Can the spouse who controlled the assets keep millions for himself, share them with others and say they were “netted out?”

Can you believe this???

Boy, I cannot wait to hear my “insolvent” ex-husband explain to the CRIMINAL JURY how millions of dollars of concealed companies, homes and many other assets were “netted out” so that HE TOOK THEM ALL and is “sharing” them with others.

Around the time my ex-husband was applying for Federal student loans based on “need” and now claims he does not have any assets, any retirement, savings, pensions plans and is “insolvent” even though there are millions of dollars of concealed assets and the last 6 years of our marriage in income ONLY on our joint tax returns (not including trusts, investments, retirement accounts, savings), which includes the years of the recession; we showed over $2.5 million dollars on our joint tax returns for income Only.

Here is a comment my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN published in the Harvard Business School Alumni magazine for his Harvard buddies in December 2009 which was right after the divorce;

“…The recession leaves little room to make excuses about lack of time to work out. I’ve got a sprint event on Catalina Island soon….”

So despite the recession, my now “insolvent” ex-husband was off to races after the divorce with his $3,000 racing bike while applying for Federal student loans based on “need.”

Legal or a FEDERAL crime?

He has over $210,000 in student loans (this is not a typo, over $210,000) so what do you think he is doing with the money until it becomes due? Now that he is “insolvent;” he has left my Children with the responsibility of paying it all back. What a guy!!! But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I hope you learn from my mistake and don’t trust MARK F. HASSMAN, my ex-husband who is a CPA, CFO, Financial Consultant and Harvard Business School grad with YOUR money since he was the one who controlled our community estate and concealed many companies, trusts and the trust assets worth many millions. Even right before the divorce he concealed a $916,000 distribution, a $455,500 distribution and millions of dollars worth of other community assets discussed in court and on public record on April 2, 2014, June 11, 2014 and at other times too. Therefore, these millions of dollars of concealed assets were not distributed to me.

WHO do you think took these millions of dollars worth of homes, trust assets, retirement accounts, savings and other community assets?

My ex is trying to make the District Attorney believe that I am harassing HIM because I questioned him and others about these and other financial issues when HE has violated the law by concealing assets and income. Wow!

***My “insolvent” delusional ex-husband will have to make the CRIMINAL JURY believe that he can violate the law but I can’t gather the information needed to rectify his violations and disclose the concealed assets I know about and others I don’t but; trying to disclose as the LAW REQUIRES.

In addition, do you know it is a CRIME to accuse someone of a crime they did not commit?

***My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, a CPA, Harvard CFO and Financial Consultant along with his cold hearted wife, MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and others apparently think I don’t have a RIGHT to this information even though the law says I do and HE violated the law by concealing this information and the assets. They also think they can use DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS, to keep me from my Children, even though I have had a clean record my entire life. So, WHO is REALLY committing Domestic Violence???

IGNORANCE IS NOT A DEFENSE OF THE LAW, even for a CPA, Chief Financial Officer who graduated from Harvard Business School and thinks his “CONNECTIONS” like the Jews and others who are helping him conceal these assets will use their “connections” to allow HIM and THEM to keep MY assets.
What do you think the criminal jury will think?

When I questioned my ex-husband about these assets I know about and the money the stipulated judgment said I was supposed to receive but didn’t; he said it was


****** Boy, I cannot wait to hear him explain to the jury how millions of dollars of concealed companies, homes and many other assets were “netted out” so that HE TOOK THEM ALL and is “sharing” them with these others along with some other monies.*******
Should be interesting.

*****I also can’t wait to hear him explain how my emails sent to him regarding these important issues and other important issues that he thinks were “NETTED OUT” were “HARASSMENT” and warranted my DELUSIONAL ex-husband and his DELUSIONAL cold hearted new wife to file DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS against me instead of REASONABLY answering the questions so we can resolve these financial matters. Also, why his Newport Beach Family law firm agreed to request the restraining order on his behalf when I have a perfect record and I am requesting LEGAL information I am ENTITLED to.

Why didn’t my Family law firms both pre and post judgment object, either? Why aren’t they now trying to help me rescind these restraining orders and also rectify my fraudulent divorce where some signed off on the stipulated judgment?Do they have some of the millions of dollars of assets that were supposed to be distributed to me?*****

These DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS have prevented me from going to my children’s graduations and other events since my “insolvent” ex-husband and his cold hearted  wife are there. (she is also a mother but; she appears heartless as well as brain dead).
So, who is committing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and other criminal offenses here?
Can’t wait to hear what the CRIMINAL JURY will think.

My “insolvent” ex-husband must really be very, very DELUSIONAL since he must think everyone is really stupid and can’t see the facts which are quite clear and many are on public records, tax returns and other official documents HE signed “under the penalty of perjury” and some with his new wife, MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY.

Think this is PERJURY which is a criminal offense?

You would not believe his abusive comments to me in his emails too when I am requesting this financial information. “I’ll bet the farm on that one” and other similar very inappropriate responses made to an ex-wife who was cheated out of receiving millions and deprived of seeing her Children even though she has had a perfect record her entire life. He just makes jokes and still keeps the assets that belong to me.


FOR THE LAW FIRMS INVOLVED: Please do not think you can rely on the Statue of Limitations because for just one explanation I just discovered the fraudulent divorce and these other frauds after the hearing on April 2, 2014 when I forced myself to go through my divorce file and figure it out. Furthermore, by many of my ‘insolvent” ex-husband’s acts he has restarted it too. Also, if any of you or any other law firm or lawyer represents him; remember he is “insolvent” and can’t pay MY spousal support.
Plus, even though his many I& Es claim “others” help pay his expenses and Judge Claudia Silbar stated on the record she THINKS he is lucky to have a wife who works; remember, there is about a $3,000-$4,000 DEFICIT (unverified because he has discovery violations) in his total monthly expenses and the total income he swore to on these declarations.
Furthermore, his wife’s income he stated on these Declarations is unverified and there are several reasons to believe what he stated is not accurate from my perspective; which has become a clear pattern for him as the various dismissed allegations he has made against me, the Private Investigator and others which are on public records and dockets; along with his refusing to disclose information asked in discovery even with a ‘meet and confer.’ Just want to let you know so I highly recommend you mitigate your damages and rectify my fraudulent divorce and DISTRIBUTE to me the millions of dollars of concealed assets that some of you were hired to disclose due to your duty of due diligence which you breached as many public records show.
Please be reasonable and stop with the games and the acts of intimidation or just ignoring your legal obligations thinking you won’t be held accountable. Just email me with any reasonable suggestions as I am always open to reasonable solutions; not more lies, games and concealment of assets. Many thanks.***

Anyway, I suggested not trusting my “insolvent” ex-husband with money but I thought he would make a good dog walker.

I WONDER IF THEY HAVE DOGS IN JAIL because it seriously looks like that is where he is going and maybe with others too. It is a serious criminal offense to commit perjury, force a minor Child to live outside on a bare mattress without any covers which greatly upsets me every time I think of this. Do you know this MINOR CHILD HAS A HEART CONDITION!!! This is pure evil which I am very hopeful the jury will see; especially when they see ALL the photos and emails regarding how they forced him to live.

Aside from my fraudulent divorce, I have Obstruction of Justice on several counts, Abuse of various kinds aside from Parental Alienation and many more criminal offenses that the jury will decide on.
Should be interesting.

But he is probably off to another race on Catalina Island and can’t be bothered with these details and will just say they have been “netted out.”

Then he is off to his HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL REUNION, but he is “insolvent” and can’t pay my support!!!
***However, somehow, I was advised by several Law Firms to sign the Stipulated Judgment and no one since, even other Law Firms involved in post judgment hearings have refused to even acknowledge the fraudulent divorce let alone help me rectify it.
Legal? Ethical?
What do you think the jury will think? Think they have some of my millions?
Think he thought he would intimidate me or I would be like his new bobble head wife and say “okay dear, whatever you say dear” and walk away and not use my brain and forget my Children and my millions of dollars that belong to me?

***Well, he guessed wrong and so did those who have helped him conceal these assets, reclassify them and remove them from trusts WHILE I WAS HAVING SEIZURES OR RECOVERING FROM THEM. I am not intimidated by his and others lies and schemes as most people may be. I am even more empowered.
I also have the goods to PROVE the truth and so do others.

The jury trial is next month so I can’t wait to hear how all these millions were “NETTED OUT” and how by me asking these questions I have “HARASSED HIM” and OTHERS who also have a LEGAL OBLIGATION to disclose this information to me. This is just the tip of the iceberg so this criminal jury trial should be very interesting.

You will probably be called to testify so don’t worry. Just state the truth and you know never, ever to perjure yourself because that is a crime.
I am well prepared and don’t think, like your father and others, that you will fool me.
You won’t.
I promise so don’t even think about it.
Why would you?
I will ask you the questions that need to be asked to resolve these issues and I know you know right from wrong because I raised you.
I told you; I stand for truth and justice and I am going to end this Parental Alienation or whatever you would like to call this sudden end of our relationships around the time of the divorce which is very well documented. I will also get my millions whether you want to believe they just disappeared as your father has tried to make IRS, those who grant federal student loans, EDD, Judge Claudia Silbar and others believe.
*** You should know better now to believe the lies and if you don’t it is time to grow up and see the truth.

***You are all young adults and I am sorry your father has placed all of us in this position but as responsible adults we must deal with it responsibility. Otherwise, you will be full of shame and lack self-esteem for your entire life or until you decide to face these issues. The criminal jury trial will be the perfect time to grow up and see the truth and be proud of ACKNOWLEDGING IT SO OTHERS CAN LEARN AND BE HELPED too from our experiences.

So why is it you alienated me since the time of the divorce and think I should never be part of your life again?
***What did I do that was so terrible since I am known for my good character and clean record my entire life?
Are you being reasonable or acting without thinking rationally?
Your choices define you so I hope you choose to answer reasonably and don’t let others MANIPULATE YOU with lies.
Have you gone to a therapist who will keep your sessions confidential? If not, why?
Well, it is your life, I am just trying to guide you with my wisdom and knowledge and I have a lot of that whether you are able to recognize it yet. It is time to grow up and clearly understand the truth.

****I will expose the truth, whether you still want to believe the lies will be YOUR PREROGATIVE. I know how smart, honest, moral and reasonable all of you used to be before the divorce.
I hope you choose to remain that way or transform back.

Love always, Mom

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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