Beauty will always Prevail over evil as my Beautiful BENJAMIN GARDEN proves…even in the oppressive heatwave we are having in Los Angeles, as the photo attached proves; my Beautiful Benjamin Garden I named after my honest, caring and wise Grandfather who taught me many important lessons, is Thriving. Accordingly, here is an important message for my defendants and those like them living in the World of Corruption, not the World of Love.

My Beautiful Benjamin Garden brings Happiness and important lessons to those who see it. Remember I only associate with those who live in the World of Love with Me so only they are allowed to come to my apartment and see it; not evil people. As my wise, compassionate and wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me; JUST AS IN LIFE, if you don’t get rid of the weeds and dead flowers they will infect your entire garden and it will no longer thrive and be beautiful. 

Thus, you must KEEP EVALUATING your life and get rid of those who are evil and do harmful things so you aren’t brought down by their depravity.

With that being proven; I am writing this post for my defendants and those like them who live with them in the World of Corruption while terrorizing those in the World of Love. Even though this post most definitely applies to my evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN; I am not writing this for him because I do not want him to sue me again claiming I am violating some invalid restraining order by communicating with him.
By the way, my evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN still REFUSES to merely, simply email me our three children’s current contact information and has REFUSED to give them “permission” to contact me without feeling they will be harmed and abused even more. 
               He created the Parental Alienation over nine years ago. As a reasonable, loving Mother; I would like to try to end the Parental Alienation in time for the upcoming Jewish Holidays later this month. They are very important as Christmas is for many Christians and I would like to celebrate them with my Children as any reasonable, loving person understands. In more horror, there is not even one JEWISH LEADER or JEWISH ORGANIZATION, many who are also my defendants, who will help us reunite either. This constitutes domestic terrorism and evil, beyond words.

Thus, I am writing this to all of them and others living in the World of Corruption who are promoting Parental Alienation and the crimes which commonly go along with this terror which includes but is not limited to using 501(c)(3), other Charitable Non-Profits and other vehicles to conceal, steal and launder STOLEN ASSETS of the loving, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce, DRUG MONEY, SEX SLAVE MONEY and other profits from crimes which are destroying our society, freedom, love, family and our American way of life. 
Here is what I want to say to these evil, horrible, savage beasts.

I do not have any DUTY to serve you so that you can continue to have a livelihood by:
1. secretly DESTROYING love;
2. secretly STEALING the assets of others and
3. secretly turning many vulnerable alienated children into DRUG ADDICTS, PROSTITUTES AND OTHER CRIMINALS.

You NEED all of us loving, kind, caring people to be able to continue to prosper by using and abusing us. Thus, as we peacefully and diligently EDUCATE our society and STAND UP AGAINST your evil; you will no longer be able to survive and will need to find an honest livelihood in order to survive or you will just die. Your illegal use of so-called Charitable Non-Profits will be of no value to you anymore and neither will your illegal use of Limited Liability Corporations, Off-Shore Accounts and other financial vehicles. We are quite aware of your schemes and are becoming more and more aware daily.

You do not own any of us and we have Constitutional, Civil, Property, Contract and other legal rights which include the right to DEMAND that you compensate us for all the harms you have caused us and continue to cause us as all of my State and Federal lawsuits specifically explain. Parental Alienation is an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM and so is ILLEGALLY PROFITING FROM DIVORCE as my Divorce Judgment, PHILIP G. SEASTROM’S personal declaration regarding his “formulated litigation strategy” and many other documents signed under “penalty of perjury” prove.

With my State and Federal lawsuits; I have CHOSEN not to allow you and our society to remain blind to your illegal, immoral and evil secrets.

I DISCOVERED your evil, illegal and criminal secrets little by little during the past nine years as I have been diligently, lovingly and reasonably trying to reunite with my children due to the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation all of you helped create and/or are perpetuating.

You have many major legal and moral problems aside from the problem that all of us living in the World of Love do not need any of you; but you need us to be able to continue to profit as you have secretly been.

My lawsuits will FORCE YOU and our SOCIETY to see REALITY, how it OBJECTIVELY is for all of us suffering from your acts of Parental Alienation and the crimes which commonly accompany this domestic terrorism.

As you know, YOU ARE DESTROYING AND POLLUTING OUR SOCIETY, which is why you constantly harass and try to illegally deny me Due Process of Law. By trying to silence me by denying me of my legal right Due Process of Law, the overwhelming facts of your criminal behavior cannot be adjudicated on the merits before an IMPARTIAL COURT OF LAW. 
      However, I will not always be denied my legal right to Due Process of Law and there will be an IMPARTIAL COURT OF LAW to adjudicate the facts on the merits because this is JUSTICE. I am warning you so you can make the appropriate, reasonable changes.

Thus, if you want to save yourself, as an INDIVIDUAL or as a COLLECTIVE GROUP:
1. acknowledge REALITY;
2. COMPENSATE those you have harmed;
3. CHANGE your illegal, criminal and evil policies of Parental Alienation and;
4. LEARN to profit in honest, respectable ways using YOUR OWN abilities, not stealing from the profits made by the abilities of others, including honest, loving, law-abiding Mothers. 
***MOTHERHOOD is a very important career and is composed of many important skills.

Your evil game of domestic terrorism called Parental Alienation is over because millions in society are now aware of it and more become aware daily.

WE ARE HAVING A MORAL CRISES in our country and all of you will bear the punishment for this evil and terror you caused and continue to cause so you can secretly profit. I have proven this and can continue to prove it as you know and which is already part of many public records. YOU as well as YOUR SECRET EVIL POLICIES ARE ON TRIAL.

Business policies must be LEGAL AND MORAL. Therefore, yours must be rewritten so that they are AGAINST everything you currently stand for. As a result, YOUR LIFE will continue to be drained for the benefit of society who lives in the World of Love not corruption. There is no self-sacrifice involved so you can profit at our expense because you believe you are “entitled” to do so.
MORALITY comes from reason and love; not living as an unthinking, uncaring, obedient robot or slave. However, your policies have proven that your EVIL morality comes from faith and force which includes domestic terrorism.

***LIVING LIFE and SEEING AND FEELING ITS BEAUTY is not living as an unthinking, uncaring obedient robot or slave while brainwashing and indoctrinating others with your evil so you destroy yourself ALONG with them. 
Therefore, TO CHOOSE TO THINK AND FEEL or not to think and feel is the question which will determine if you LIVE LIFE SEEING AND FEELING ALL ITS BEAUTY WHILE HAVING SELF-ESTEEM AND PRIDE IN YOURSELF of if you MERELY EXIST. 
Humanity needs a code of values to guide people so they live in the WORLD OF LOVE, like the 10 Commandments and other similar guides which promote truth, respect, love, responsibility and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

*******WHEN A PERSON LIVES WITHOUT HAVING ALTERNATIVES OR CHOICES; he or she has CHOSEN to live without values because there is only OBEDIENCE.

*******When there is only Obedience by UNTHINKING robots or slaves; they do not have their own values and just OBEY others and do not even think about what is moral and honest and what isn’t; they just blindly obey.

Thus, to my defendants and others living in the World of Corruption, I hope you realize that to SAVE YOURSELF, you NEED to immediately change you policies and behaviors and LEARN to replace them with honest, compassionate and responsible ones where everyone is ENCOURAGED to profit from his own achievements; not by stealing from the achievements of others while living as an unthinking, uncaring robot or slave.
Make these changes before you are ordered to do so and punished appropriately due to my State and Federal lawsuits. This is JUSTICE and justice is coming in a major way.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).


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