Bringing About Policy and Legal Changes

Trying to cause policy and legal changes often is not a question of helping people understand the issues; it is often more a question of forcing people to realize the changes are important for THEM.

For example, most people understand that it is almost always in the best interest of children of all ages to have a kind, respectful and honest relationship with BOTH of their divorced parents; not only one. This is especially true when their loving Mother (father) is known for her good values and character.

However, many leaders, organizations and relatives refuse to acknowledge parental alienation and help reunite the loving Mother (father) with their children and even help them start communicating again because it is more PROFITABLE for them if they take the side of the wealthy, influential alienating parent.
These people have many issues themselves which they have never resolved.
As a result, they do not do what is moral and just. Instead they do what they believe is more profitable even if this causes them to suffer from being ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES and having more and more shame buried in their subconscious.

Corrupt, manipulative people try to make others look like they are the wrong ones and blame others for all of their problems since they try to portray themselves as “perfect.”
***This brings them even more shame since they KNOW they are lying to themselves.

***However, since we can only control OURSELVES and not what others do; it is important to understand what DRIVES others if you want to bring about important changes.

Since I have seen this corruption all of my life with my own family and now with my ex-husband; I can tell you what drives these corrupt people, whether they call themselves an executive, rabbi, priest, director or some other misleading title; people like this are motivated by one thing: Money.

They all care about is money and this is what they worship. It is really sick. They are so obsessed with money that they can’t ever really relax and enjoy life. They are always thinking about their next deal or their next manipulation or scheme.

Some may also care a little about their legacy but they all care about Money. With the Money comes their Power and Control. But without their money, they cannot survive in their corrupt world because they will lose their power and control. They don’t want to change so they will do whatever it takes to remain in their leadership position in their corrupt world.

Remember, YOU CANNOT REASON WITH THESE CORRUPT PEOPLE because they are a form of Terrorist like ISIS. They are narcissists and many are also sociopaths.

You either do what they want or they will harass you and try to intimidate you. This is what they constantly try to do to me because I am bringing out the truth about Parental Alienation. I am not following their corrupt party line and they don’t like that; even if what I am doing is enforcing our laws and helping millions of loving parents and their children of all ages. These corrupt people only care about themselves and their money.

I am an Individual and they like collective people who will follow their group WITHOUT THINKING. I think and do not blindly follow orders. They like people who will sell their soul and become walking robots or their slaves and just follow their orders. I will never do that.

They don’t care if what they do is illegal or harms others.
They don’t care about laws because they think they are so powerful and entitled that they do not have to follow laws. They make up their own laws and do what they want. They just want to corrupt others and use them for their own benefits. They think they are ENTITLED to do this. It is pure evil and corruption.
***They are really delusional and don’t see reality. They only see what they want to see.

So, if you want to get people and the leaders of these types of organizations to change their policies; you have to hit them where it hurts. Since they only care about money; you have to make it PROFITABLE for them to start talking about parental alienation or DETRIMENTAL for them to continue to ignore parental alienation.

I have dealt with these people all my life and you cannot reason with them and they do not want to get rid of their shame, insecurities and corrupt, harmful ways.
All they understand is money, money, money.

With that being said; I am working to bring about policy and legal changes to stop parental alienation from reoccurring. I believe in many more things than money and many things I love, money can’t even buy like true love, respect, kindness and compassion for others; like my wonderful Children and millions like them suffering from Parental Alienation or whatever you would like to call this emotional torture when at the time of divorce the special Mother/Child (father/child) bond is destroyed.
To have these emotions and be empowered to make our world a better place; money can’t buy. That comes from love, self respect, empathy and having an iron will to do what is moral and just.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;



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