Below are emails which continue to prove the evil Jewish frauds of ALL American Jewish Leaders, Organizations and their members and followers since they refuse to acknowledge and criminalize the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation which is harming millions including many of us reading this post. Remember, GOD is walking by our side as it is a miracle I and many of you too have survived all this terror.

from: Sara Hassman <>
to: Yitsy Kirschenbaum <>
date: Feb 13, 2019, 9:11 AM
subject: Re: Nefesh B’Nefesh – Next Steps

Dear Yitsy Kirschenbaum of the Jerusalem office of Nefesh B’Nefesh,
As you know, I paid for the initial fee of starting the Aliyah process but due to the epidemic problem of terror, torture, abuse, oppression and racketeering throughout the world including the United States called Parental Alienation; I do not have the funds to gather and have the apostille affixed to the required documents and NO SO-CALLED AMERICAN JEWISH ORGANIZATION, LEADER OR THEIR MEMBERS WILL HELP ME, even though they have the means and should fervently WANT TO. Also, these so-called American Jewish Organizations have also refused to help criminalize this terror as many countries have already done.
Making Aliyah is my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT and my actions throughout my entire life including the many lawsuits I have filed to END and CRIMINALIZE the terror of Parental Alienation for; 1) the wellbeing myself; 2) millions suffering like me in America and; 3) for future generations too which are in public records PROVE I have and continue to live my life as a Jew. I fervently and diligently practice Tikkun Olam. Thus, I would be an asset to the Jewish community in Israel.

YITSY, below are the recent communications I had with the so-called American Jewish nonprofit organization called Beth Tfiloh Congregation regarding the documents required for making Aliyah which PROVES it promotes the terror of Parental Alienation which is repudiated by Judaism and also America.
Would you please tell me who I can contact in: 1) Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and/or the Ministry of Interior because the mitzvah of making Aliyah is not only for the wealthy Jews ESPECIALLY when Jewish organizations are responsible for my indigent situation due to the Parental Alienation they promote and profit from.

Would you please tell me who I can contact in: 2) President Trump’s administration since as recent as last week in his State of the Union; President Trump stated that he reasonably wants to get rid of both Modern Slavery and the Sex Trade which are both part of the terror of Parental Alienation.

I reasonably and responsibly want to resolve the issue of making Aliyah for those of us who have been victims of the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in America and elsewhere. The facts are clearly explained in the emails below.

I look forward to receiving your email with the requested contact information.

Shalom and Tova,

Sara, שרה

from:Abramson, Arlene <>
to: “” <>
date: Feb 12, 2019, 12:00 PM
subject: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg …

Dear Sara,

Attached is the letter that Rabbi Wohlberg prepared for you. If you would like an original copy, please give me your address and I will mail it to you.

This is the only document the Rabbi provides. Any other certifications you need MUST come from you.

Good luck!
Arlene Abramson
Assistant to Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg
Beth Tfiloh Congregation
3300 Old Court Road
Baltimore, MD 21208
410-486-1900, Ext. 215

from: Sara Hassman <>
to: “Abramson, Arlene” <>
date: Feb 12, 2019, 2:09 PM
subject: Re: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg …

Dear Arlene,

As I am sure you and Rabbi Wohlberg both know; I do need the original. Rabbi Wohlberg and Beth Tfiloh Congregation also know I cannot afford to pay for the apostille due to the Parental Alienation which includes the theft and redistribution of my money and other assets as my divorce decree proves on its face … remember Beth Tfiloh is one of my defendants & as Rabbi Wohlberg, you & its other leaders & members continue to prove; you continue to HARM ME AND MILLIONS suffering like me including innocent children of all ages by ignoring this terror of Parental Alienation which is like the Holocaust & what PRESIDENT TRUMP referred to as MODERN SLAVERY the other night in his State of the Union Address.****Specifically, I am entitled to receive the fruits of my labor from my marriage as Rabbi Wohlberg, leaders and members of Beth Tfiloh Congregation should know and also SHOULD WANT me to receive IF they are the Jews they claim they are.

Also why does everyone at Beth Tfiloh refuse to acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation when Rabbi Wohlberg & other leaders at Beth Tfiloh could easily write sermons, publish articles, have classes & other educational events about this terror & help criminalize it as many countries already have? Don’t they care about those currently suffering & future generations?

You know or should know that those who are truly Jews would do these things & also help reunite children with their loving, honest alienated Mother or Father. Doing these things is Tikkun Olam; refusing to carry out this Jewish commandment of Tikkun Olam is betraying Judaism and GOD.

I am warning everyone at Beth Tfiloh again, please agree to temporarily advance the apostille fee for me so I can carry out the mitzvah of MY JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT by making Aliyah. It is a MIRACLE I have survived all of this terror for about eleven (11) years now. Thus, I am a miracle of GOD and he is walking by my side.

****Why does Beth Tfiloh want to deprive me of my Jewish Birthright and also refuse to acknowledge and help end Parental Alienation when those at Beth Tfiloh could easily accomplish both? Just advance the apostille fee which will be reimbursed by the State of Israel, publish just one article about the terror of Parental Alienation to begin, help me and other Mothers and Fathers reunite with our children, use your contacts in Congress to help criminalize this terror as other countries have already done. IS THIS asking too much of the largest Jewish Modern Orthodox Congregation in America as Beth Tfiloh claims it is?

Is this too much of me to ask of my JEWISH BRETHREN? Beth Tfiloh Congregation is set up as a nonprofit American organization. Accordingly, refusing to help criminalize this terror & instead trying to deprive me of My Jewish Birthright since due to Parental Alienation, as maliciously designed, I am indigent, are not the values respected in America & in Judaism.****Terror of Parental Alienation is irrefutably comprised of criminal, malicious and immoral behavior which both America & Judaism repudiate. The foundations of America & Judaism are those of Love, Freedom, Equal Rights, Family and Justice; not their destruction.

*****Thus, please Arlene, either confirm for me that everyone at Beth Tfiloh refuses to temporarily advance the apostille fee needed to be affixed on Rabbi Wohlberg’s letter or that they have chosen to ACT like Jews and have it affixed.

Also, will anyone at Beth Tfiloh choose to acknowledge Parental Alienation and as explained above carry out acts of Tikkun Olam to help criminalize it and end it for millions suffering today & also for future generations? *******Won’t Rabbi Wohlberg lead the way for his Congregation and others in America to follow? He could truthfully and as GOD commands, practice Tikkun Olam while also making a hero of himself all over America & in other countries too.


from: Sara Hassman <>
to: “Abramson, Arlene” <>
date: Feb 12, 2019, 8:43 PM
subject: Re: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg …

Also Arlene, I want to add to my email sent to you a few hours ago…

I tried to set up a bank account in Israel to collect funds to help me pay for this Aliyah process but; the State of Israel only allows its citizens to do that. The bank told me to come back once I make Aliyah.

In great disgust and outrage, being a Jew and along with how other reasonable people with a heart & a soul should feel; I am writing this email BECAUSE no one, not even Beth Tfiloh’s rabbis, any of its leaders and members will TEMPORARILY advance the apostille fee and try to help me with all their financial resources to MAKE ALIYAH…this includes my own MOTHER and SISTER who set up a fund at Beth Tfiloh in memory of my father and my old classmates and other relatives including but not limited to GLEN WEINBERG who set up the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and HOWARD PERLOW and many other wealthy leaders & members of Beth Tfiloh. Disgracefully they also claim to be supporters of ISRAEL and donate money to this country. BUT WHY then are all of you acting as an evil, collective group WHILE DISGRACEFULLY calling yourselves Jews?…All of you know or should know you are acting like ADOLPH HITLER and the NAZIS who ripped apart families, destroyed love and lives and stole and redistributed the money and other assets of those of the families you destroyed.

***ALL AMERICAN JEWISH Leaders and Organizations continue to irrefutably prove they are MODERN DAY NAZIS and as PRESIDENT TRUMP said, are promoting MODERN DAY SLAVERY which he reasonably and responsibly is trying to end.

Why also isn’t any American Jewish Leader and Organization helping our president end the sex trade with all of their influence and resources? Again, this is not living as Jews are commanded to live.

***As many Parental Alienation experts have PROVEN, many of the alienated children are sold as SLAVES into the sex trade and forced to commit other crimes & immoral acts. Ignoring this, as Beth Tfiloh and other so-called American Jews and America Jewish Organizations continue to do WHILE knowing that doing this is exactly what Judaism and Democracy reasonably REPUDIATE is disgraceful beyond words.

Beth Tfiloh and the others who comprise this evil collective terrorist group WHILE CALLING THEMSELVES JEWS also reasonably know they should be held accountable for carrying out & perpetuating this terror, torture, abuse and oppression. ***Why not honestly begin to ACT like Jews for the entire world to see by practicing Teshiva… admit what you have done, compensate those you have harmed and change your behavior and policies so this terror will never occur again in America or anywhere else. Also fervently and diligently help others do the same. This is how Jews behave as everyone at Beth Tfiloh Congregation knows or should know.

Very sincerely and remember GOD is watching,

from: Abramson, Arlene <>
to: Sara Hassman <>
date: Feb 13, 2019, 6:24 AM
subject: RE: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg …
mailed-by: btfiloh.or

Sara, the rabbi provided you with the letter you requested. If you need the original copy, give me your address and I will be happy to mail it to you. Rabbi Wohlberg will not provide any other certifications, money, fees, etc. That must come directly from YOU.

If you continue to send me emails such as the ones you sent yesterday –long rants making no sense – I will have your email address blocked from our system and you will no longer have access to this office.

Good luck to you in making Aliyah.

from: Sara Hassman <>
to: “Abramson, Arlene” <>
date: Feb 13, 2019, 7:47 AM
subject: Re: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg …

Dear my fellow Jewish Brethren Arlene Abramson who is employed as Rabbi Mitchel Wohlberg’s staff member at Beth Tfiloh Congregation of Baltimore, Maryland;

Are you threatening me Arlene when you as an individual AND everyone at Beth Tfiloh Congregation has and continues to IGNORE and PROFIT FROM the epidemic problem in American and throughout the world of terror, torture, abuse, oppression and racketeering called Parental Alienation which continues to cause me, my children and millions like us very serious harms?

***Instead Arlene of threatening to block my emails, why not reasonably face the truth as a true Jew would and practice Teshuva. You have the gall to call my very reasonable emails “long rants making no sense.” I fear for you and everyone at Beth Tfiloh Congregation as history has proven; GOD will have his way with religious frauds and also with those who harm others and his world.

My fellow Jewish Brethren Arlene Abramson, as I repeatedly told you; I can’t AFFORD to have the apostille affixed due to the Parental Alienation being ignored and perpetuated by Beth Tfiloh Congregation.

As you know or should know Arlene; Beth Tfiloh Congregation is a nonprofit organization which was given the PRIVILEGE of having nonprofit status because it SWORE TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT that it promotes Judaism when the many crimes of terror, torture, abuse, oppression and racketeering which comprise Parental Alienation are REPUDIATED BY JUDAISM. This is clearly fraud and betrayal.

*****My fellow Jewish Brethren Arlene Abramson, your emails to me along with Rabbi Mitchel Wohlberg’s ALONE prove YOU LIED TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT about what this so-called Jewish nonprofit named Beth Tfiloh Congregation ACTUALLY DOES. Accordingly, the United States Government and others must be aware of THIS FRAUD you personally and others personally at Beth Tfiloh Congregation and Beth Tfiloh Congregation as a DESIGNATED AMERICAN JEWISH NONPROFIT are carrying out with regards to perpetuating the terror, torture, abuse, oppression and racketeering of PARENTAL ALIENATION.

Blocking my email will not save you, make you happy or more Jewish either. It only INCRIMINATES YOU more and more and PROVES HOW EVIL you personally and everyone at Beth Tfiloh Congregation irrefutably are…Don’t forget BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION is one of my defendants since it has and continues to promote Parental Alienation which is harming me very severely and millions suffering like me.

***Why do all of you continue to refuse to speak out against it and also temporarily advance the fees so I can exercise my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT of making Aliyah? I have the values and character of the type of person the ISRAELI GOVERNME NT wants to have make Aliyah too as my lawsuits and other documents irrefutably proves.


from: Abramson, Arlene <>
to: Sara Hassman <>
date:Feb 13, 2019, 7:55 AM
subject:RE: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg ..

Sara, you will be blocked from sending any more emails to Beth Tfiloh. No use in emailing either the rabbi or myself again.

from: Sara Hassman <>
to: “Abramson, Arlene” <>
date: Feb 13, 2019, 8:08 AM
subject: Re: Letter from Rabbi Wohlberg …

Arlene, How can I request an original of Rabbi Wohlberg’s letter if I cannot communicate with anyone from Beth Tfiloh? I guess the Ministry of Interior will have to resolve this.

Sara Hassman
Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder
Divorce is hard enough.
Let’s end a form of child abuse, terror, torture and oppression called Parental Alienation by reuniting millions of children with their loving , caring, law-abiding Mother or Father. A corrupt, heartless parent at the time of divorce has brainwashed these precious children which includes teens and young adults into believing their loving, law-abiding Mother or Father, should be eliminated from their life so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE.

As my case B267984 in the California Court of Appeal shows; crooked Jewish and other Religious Organizations, Law Firms, Judges, Executives, nonprofit Schools, the court-appointed Therapist, Bank of America and others help conceal assets from the loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother and then have a plan to profit using 501(c)(3) agreements and other fraudulent schemes. The loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother cannot receive her property, savings, retirement and other assets from her marriage of over 20 years. Further, she is legally still married because her divorce contact, which was signed by a crooked judge and crooked law firms is invalid and unlawful. The Wife/Mother was so distraught from the parental alienation at the time of the divorce and reasonably trusted her lawyer, the judge and others to follow the law but they cheated her and have abused, terrorized, tortured and oppressed her and her Children.
I am bringing awareness to the Nationwide Parental Alienation and Fraudulent Divorce Contract Crises and trying to change the laws to criminalize these acts. We need to protect our precious Children and loving Mothers (fathers too), not allowing the sacred parent/child relationship to be destroyed and our Children to be USED to help them PROFIT FROM DIVORCE. We need to end the religious and corporate policies of encouraging divorce and Parental Alienation so they can PROFIT

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,…YOUTUBE.COMISRAEL’S National Anthem – HATIKVAH with English and Hebrew lyrics ( Longer version )Check out also HATIKVAH with English & Hebrew…



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