The front page of the Wall Street Journal’s Money and Investment section today (9/29/16) had an article about a Limited Liability Corporation of a major Wall Street Firm paying more than $400 million dollars to settle federal charges regarding BRIBES to AFRICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and also agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges.

Do you think RABBI DAVID WOLPE of the nonprofit Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and his brother PAUL WOLPE, the Chairman of the Ethics Dept. at EMORY UNIVERSITY also a nonprofit; actually recently went to AFRICA to use their 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements comprised of money STOLEN from Wives and Mothers at the time of divorce, like me, to BRIBE AFRICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS?
Do you think RABBI DAVID WOLPE of the nonprofit SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles and his brother PAUL WOLPE, the Chairman of the Ethics Dept. at EMORY UNIVERSITY also a nonprofit recently were paid to go to AFRICA to just “teach ethics and go on a safari” when they as individuals and their employers Sinai Temple and Emory University:

1) Don’t even recognize the form of abuse, terror, torture and oppression in the United States called Parental Alienation;

2) Refuse to help loving, law-abiding Mothers in the United States reunite with their children who alienated them at the time of divorce without any rational basis but due to the lies, schemes and brainwashing commonly associated with Parental Alienation;

3) Refuse to disclose that they secretly received contributions representing stolen money and assets from the community estate of Wives/Mothers in the United States which legally and ETHICALLY should have been distributed to the Wife/Mother and not stolen;

4) Refuse to help Wives and Mothers in the United States obtain the necessary financial information so that they can establish the net worth of the community estate and obtain a legal, valid and enforceable Divorce Contract;

5) Refuse to implement ETHICAL POLICIES so Parental Alienation and the illegal , immoral and UNETHICAL use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements will no longer be able to be used to steal money and property from anyone, including loving, law-abiding Wives and Mothers at the time of divorce?

So what do you think…Sinai Temple and Emory University could not send Rabbi David Wolpe and his brother Paul Wolpe to many places in the United States to teach ethics but instead needed pay to send them all the way to Africa while they as registered nonprofit organizations in the United States UNETHICALLY promote Parental Alienation and the illegal, immoral and unethical use of nonprofit agreements to steal the money and assets of Women in the United States?

But, supposedly they went to Africa to teach Women about Equal Rights, really???

As my post yesterday explained; my very corrupt and stupid husband MARK [F] HASSMAN, who received his MBA from Harvard and is a Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer; “just forgot” to disclose about 5 Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) owned by the community estate in the fraudulent divorce proceedings.

But it gets much worse for my stupid, corrupt husband; when a Private Investigator disclosed these LLCs; my husband unsuccessfully sued this Private Investigator and committed acts of malicious prosecution and abuse of process AND STILL refuses to disclose these corporations and distribute to me, my interest.

Also, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR continues to grant him IMMUNITY by refusing to follow the law by ordering him to disclose these and many other assets he concealed along with his long time payroll assistant MAXINE MATTHEWSON and his lawyers and many others like BANK OF AMERICA who helped him conceal and steal these assets.

Think these LLCs my husband concealed are being used to hide my community property worth millions of dollars and are being used to make BRIBES TO AFRICAN OFFICIALS by RABBI DAVID WOLPE of the nonprofit SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles and his brother PAUL WOLPE, the Chairman of the Ethics Dept. at EMORY UNIVERSITY, also a nonprofit so that they can take advantage of….not only women this time but… developing countries in AFRICA which are at risk for corruption, so they can make BRIBES and acquire interest in the AFRICAN metal mines?

Then my corrupt and stupid husband can try to manipulate the metals market like he has done with his FRAUDULENT STUDENT LOAN SCHEME AND HIS FRAUDULENT REAL ESTATE SCHEME.

This is his corrupt and stupid pattern of behavior and he thinks JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will be able to protect him and Sinai Temple and Emory University and other defendants from this FOREIGN BRIBERY scheme? I don’t think so.

The Wall Street Journal article stated that this Wall Street LLC was the first CRIMINAL FOREIGN BRIBERY case against a major Wall Street Firm.
Do you think BANK OF AMERICA has secretly, illegally and immorally put my community property overseas in AFRICA too as the article said Banks are also doing this CRIMINAL FOREIGN BRIBERY so they can try to control the metals market?

Also there are “wealthy investors allegedly involved with the illicit payments;” including many very wealthy Jews named in the article. Think some of my wealthy family, old friends and others I know are involved in this too which is why they refuse to also recognize Parental Alienation and the illegal use of nonprofit agreements. They won’t even help a loving, law-abiding Mother and her Children reunite which is not Judaism but terrorism.

***However, many rabbis, including RABBI DAVID WOLPE, preach that a Jew must “SACRIFICE” which is a bunch of garbage because this is synonymous with abuse and being a slave. 
RABBI DAVID WOLPE has personally tried to tell me I must “sacrifice” my body to him by having sex with him.

He even gave a sermon about the Book of Songs and how you are required to use your body to express yourself. Then he sent me messages to “come away with him,” and paid for a trip and all my expenses to join him at a Jewish conference in New York which I refused. 
I don’t do those things because I do have ETHICS and act with reason and class. More recently he sent me Trump stickers since he knows I am a Trump supporter. I could go on and on and the Sinai Temple Lawyers, The Rabbinical Assembly in NY and many others know about these behaviors and his hacking too but have done nothing for years.

It appears RABBI DAVID WOLPE is PAID TO BEHAVE CRIMINALLY and UNETHICALLY so he and they can profit from stealing the assets of loving, law-abiding Mothers while inflicting them with the abuse, terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation.

This is horror, not Judaism as any sane, reasonable person knows.
This is what happens to a wonderful, honest, individual who reasonably refuses to “SACRIFICE HERSELF” and become part of the JEWISH CULT OF CORRUPTION AND ABUSE.

They will try to destroy you but in the process, they make the truth clearer and clearer as they DESTROY THEMSELVES and others in their Cult.
***I am so grateful since 1985, I have stood up to this JEWISH CULT OF CORRUPTION AND ABUSE and as a result I am very proud of myself for all of the important accomplishments I have made and the important changes I have made to the Law and Humanity and how I have grown tremendously in many important ways.
I also want to mention that when you google my website; part of the photo of myself with my three children is blocked out because my husband, working with RABBI DAVID WOLPE, hacked and made this change.

My husband has no legal right to request this on behalf of MY ADULT CHILDREN, which is just another act of Parental Alienation and all the control. 
My Children never requested this change. 
I usually post this same photo at the end of my posts so you can see it there.

Rabbi David Wolpe won’t remove his illegal blocking of the photo; again this is typical of people who abuse, terrorize, torture and oppress others.

Like I have said, give them enough rope and watch them hang themselves and from my seat, they continue to do a great job as they are provided with more and more opportunities.

Truth, Love and God are prevailing “bigly” or Big League.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).





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