Because of My Wonderful, Courageous, Beautiful Daughter & Caring, Empathetic Dr. Phil

I started this campaign against Parental Alienation because I am aware of the harms Parental Alienation strategies has been causing millions of children and families for decades and would like to help them.  As many of my volunteer activities have shown, I have a passion for helping children. In addition, many experts have explained, unless we help these children, they will not only continue to be wrought with many problems and be a burden to society; but, they will also repeat this abusive behavior with their own families.

Therefore, Parental Alienation is a very important issue to confront and bring to the awareness of society. Then many will realize the need for reasonable legal reforms to deter this behavior and sanction those who help try to destroy the sacred parent/child relationship by knowingly, intelligently and intentionally silently watching or actively participating as they benefit or breach their duty they owe to these children.

I have received many emails, comments, phone calls, and positive publicity and support as so many are grateful for my efforts to try to bring awareness to Parental Alienation.

Recently, I appeared on the Dr. Phil show which will air during his new season this Fall. Consequently, I want to make it very clear that my comments about Parental Alienation are separate and distinct from my personal situation.

My daughter, who is a very lovely, precious, smart, wonderful young lady planted a special seed on the show. She showed such courage and was amazing for even appearing on the show. Even with her school work, she agreed to accept Dr. Phil’s offer to provide reunification therapy for us.

I give my daughter so much respect for what she has done and want to honor a request she made me. She said that I am wrong and that Parental Alienation never existed. She believes that those experts who provided me with therapy, a collaborative divorce attorney who said he recognized its existence and advised me to read a book on this subject as well as some others were incorrect. I have accepted this statement she made to Dr. Phil on the show and after the show too that parental alienation never existed. Together, my daughter and I are moving forward focusing on mending our relationship with the therapist of Dr. Phil’s choosing. I plan on making the changes that this therapist recommends as I am interested in doing what is in my daughter’s best interest and I am so grateful she planted this special seed today. I am hopeful, we will be back in each other’s lives and enrich each other.

Dr. Phil was wonderful for providing this therapy and even caring about renewing and mending my relationship with my daughter. I feel so blessed because I received what I truly wanted at the end of this beautiful rainbow which is to have a wonderful opportunity to be back in my daughter’s life after being the full time Mother for 18 years and now, not having seen or communicated with her for over the past 5 years. As I told my daughter, I am sorry for any pain I caused her and look forward to working together with this therapist to make some positive changes to mend our relationship and bring it now to an adult level since she is not only an adult now but a beautiful, caring, smart and courageous one too. Any Mother would be proud to have a daughter like her, as I am.

My daughter also requested that I remove any references to our family on this website of which I am also going to do as well. So over the next several days and week, you will see changes to the website and this is all because of my wonderful, courageous daughter and the caring and empathetic Dr. Phil.

-by Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, founder,


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