Browning’s famous poem “Childe Roland” and NOT having BLIND LOYALTY and other secrets to having Peace of Mind in a Corrupt Environment

Browning’s famous poem “Childe Roland” and NOT having BLIND LOYALTY. Also, other secrets to having peace of mind and being PROUD of the values you stand for while surrounded by liars, manipulators and abusers. Being EMPOWERED not fearful of them.

As Robert Browning’s famous poem; “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” explains; a person must be able to be an INDIVIDUAL and not become part of the group of collective fools or be forced to follow a father or someone else who lies, manipulates and harms others. A person must not have BLIND LOYALTY and do what they are told WITHOUT question. Instead a person must lead with their heart but remember to take their brain with them and ASK QUESTIONS.

Also, remember to expect to make mistakes but learn from them. Wise people have made many mistakes in life but have learned from them along with those of others they know and historical figures they have read about.

A person or a collective group of fools who demand that you follow their beliefs blindly have deprived you of your INDIVIDUALITY have also deprived you of your HOPE and your DREAMS. Thus, you have ALLOWED yourself to become their robot or puppet; with an empty mind and empty soul. This is evil as Robert Browning explains in his poem.

Thus, you first must be OBJECTIVE and analyze YOURSELF… are you honest, do you blindly follow the collective foolish crowd or a lying, manipulating father who makes you afraid to express your INDIVIDUAL thoughts? 
Remember a parent can rule from the grave too so just because your father may have died means you still can believe he can do no wrong and you must follow his corrupt and unreasonable beliefs.

As Browning explains, to have EMOTIONAL MATURITY you must understand that your conscience or behavior does not have to be that of your lying and corrupt father or foolish collective group of friends or others. You need to BREAK this harmful ATTACHMENT where you FALSELY think you are not allowed to have your own INDEPENDENT thoughts and feelings AND ALSO be free to EXPRESS THEM.

As Browning explains, the knight believes he is on this duty-bound journey where he is committed to this way of life and cannot deviate from it even though he has no pleasure from it and wants to do other things. Remember you have FREEDOM to choose your own journey.

Browning explains that a person should EXPECT and NOT BE AFRAID if the lying, corrupt father or collective group of fools tries to shame and disgrace you because you express your INDEPENDENT THOUGHTS and REFUSE to accept their lying, corrupt, abusive and unreasonable way of life.

***The lying, manipulative, corrupt father and collective group of fools will try to make you feel like you have BETRAYED THEM but they have BETRAYED THEMSELVES. This is why THEY are failures and the knight is a success. They could have exercised their FREE WILL and made better CHOICES for themselves but did not.
The knight LEARNED from his and others’ failures and made a better, positive life for himself because he used his free will to make better choices for himself.

***Those lying, manipulating fools who had BLIND LOYALTY were complete failures and only had themselves to blame. They could have embraced positive changes for themselves and left the collective group of fools.

Thus, I am fighting the collective group of fools who lie, manipulate and are corrupt as my divorce judgment and many other public records show. I have a legal right to have a legal, not a fraudulent, divorce and have a legal right to continue my relationship with my children and not be faced with parental alienation.

Thus, this is the CURRENT DAY CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT…to have a legal divorce and a right to continue your relationship with your children instead of being forced to suffer from parental alienation.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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