Can the FAMILY UNIT thrive today under the current interpretations and applications of our laws by Judges like CLAUDIA SILBAR who preside over divorce proceedings and Judges like ELIZABETH WHITE who preside over the civil court proceedings?

Can the FAMILY UNIT thrive today under the current interpretations and applications of our laws by Judges like CLAUDIA SILBAR who preside over divorce proceedings and Judges like ELIZABETH WHITE who preside over the civil court proceedings intended to rectify the harms caused by an unlawful and invalid divorce contract resulting from Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Fraud, Intentional Misrepresentation and Interference of a Contractual Relations and other causes of action?

Many laws, reasonable religions and reasonable people support that:

1) Marriage is a sacred relationship based upon trust and love;

2) Marriage is not a convenient means of satisfying passions and material needs while abusing trust and love including destroying the sacred bond between a loving, law-abiding Mother (father) and her Children. (Destroying this sacred bond is a form of abuse called Parental Alienation.[])

3) Family is a very important part of a marriage and to destroy a family unit based upon lies, manipulations and greed with the intent to obtain money, power, control and material goods is extremely unconscionable and immoral. As history has shown, those who were honest and fervently stood up to immoral, abusive, lying, manipulating people grew in many positive ways like those in the Hebrew tribes of Benjamin, Manasseh and in the family of Korah while the liars, cheaters and manipulators suffered many losses like those in the Hebrew tribe of Ephraim.

As we are approaching Easter and Passover it is appropriate to mention that reasonable religions and reasonable people understand that it is important to ALWAYS be an honest vehicle to help others of all ages grow in positive ways thereby making our world a better place for all honest, kind, compassionate people.

A reasonable person understands that he or she is not supposed to tell lies or influence others so these others looking to them for guidance become immoral and even criminal; especially towards those in their own family like their own loving, law-abiding Mother (father). This behavior is intentionally and maliciously leading others ASTRAY which is forbidden by any reasonable religion and any reasonable person. 
The laws apply EQUALLY to women, children and men in the United States and Children should not be taught that they are “entitled” to violate the law because they are special or to “sacrifice themselves” for their father or anyone else. 
This is a serious lie and also abuse.

A reasonable person understands that the children are NOT supposed to be used to “profit” from divorce so that:
1) Child Support does not have to be paid because the law-abiding Mother is unlawfully deprived of custody and visitation;

2) Civil Restraining Orders should not be requested and then issued by the judge against the law-abiding Mother (father) without any legal or rational basis or based upon a fraudulent report from the judge’s court-appointed therapist so that the Mother also cannot attend her Children’s graduations and other celebrations and events if the lying, cheating, manipulative husband/father and his mistress are present.

3) Assets and Income can be hidden and stolen from the law-abiding Mother (father) much easier because she is severely suffering from being alienated from her Children as experts as well as HITLER have proven usually happens. []

Reasonable, Responsible Adults admit the harms they have caused and compensate those they have harmed which are what our laws demand and reasonable religions teach. This important responsibility is part of the EASTER and PASSOVER services and applies to the clergy and other religious leaders as well.

At the same time Reasonable, Responsible Adults also realize they must move forward by embracing the next challenge they are faced with so they can continue to grow themselves while making our world a better place for honest, kind and compassionate people. This is why I continue to hold these Judges responsible along with Religious Organizations, Schools, Law Firms, the Court-Appointed Therapist, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, my Husband and his Mistress.

I want to especially thank the lawyer JOAN E. TRIMBLE of the law firm CALLAHAN, THOMPSON, SHERMAN & CAUDILL, LLP; she is either very corrupt or very ignorant, but ignorance is not a defense of the law, especially for a lawyer and the law firm she is part of.

I received in the mail this lawyer’s Notice Designating the Record on Appeal on behalf of this firm she is employed with since my case is in the Court of Appeal now. 
***Joan E. Trimble designated all the judgments, demurrers, tentative rulings, motions to strike and other documents for the record which show the intent of all the defendants to violate the law and cause me harm since they know or should know that before there can be a legal and valid divorce contract the net worth (value) of the community estate and its distribution must be established and it clearly wasn’t. 
Further, the divorce contract clearly shows I was deprived of many Legal and Constitutional rights.

***It becomes clearer and clearer that all the defendants including these two judges believe I do not have any Legal and Constitutional rights so that I don’t even deserve to have a valid divorce and consequently I am still married and don’t deserve any property from my marriage or to be compensated for the serious harms I have incurred and still incur.

To make matters worse for the defendants; not one defendant will step forward and help me rectify my fraudulent divorce contract, including the Religious Organizations or a Religious Leader which received SECRET contributions by my husband of MY money and property for their 501(c)(3) agreements without my knowledge and consent.

As long as we have judges that refuse to be reasonable, responsible and honest and follow the law it will be very difficult for women to receive a legal divorce contract and be compensated for their damages UNTIL I change the laws regarding the secret use of     501(c)(3) agreements to hide and steal assets and income and the laws making Parental Alienation a criminal offense. Then the judges as well as their criminal professional cronies will then be deterred from violating the law and will be more likely to follow it. Their values and character are disgraceful beyond words.

Since I embrace my challenges I am continuing with my agenda of changing these laws. I am thrilled my cases have been consolidated in the CA Court of Appeal and I will keep you posted. I am waiting for the court transcript and notice and then I can file my opening brief. Then the defendants file their brief and then the case can be heard. I am thrilled as more and more of the truth is being revealed daily. Truth, love, justice and I also believe God will prevail. Just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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