Being a Prisoner in Your Own Cage

Many people live life as a prisoner in their own cage without having the courage to free themselves and enrich their life so they can:
• Think what THEY want to think;
• Say what THEY want to say and;
• Do what THEY want to do.

Consequently, they are commonly very aloof, reserved and impersonal because the world is their stage as they act differently and have a different image to many in society. It is all an ACT and they hate to answer questions about themselves because they play many different roles and DON’T WANT TO BLOW THEIR COVER.

For example, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and PASTOR RICK WARREN may appear to many as religious men who are polite and well mannered.
But, secretly they:

• Make agreements to work with a wealthy husband/father at the time of divorce to HIDE and the STEAL money and property which should be distributed to the wife/mother;

• They scheme and lie to ruin the Mother’s beautiful character for the purpose of making her and her Children more distraught AND force the Children to alienate their loving Mother;

• They Abuse the Children and their Loving Mother so they can put them in a state of severe distress so they are better able to

• Steal the Mother’s money and property SECRETLY, FRAUDULENTLY and ILLEGALLY given to them by the Husband/Father at the time of divorce using “charitable” agreements;

• Then, when the Mother is in such a state of shock and emotional and physical torture due the loss of relationship with her Children; these religious men divide her money and property they stole with the Judge, Law Firms, Court-Appointed Therapist, Joint Venture Partners, Executives, Private School, ex-husband, his new wife and others who helped them torment and abuse the Mother and her Children AND steal the Mother’s money and property.

This is not religious but criminal behavior as any person with a sound mind knows. All of them made a fatal mistake with me because I survived and I am also an attorney who clerked for a judge and know how to hold all of them liable and change the “charitable” agreement laws, make parental alienation a serious crime and end their CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of PROFITING FROM DIVORCE using PARENTAL ALIENATION.

People like this rabbi, pastor, judge, lawyers, therapist, executives, father and his new wife and others PRETEND to be whatever they want to be because they do not uphold their morals and are commonly very insecure.

They find it more difficult to say the things they mean than to lie. Lying and deceiving comes easy to them because this is their way of life. To avoid losing hope even though they are filled with shame for what they do; people like this dream and live in darkness with their alcohol, sexual, internet and other obsessions.

They are fearful of unexpected public attention and only like the planned public attention they are prepared for so they can play their expected role to their expected audience.

People like this commonly are afraid to FACE THEIR FEELINGS and embark upon a new life with a POSITIVE PURPOSE. They will hold on dearly to their CAREER of corruption and abuse because they think this is easier and think they can continue to FOOL the world. 
Plus, they believe they are ENTITLED to behave in this corrupt and immoral way because they worked hard to get to their position in life.


People like this try to go through life as robots without having feelings because they are afraid of being hurt.

***Thus, they do not have any expectations of kindness, respect or love and just “do what they have to do to get the job done.” They have no idea how beautiful a world with kindness, respect and love truly is.

Consequently, people like this have self-control due to their insecurities, fears and also their training of being told HOW they must act and the IMAGE they must portray.
However, they have a terrible disability called “self-consciousness” so smiles are often forced, they are obsessed with their looks and they do not know how to be nice and instead have condescending attitudes; thinking they are better than everyone.

They are “charming” with jokes and humor when they have some ulterior motive which benefits them because they have no feelings for others; only for themselves. They try to “charm” and manipulate others so they can use them for their benefit.

A RELATIONSHIP is just a CONVENIENCE and a person like this will never let a relationship interfere with his or her career of abuse, theft, fraud and corruption. Plus, they don’t want any responsibility to make a relationship work and grow which is beautiful but entails having true feelings and expressing them daily. 
***This upsets their balance in life since they were taught to be heartless robots.

This describes the mind set of many of those I have sued which includes the Synagogue of Rabbi David Wolpe and the Church of Pastor Rick Warren. Deep down most people desire to live a life of TRUTH and FREEDOM. 
My lawsuit will either FORCE them to come forward with the truth so they can have their freedom or if they choose to remain silent, they will lose their freedom along with their Career and their LEGACY.

***Please don’t be angry with me for being truthful…instead thank me for showing you what you really are and objectively and cryptically explaining your options. I am familiar with dealing with people like this and have been successful because TRUTH and I also believe GOD always prevail.

Reflection and Change is very appropriate especially NOW since this is the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon MY knowledge and experience.

The photographs below I have used, AS ALWAYS for their titles or words, not necessarily the context of any book. They show many of the problems I mentioned above.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;
A woman has a right to free speech even if others may not agree with what she says.  Some people just are not reasonable so just pick your battles.  
I never had any criminal and fraudulent allegations made against me which have been dismissed (and new ones are REASONABLY EXPECTED to be)
I started to DEFEND MY LEGAL RIGHTS to enforce my fraudulent divorce and my other contract, property civil and other fundamental rights.
Can you guess who tried and continues to try to fraudulently make me look like I have done things I have not?
What about those I have sued who thought they could just steal MY money and property from my divorce and destroy my companionships with Children?
This is quite typical so EXPECT THIS of criminal, abusive and sick people but do not allow them to take away your legal rights.
They are ALL COWARDS AND VERY SICK and just think with their criminal ways they can SILENCE me and others from enforcing our LEGAL RIGHTS. Oh well, many emotionally and psychologically sick people are also very DELUSIONAL as many experts have PROVEN.[] So, expect them to lie.
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Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.




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