opponents today in our nice, sunny weather; another RAM is ramming her opponents to bring forth a victory for All in the name of Truth and Justice which includes Justice for Women, Mothers and their Children.

BEING LOYAL does not mean being loyal to those who harm you or others so they and maybe even you too can profit. This is being an accomplice or aiding and abetting in corruption. Many of us have been betrayed by those we trusted because they wanted to... (more...)

I am thrilled because the conspiracy or collusion to promote Parental Alienation, Fraudulent Divorce Contracts and Marriage Fraud is becoming more obvious as illustrated by U.S. DISTRICT COURT JUDGE F. GARY KLAUSNER’S order I just received.

JUDGE F. GARY KLAUSNER granted part of my motion for reconsideration while still denying that Parental Alienation and being deprived of my legal right to receive my property, savings, retirement and other assets at the time of divorce and thereafter... (more...)

Many narcissists and others with psychological problems think it is FUNNY, ENTERTAINING AND CLEVER to devise schemes and lies to harm others while they gleefully watch the destruction which the commotion in the courthouse yesterday showed culminating when the Bailiff had to remove my husband and his mistress from the courtroom and then AGAIN in the hallway and suggested he better walk me to the elevator when leaving so I will not be harassed again.

To begin, some like many crooked judges, religious leaders, lawyers, the court-appointed therapist, the chairman of a nonprofit school department, nonprofit school administrators, executives, joint venture partners, the Federal 401K profit sharing plan... (more...)

The hearing today in crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S court went very, very well for all those who support truth, justice and equal rights for ALL which includes Wives/Mothers and their Children.

After the hearing Bailiff Madison had to remove my husband MARK [F] HASSMAN and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY from the courtroom when they were trying to chase me down and serve me with a document knowing they have restraining orders against me... (more...)

BETRAYING THE TRUST of a Wife, Child of any age, a Client, Patient, Congregant and others is not only illegal in many instances but is very, very immoral and disgraceful and commonly occurs in situations of Parental Alienation.

How those who have betrayed the trust of others will behave continues to determine their character and values. Will they act like MADOFF who lied and deceived others to gain their trust and then stole their money? RABBI DAVID WOLPE and RABBI RALPH... (more...)

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