Brief summary using: 1) PRESIDENT TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS WAR actions and; 2) Recent Emails to MARK HASSMAN with his JOINT Tax Returns of many years and other documents; 3) MY CHILDREN’S unreasonable and unnatural behavior for twelve (12) years now; 4) ALL showing that the EPIDEMIC TERROR WORLDWIDE called Parental Alienation is INTENTIONALLY continuing. Why? Considered BUSINESS and/or POLITICS by wealthy, well educated, influential MEN in America? 4) Doesn’t anyone feel sorry for mine and millions of other Children and their Parents too?

PRESIDENT TRUMP said this WAR on the CORONAVIRUS is a time to “Treasure our loved ones.”
1) Have the MILLIONS WORLDWIDE who are secretly PROFITING from and/or PROMOTING Parental Alienation become so HEARTLESS that they STILL think the reasonable CORONAVIRUS advice of “treasuring our loved ones” doesn’t apply to them? OR:
Do they think this TERROR against Mothers, their Children of all ages, and some Fathers too is: i) BUSINESS AS USUAL and/or ii) POLITICS?
2) Do you think AMERICAN PRESIDENT TRUMP is UNAWARE, yes unaware, of this WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of TERROR called Parental Alienation, despite MILLIONS of Photos; Lawsuits; Reports by Doctors and Therapists; Books; and other IRREFUTABLE Records and Documents which prove this WORLDWIDE TERROR has been DESTROYING for DECADES, yes decades, Family; Love; Truth; Freedom; Equal Rights; Judaism, Christianity, and other religions and; Liberty and Justice for All as a Way of Life?
In other words, even though AMERICAN PRESIDENT TRUMP has ACKNOWLEDGED that America has a RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM; why hasn’t he addressed this very important problem since HE KNOWS, as a very successful and experienced Businessman, that THE FAIR and REASONABLE EXECUTION of the LAWS of a COUNTRY FORMS ITS PRINCIPLES and WAY OF LIFE for ITS CITIZENS?
Accordingly, PRESIDENT TRUMP knows America was founded as a DEMOCRACY based upon EQUAL RIGHTS and LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. However, HIS ACTIONS clearly suggest that he thinks Democracy and American Laws DO NOT EXTEND to Mothers, their Children and some Fathers too and therefore IT IS PERMISSIBLE to TERRORIZE THEM with acts of Parental Alienation instead of reasonably, compassionately and responsibly using his education, experiences and influence to END IT?
Further, does PRESIDENT TRUMP think he is ABOVE THE LAW so he can PRETEND that the epidemic problem of Terror called PARENTAL ALIENATION either: 1) doesn’t exist; 2) is considered BUSINESS as Usual and/or; 3) is considered POLITICS?
With that being said, below are two (2) recent emails sent to MARK HASSMAN along with his financial and other information which CONTINUE to clearly suggests that he too believes Democracy and American Laws DO NOT EXTEND to Mothers, their Children and some Fathers too and therefore IT IS PERMISSIBLE to TERRORIZE THEM with acts of Parental Alienation instead of reasonably, compassionately and responsibly using his education, experiences and influence to END IT?
Please note that MARK HASSMAN is a:
1) JEWISH father born in 1954;
2) Harvard business school graduate;
3) Certified Public Accountant with decades of financial business and accounting experiences including;
4) Chief Financial Officer of many businesses in America (as well as off shore and in a few other countries) where he handled real estate mergers and acquisitions and other financial and business transactions;
5) Who during a marriage of over twenty (20) years his U.S. JOINT TAX RETURNS from the last six (6) years of his marriage (2003-2008 which includes the 2008 real estate recession) show on line 22, over $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS in INCOME ONLY, which DOES NOT INCLUDE profits from the sale of Businesses; Partnerships; Partnership and Corporation Income; Capital Gains; Rental Income; Trust Income; Annuities; Pensions; Investments; Profit Sharing; Retirement Accounts; Savings Accounts; Interest Accumulations; Ordinary Dividends; Tax Refunds or Credits; and other income sources ALONG WITH an
6) INCOME AND EXPENSE DECLARATION in MARK HASSMAN’S HANDWRITING and SIGNED UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY showing the spouses had VERY FEW DEBTS, so THEREFORE they did not have or need ANY STUDENT LOANS; and no one paid any of their expenses;
[Again they did not HAVE OR NEED ANY STUDENT LOANS and we had college accounts set up for them too].
7) A letter from a divorce attorney showing MARK HASSMAN, (who with all of his business education and experiences was the spouse who reasonably handled the marital finances), had SECRETLY received $2.5 MILLION dollars ($2,500,000) for the Community Estate (meaning it belonged to both spouses) while the divorce proceeding were going on. Disgracefully, to this day; he has kept this money and the “Rigged Legal System” will not rectify this and MORE IMPORTANTLY will not rectify the very well-documented Parental Alienation and many other acts of CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT, AND IMMORAL ACTIVITY.
Here are the two (2) recent emails sent to MARK HASSMAN who:
1) Shamefully beyond words, STILL REFUSES for twelve (12) years now to
2) Reasonably, compassionately and responsibly RESPOND;
3) Thereby clearly proving that he INTENTIONALLY and MALICIOUSLY CONTINUES to promote the very well-documented Parental Alienation which
4) He created and implemented twelve (12) years ago as many experts, documents and court hearings have proven;
5) Even though he could easily and immediately END this Terror as these emails explain.
from: Sara Hassman <>
to: Mark Hassman <>
date: Mar 20, 2020, 9:18 PM
subject: Trump has waived payment of student loans due to Coronavirus
Mark, would you please email me the email addresses of our three children. I want to make sure that I tell them that for at least the next 2 months, they do not have to pay their student loans.
[Please note: Once the Parental Alienation began, Mark Hassman ordered the children to take out at least 27 student loans so he could have “fast cash” even though we reasonably and responsibly had college accounts set up for them].
(Email continues)
Maybe you can encourage them to start listening to some of my wisdom and be open to receiving my compassion too, WHICH IS NATURAL FOR CHILDREN TO WANT.
Mark, please stop taking your own frustrations out on them. Why not let me help all of you, even possibly financially soon. Why not?
Many thanks (in advance as you like to say).
from: Sara Hassman <>
to: Mark Hassman <>
date: Mar 21, 2020, 9:25 AM
subject: I tried to warn you since I knew somehow
Mark, I knew you were being tested (by GOD) and tried to tell you not to miss this opportunity to redeem yourself. So now unfortunately I believe, expect bad things to happen to you. You still have some time to send me our children’s email addresses and end this terror of Parental Alienation which you created as overwhelming facts prove and you know anyway.
It is very sick, evil and unfortunate that you act like you can disregard GOD and also destroy love and not care. WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO LIE TO ME TOO TELLING ME WITH YOUR HACKING OF SONGS that you love me because if you did, as my email said; you would send me our children’s email addresses AND encourage them to communicate with me in honest, civil ways and restore our companionship as you know they naturally and reasonably want to do after 12 years now.
Expect to be punished for your actions as this world is changing in major ways with this CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE which many believe has been brought on by GOD.
[End of emails]
Unfortunately for Our Children, Myself and MARK HASSMAN TOO; he did not respond to my emails and the PARENTAL ALIENATION of (12) twelve years now, unnaturally, unreasonably and pathetically continues.
Also, it is a MIRACLE that I have been able to recover from this terror since I was reasonably sick for five (5) years with seizures. I KNOW GOD is walking by my side because otherwise; I would not have recovered and also my legal education, skills and wonderful experiences I had clerking for honest, compassionate and very wise JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS would have never returned.
In addition, it is a MIRACLE the wisdom of my wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN returned to me too. He was very proud of me especially after I graduated law school and passed the very difficult bar exam the very first time I took it. To show how proud he was, my wonderful GRANDFATHER BEN gave me his beautiful gold pocket watch and chain and had it specially engraved for me which I cherish greatly today.
When my wonderful Grandfather gave me his watch he told me with great passion that Adolph Hitler could take everything from us but our good values and good character and that I must always use my legal wisdom, experiences and compassion to defend NOT ONLY MY OWN VERY IMPORTANT LEGAL RIGHTS but also the VERY IMPORTANT LEGAL RIGHTS of OTHERS who are UNABLE to defend themselves.
I did not realize at that time what my Grandfather was teaching me was the very HOLY JEWISH COMMANDMENT of Tikkun Olam.
This is a commandment which GOD gave the JEWS, demanding that they use their education, skills and experiences along with their compassion to help GOD heal the world. We do this by carrying out JUST ONE RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS AT A TIME.
As my life proves, including the past twelve (12) years where I have used my legal wisdom, experiences and compassion to PEACEFULLY fight against this TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION; I have proudly done what MY RIGHTEOUS JEWISH GRANDFATHER taught me.
Accordingly, I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR MY CHILDREN who are now adults for two (2) reasons:
1) Since our loving and enriching Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship was horrifically destroyed twelve (12) years ago due to MONEY and GREED by their father and others who disgracefully went along with his Evil and Immorality
and ;
2) Since I raised them to be and they WERE very responsible and caring but NOW THEY CONTINUE TO REFUSE to even email me for twelve (12) years to End this terror of Parental Alienation for themselves WHICH WOULD ALSO lead the way for millions of others to follow?
Also, leading the way for others to follow is how I raised MY CHILDREN as MY GRANDFATHER BEN taught me and my HONEST AND LOVING ACTIONS of my entire life prove. Like my Grandfather Ben, I am proud of my actions which prove I am a righteous Jewish person like he was.
I hope one day, someone will pick up where I have left off so this WORLDWIDE TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION will end and NEVER AGAIN happen.

by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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