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Are these Restraining Orders moral and legal and the passing of a wonderful man which hopeful will make others Respect his Deeds and Change Theirs

Getting restraining orders to prevent a Loving Mother who has had a clean record her entire life from celebrating with her Children makes Children believe their Loving Mother has done something wrong since she is not allowed to be with them; especially... (more...)

Do you think the RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS SEXUALLY ABUSE the Alienated Children?

Do you think the RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS SEXUALLY ABUSE the Children from these millions of divorced homes where they have been alienated from their Loving Mother and are they abusing them in other ways too? Is this how they FORCE these Children... (more...)

Just Remember, Liars and Cheaters Lie and Cheat and Distort Facts

Just remember liars and cheaters which includes those who are so evil as to destroy the Loving Mother/Child bond of Children of all ages, do not stop lying and cheating and distorting the facts. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, no matter how liars and... (more...)

Why Enforcing our Rights and those of Our Children is so Important

Many parents who alienate their Children of all ages from their Loving Mother (father) at the time of divorce and those who cooperate with them so they can use, abuse and control them for money and other benefits; live in a very toxic, corrupt environment... (more...)

The Jewish Community’s SECRET policy of Destroying the Mother/Child bond and Pastor Rick Warren’s too

Bestselling author Stephen Fried devoted the entire chapter 2 of his book “The New Rabbi” to the SECRET POLICY and SECRET PRACTICE of the JEWISH COMMUNITY of intentionally destroying the Loving Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationships at the time... (more...)

Why when You Control Others You Cannot Love. It is One or the Other.

Either you Control Others or You learn to love Others and Yourself too. You can’t Love and Control Others too. It is one or the other as many psychologists, authors and others have shown. You have to be able to TRUST people to act with their own... (more...)

Repeatedly Obstructing Justice to Prevent the Truth from being Revealed is what Sick, Corrupt People Do

Only a psychologically and emotionally sick person would repeatedly Obstruct Justice because they obviously want to PREVENT THE TRUTH FROM BEING EXPOSED as MARK F. HASSMAN has done to his ex-wife several times; a Private Investigator and his long time... (more...)

Repeatedly Filing False Allegations shows a person is Psychologically and Emotionally Sick

Filing false and misleading allegations trying to ruin the livelihood of honest people is what psychologically and emotionally sick people do; like MARK F. HASSMAN who has done this repeatedly as court records show. Reasonable, sane people do not... (more...)

Reasonable People OR Psychologically and Emotionally Sick and Corrupt People?

Are these the actions of reasonable people or psychologically and emotionally sick and corrupt people? Documents show that while the divorce proceedings where going on, MARK F. HASSMAN a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, who received... (more...)

Ponzi Scheme being run by MARK F. HASSMAN using Student Loans with a Judge, Law Firms, Religious Organizations, Executives and others???

Do you think MARK F. HASSMAN is running a type of Ponzi Scheme involving Religious Leaders, a Judge, Lawyers, an Accounting Firm, Corporate Executives, a Private Boarding High School, his new wife and others with over $225,000 in Student Loans when they... (more...)

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