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The United States Supreme Court along with the 9th Circuit which includes California ruled that FAMILY, FRIENDS AND OTHERS who have stolen CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION can be PROSECUTED even if no money exchanges hands.

In the case Salman v. United States, those trading on the confidential information KNEW the source even though it was passed through a third party. Thus, in my Federal and State lawsuits, all of my defendants (and others) who have benefited from knowing... (more...)

I am thrilled for my old friend Elaine Chao; why the Jews have been creating Fake News and also have never learned the lessons which we are commemorating today on December 7th, which 75 years ago is when Pearl Harbor was attacked and millions of Jews were terrorized by Adolph Hitler.

A congratulation to my old friend Elaine Chao who is a wonderful choice for Transportation Secretary in President Trump’s cabinet. She is very professional but is also kind and compassionate which is a rare combination these days. Also, the Jewish... (more...)

What separates the walking dead who just go through the motions of life from those who are positive and full of life are four(4) things: love, hope, honesty and compassion.

Those who live life without feelings are COWARDS who are afraid to express their emotions and just REPEAT what others say whether they believe it or not. They are more concerned with their IMAGE than the TRUTH. They have LOST HOPE of ever having true... (more...)

Think the JEWISH Organizations Nationwide will fire RABBI DAVID WOLPE and get him the help he needs? OR do you think…

the Jewish Organizations Nationwide will continue to allow RABBI DAVID WOLPE to keep promoting the abuse, terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation and the illegal and immoral use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements so they can continue... (more...)

A person must have COURAGE to live life with LOVE.

This means only two (2) things: 1) Standing Strong to PROTECT your legal right to Love or; 2) Changing your unloving, immoral, abusive, criminal ways by using reasonable due diligence to LEARN how to love. This important change of learning to love... (more...)

In the deadly Oakland warehouse fire where exposed wires and other fire hazards were found, I too found similar and other fire hazards ALONG WITH SIGNS OF ABUSE AND TORTURE which my MINOR SON was forced to live in by: 1) My Criminal husband MARK HASSMAN; 2) RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple and other Jewish Organizations Nationwide 3) Several Fire Departments in Santa Barbara and other nearby counties, 4) All the Administrators, Teachers, Board Members at the so-called “prestigious, college prep boarding school” CATE SCHOOL and; 5) Mistress a.k.a. the high priced call-girl MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who ALL refused to help me remove my MINOR SON from this TORTURE.

All those mentioned above FORCED my minor Son, who has a heart condition, to sleep outside for many months on a bare mattress without any covers, near electric wires, a sewage pump and under a rusted pipe because he refused to want to alienate me from... (more...)

My State and Federal lawsuits are breaking the Conspiracy of Silence about the abuse, terror, torture and oppression of PARENTAL ALIENATION and DIVORCE FRAUD by implicating many people and organizations which have SECRET POLICIES of using their Government and professional positions and influence to BLACKMAIL vulnerable children, teens and young adults suffering from these epidemic problems of torture and terror.

The vulnerable children, teens and young adults suffering from PARENTAL ALIENATION and DIVORCE FRAUD are blackmailed and tortured not only for fun but are used to profit as these SECRET POLICIES show which is quite evident from the facts in my Federal... (more...)

Today two judges and my husband were served with a legal document which clearly exposes the facts of the Parental Alienation and the Divorce Fraud going on for the past eight (8) years with very specific examples and implicating many.

Whether a person has a 2nd chance at life and not continuing to live in a world of abuse, terror, torture, oppression, greed and control of those they intimidate depends on THEM. Will they CHOOSE to rectify their mistakes by: 1) Compensating those they... (more...)

“Wednesday, Wednesday, can never trust that day;” or does the song go Monday, Monday or does it really include all the days for those who are corrupt, abusive, lying, thieving, despicable people who cause others severe harms in order to profit and have fun.

What I have described are all the defendants in my State and Federal lawsuits who continue to maliciously promote Parental Alienation, Divorce Fraud and many other criminal and abusive acts of terror, torture and oppression and those who are aiding... (more...)

The Bourgeoisie and the Establishment have never and will never give up power without a fight. They will SHAMELESSLY do whatever it takes to maintain their control, power and stolen wealth which includes deluding themselves into thinking that corrupt and immoral acts are not only permissible but are celebrated.

Their motto is “What’s profitable is permissible.” As many experts and authors have espoused and proven; “They are all frauds and political prostitutes.” This includes judges, religious leaders, teachers, a corrupt parent, relatives and others... (more...)

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