Big Egos, a Sense of Entitlement, a Judge, a Rabbi, Business Executives and Others. This is about YOU, not them.

When you have positive energy, people want to be with you and those who stand for negative ideas will try to knock you down because they refuse to address their own issues as to why they have negative energy. So just expect it and keep doing positive things.
***This is about YOU, not them.
Give because it comes from your heart, not because you want something in return. This is love.

Many people have big egos and a sense of entitlement and they try to force others to ACCEPT their ideas, even if harmful to themselves and others. They use lies, manipulations, harassment, threats, deception and other acts of initiating violence.

These people with big egos and a sense of entitlement have lost their sense of kindness, compassion and HUMAN DECENCY and all they care about is that others ACCEPT their harmful and unreasonable ideas and listen to them so they can control them.

These people with big egos and a sense of entitlement spend their life forcing others to ACCEPT THEM while endless criticizing those who refuse; which includes millions of fathers who alienate Children of all ages from their loving Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter.

These people with big egos and a sense of entitlement love to find others to blame for everything and this is what they spend their life doing; BLAMING others instead of ACCEPTING their problems and ADDRESSING them.

Eventually most people see they are liars and cheaters who end up eventually destroying themselves because they can’t keep finding others who believe them, who they can lie to, manipulate and control because THE TRUTH PREVAILS.

The situation of my fraudulent and invalid divorce is a perfect example because there are many conflicting facts in the court record that what my ex-husband says cannot possibly be true and those who have helped him know or should know this by now.

As time goes on, more and more of the truth that comes out keeps showing all the lies and corruption.
***You just have to be strong enough to KEEP bringing out the truth as they keep trying to hide it and harass you for trying to bring it out.

I know this behavior very well because this is what I went through with my parents, sister and their lawyer. This is the way very emotionally and psychologically sick people behave while refusing to be reasonable and get the help they need so THEY NO LONGER HAVE A DESIRE to FORCE people to believe what THEY say. They do not like individualism and refuse to ALLOW others to have thoughts and ideas which are DIFFERENT from theirs.

For those who do not “obey” them; expect endless criticism and harassment. I refused to go along with many lies and others act my ex-husband demanded so he began to criticize me and tell lies about me so others, including my Children would think I no longer loved them (like my daughter told me, and I had to explain her misunderstanding) and also think I have characteristics that I don’t have. This is characteristic of millions of situations of parental alienation.

***It takes time for Children of all ages to see the truth and THEN decide if THEY want to get away from a parent like this or live this life of telling lies and blaming others.***

So, you just be the person YOU want to be and if people, including your Children want to see the truth, then that is great. Just keep doing good things for YOU.

In my case, if Judge Claudia Silbar, after giving that wonderful speech on Wednesday in her courtroom about the harms of parental alienation, decides to contact my boys who she had a meeting with and maybe by daughter too and help us begin reuniting, as the wonderful Judge I clerked for did many, many times; that would be great.
But Judge Claudia Silbar will make her OWN decision as to the type of person SHE wants to be and whether she enforces her beautiful beliefs about the harms of parental alienation and tries to help me and my children reunite or whether she doesn’t and continues to allow my ex-husband to keep telling my Children lies; regardless of his motives.

I have had a perfect record for my entire life of over 50 years and my children thrived and made many wonderful accomplishments when I was part of their life for many years before the divorce. The facts are clear but whether Judge Claudia Silbar CHOOSES to acknowledge them and then use her skills and power as a Judge to do what is moral and just and shows HUMAN DECENCY; that is HER CHOICE.

If Rabbi David Wolpe who I consulted and also clearly understands the harms of parental alienation, decides to do what is moral and just and shows HUMAN DECENCY, that is HIS CHOICE.

If the joint venture partners, business executives, lawyers and others who have helped my ex-husband carry out his lies and schemes including but not limited to parental alienation, choose to help bring out the truth and end all this suffering and rectify their abuses, then this is THEIR CHOICE.

MY CHOICE is to accept them as they ARE. I have chosen my entire life and continue to choose to do what is moral and just and in the best interest of my Children; not lying to them or deceiving them so they are harmed.

***Maybe decide to choose to ACCEPT YOURSELF as the way you are or CHANGE your harmful behaviors. This shows HUMAN DECENCY.

Please, do NOT expect me to accept your acts of harming me and my Children, even if my Children are unable to realize it and help themselves, as Judge Claudia Silbar explained in her beautiful speech on Wednesday in her courtroom.

I am very grateful because after years of emotional abuse which still continues but then receiving therapy and medication; I HAVE LEARNED TO UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT what was and continues to be done to me and my Children and millions like us.

I am a survivor who CHOOSES to rectify the harms done to me and my Children which is not only reasonable, but gives me self-esteem and a beautiful sense of purpose while showing what I stand for which includes love: LOVE FOR MYSELF and my rights to be able to have a companionship with my Children and freedom to express my honest, reasonable thoughts without repercussions and many others; LOVE FOR MY CHILDREN and their rights to feel freedom; LOVE FOR MILLIONS LIKE US and LOVE TO MAKE OUR WORLD A MORE HONEST AND MORAL PLACE FOR ALL OF US; as I did when I helped change the fraudulent grantor trust laws.

“ONE PERSON OF INTEGRITY can make a difference.”

–Elie Wiesel

I continue to be this one person, unless others openly, honestly and proudly choose to join me by bring out the truth of my situation and actively help me and my Children reunite.

By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.



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