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On this Thanksgiving, I hope you are as grateful as I am…

 and enjoy freedom as I do. I hope you are not afraid to express your true feelings and ACT upon them, not just dream about accomplishments you want to make. I also hope you are as proud as I am for the values you represent and the principles you stand... (more...)

I came. I saw. I conquered with love and peace in my heart with a mind of wisdom

Update. Another great day in Los Angeles with very inspirational, wise, and kind men and women who want to make this world a better place for all. In my recent posts, I have said what I have wanted to say and I will be very busy doing things for myself... (more...)

RELIGION TODAY in the United States HAS BECOME POISON; A DRUG due to the ALLIANCES religious leaders and organizations have made today and the PAYOFFS they demand

RELIGION TODAY in the United States HAS BECOME POISON; A DRUG due to the ALLIANCES religious leaders and organizations have made today and the PAYOFFS they demand as I will explain. There is INDOCTRINATION too. First I want to make it known that someone... (more...)

The striking similarities of ISIS and ALL, yes ALL religious organizations in the United States; Jewish and Christian

To think Jewish and Christian Organizations and their leaders in the United States are anything but TERRORISTS LIKE ISIS, you are only fooling yourself and ignoring the very clear FACTS. First, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been trying to crackdown... (more...)

IGNORANCE is not a defense of the Law.

What happens to men, women, boys and girls when people like you are finished with them? Do they go crazy? Become your slaves?  All of you know better than to treat others this way plus, IGNORANCE IS NOT A DEFENSE OF THE LAW. You make “little people”... (more...)

Many corrupt people and organizations are often in Denial.

Facts on the ground can deliver a fatal blow to one’s most cherished plans, even those of “powerful” politicians’ intent on using and abusing others for their own profits and benefits. Sometimes, as history has shown, corrupt organizations and... (more...)


Never allow anyone to scare you, threaten you or manipulate your mind so you become their puppet living without love, kindness and respect but worse; YOU THEN ALSO try to destroy the love of others. Instead, CHOOSE to stay strong; use your special mind... (more...)

FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and OTHER TREACHERY and ABUSE committed towards another person is tantamount to treachery against God Himself because…

Honesty and kindness is a way of life and not an occasional act, as any reasonable person knows. This relates to how a person cares for others and our world as this personal example shows. FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and OTHER TREACHERY and ABUSE committed... (more...)

Are Jews using their charitable agreements to supply Iran and Syria with weapons

Some interesting updates regarding the criminal conspiracy to profit from divorce using parental alienation to make the loving, honest law-abiding Mother so emotionally distressed and tortured. Then they can easily steal her property from her divorce... (more...)

Women and their children apparently are not considered by the JEWISH JOURNAL of LOS ANGELES and also RABBI DAVID WOLPE, author of this story to be “people.”

Over the past seven (7) years, I have emailed and called several writers and the editor of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles. I have also emailed and called many at SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles including Rabbi David Wolpe, other Rabbis, Administrators... (more...)

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