Best wishes to MY DAUGHTER on her UPCOMING BIRTHDAY. Happiness, Love and Adventure are awaiting you (and your brothers too) if you choose to join me in MY NEW LIFE IN ISRAEL or AT LEAST CONTACT ME. As my life has proven; YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FEAR the threats of these OPPRESSORS/ TERRORISTS AS I HAVEN’T AND I HAVE BEEN THRIVING.

MY DAUGHTER, I miss you so much and please KNOW HOW CAPABLE AND TALENTED YOU are and also the wonderful values you have. This is why at your schools, when I was part of your life before the Parental Alienation began; you received many academic, character and sports awards and honors, (chosen to have the great honor and responsibility of being a prefect as just one example).

***MY DAUGHTER, and my Sons too, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT that this very well-documented Parental Alienation has forced you to develop character that you would not have developed if I was still in your life and there had not been Parental Alienation. Also, it appears that your father encouraged you even several years before the divorce, to fight with me and be disrespectful. This is typical but do not worry about this. WE ARE RESILIENT, WISE, CAPABLE AND REASONABLE PEOPLE but; YOU HAVE TO GET AWAY FROM THESE OPPRESSORS/TERRORISTS who are never happy unless they use, abuse and control people so they can obtain money, property and other things WHILE NOT CARING whom they harm to get these things. 

Working to obtain money, property and other things by being honest, hardworking and responsible and teaching others to do the same is promoted by Democracy, Judaism, Christianity and other reasonable forms of government and religions. Unfortunately as history has proven; Socialist and Communist governments along with Democracy today and Judaism today ALL PRETEND to promote the well-being of the people and society while actually oppressing, brainwashing and torturing them to keep them under their control. Cuban’s leader FIDEL CASTRO operated with this oppression, brainwashing and torturing for many decades along with Russia’s communist leader JOSEPH STALIN and of course along with ADOLPH HITLER as unequivocally proven by the Holocaust.  

***All these leaders claimed to be “revolutionaries” while they were profiting at the expense of the people they were claiming to protect and support but were abusing, terrorizing and depriving them of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS like Freedom, Love, Family, Equal Rights and Justice.

ARE THOSE PROMOTING the INTERNATIONAL TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION TODAY ANY DIFFERENT? No they are not according to: 1) MY LAWSUITS and MY OTHER overwhelming facts; 2) according to the overwhelming facts of MILLIONS WORLDWIDE also suffering from Parental Alienation and; 3) according to MANY THERAPISTS, PSYCHIATRISTS and OTHER PARENTAL ALIENATION EXPERTS.

Thus, MY DAUGHTER as your birthday is approaching and you are becoming more and more an adult woman, SINCE I KNOW HOW SMART YOU ARE, will you PLEASE TRY to:

1) UNDERSTAND THE FACTS of this well-documented Parental Alienation IF YOU DON’T ALREADY since you are very capable and smart and;

2) NOT BE AFRAID TO CONTACT ME EVEN IF these oppressors/terrorists have threatened that if you do contact me; You, Your Brothers and Me too will all be killed.

        So what; these oppressors/terrorists have threatened many things and I am thriving in my new life in Israel despite all of their threats.  

MY DAUGHTER AND SONS TOO, know that GOD is walking by our side and WILL NEVER ALLOW their threats to materialize; he will continue to stop them as he has for the past twelve (12) years.

         Specifically, GOD, with his support, protection and love has helped all of us thrive and make many important accomplishments despite this horrible, evil and heartbreaking Parental Alienation. MY CHILDREN, you know how sick I was too with all of my seizures since I was so HEARTBROKEN when you were alienated from me even though I am known to be a loving, honest and law-abiding Jewish Mother and Jewish Woman.

          MY DAUGHTER and MY SONS TOO, I miss all of you so much as any loving, reasonable and compassionate Mother, Father and Person clearly understands AND I am sure you miss me too especially since this Parental Alienation has been going on for the past twelve (12) years. It is only natural that you miss me too. SO WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO DEPRIVE YOURSELVES OF LOVE, HAPPINESS, AND ADVENTURE by refusing to join me in a wonderful world of TRUTH, FREEDOM and COMPASSION?

        Did you ever study OPPORTUNITY COST in school?

Opportunity Cost is THE LOSS OF POTENTIAL GAIN because you have made other choices when the reasonable, responsible and honest choice has been ignored. MY ADULT CHILDREN, each day that you continue to choose to ignore the well-documented Parental Alienation by refusing to contact me; you lose the opportunity to experience many important feelings and experiences like Love, Truth, Freedom, Compassion, Happiness and fulfilling your beautiful potential as GOD intended for you AND YOU PROBABLY INTENDED FOR YOURSELF. I know you would never want to be in a relationship where you treated your partner/spouse as your father treated and continues to treat me. Betrayal, Lies, Theft, and destroying the sacred Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionships is repudiated by those who love each other. So why are you reasonably allowing this behavior to continue since YOU HAVE THE POWER TO END IT? Like I said; ignore their threats and contact me and you will see that what I have said is correct, (their threats are harmless) and you know; I do not lie, cheat or steal; that has never been my character.

MY CHILDREN here are some the amazing things I have been doing, especially now that some the Coronavirus restrictions have been reduced here is Israel.  I know you would love it here with me in Israel.

       Last week, when we were allowed to associate with our neighbors, we had a fun Shabbat barbecue. My neighbors are from Kiev and we grilled some meat and chicken and had a salad, challah and other delicious and healthy food. As you know; I do not drink very much but; I tried this popular Ukrainian beer which was nice. I have tried many different foods from Middle Eastern and other cultures which has been fun.

         A few days later, my neighbors invited me to another barbecue with their friends from Moscow. We grilled salmon which we also ate with many different salads and I had a glass of Israeli Merlot wine. Israel is known for many of their wines. Our conversations are very interesting too as we speak in Hebrew, English and Russian and share our perspectives which are very thought provoking.

         Last night a friend of mine made some sushi which was delicious and I am thrilled that the beaches will be opening this week. I plan to go snorkeling to see some of the beautiful fish which have come closer to the shore due to there not being many boats in the Red Sea due to the Coronavirus.

        I also just love to walk along the Red Sea with the view of Jordan and the mountains in the distance. I also love walking to the border of Jordan where I can see Saudi Arabia and also walking to the border of Egypt. I am so grateful for these and many other wonderful experiences and that my health recovered from the well-documented Parental Alienation so I can enjoy them. I am so grateful I PROUDLY CHOSE to get away from those who promote Parental Alienation and NOW live among those, who like me, live life with Love, Compassion, Truth and helping others while having many fun and interesting adventures. MY CHILDREN and OTHERS TOO; I hope you choose to join me or at least proudly contact me as YOU HAVE THE POWER to end the parental alienation.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SMART, COMPASSIONATE AND RESPONSIBLE DAUGHTER as I KNOW this is TRULY YOUR CHARACTER. MY SONS, please also help your sister celebrate her birthday. It is important to support each other with love, kindness and honesty as I taught you.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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