Cate School, my ex-husband and his new wife allowed my Son to live in an Abusive Situation and I could not change it

Here are some emails and photos showing how my wonderful Son who was a minor at the time was forced to live in an abusive situation by my ex-husband, his new born again Christian wife, the California Boarding High School called CATE SCHOOL and others. Even a Rabbi refused to help me try to rectify the situation by making a telephone call. Think this could be due to some charitable donations?
This first email was sent after Parent’s weekend when I became aware of this horrible situation.

To the Cate School Headmaster Ben Williams and David Mochel the Dormitory Headmaster:

“I noticed my Son does not have a bed and instead is sleeping on this old filthy love seat. He can’t stretch out and plus, he does not have sheets. Instead he put a foam cushion on top of the love seat. He does have a mattress outside on his balcony.
Please let me know how much additional it cost for him to have a bed.
I would like him to have a bed as soon as possible. HE ALREADY HAD THE FLU ONCE THIS YEAR and I am sure a nice clean bed with clean sheets where he can stretch out would be helpful.” Many thanks.

BEFORE THE DIVORCE which was before our Mother/Son relationship was destroyed; my Son always slept in a bed and had a nice clean room was selected to be the student dorm leader and had many leadership positions.
***He is a very reasonable child and would not sleep in these horrible conditions or deprive himself of the new laptop computer and printer I bought him unless he was being forced or threatened. Before the divorce, my minor Son did what was in his best interest ESPECIALLY DUE TO THE HEART CONDITION HE HAS.

***My Son’s heart condition and his restrictions are part of his medical records and my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN and also CATE SCHOOL are aware of them.

So with that in mind, here is the response I received from the
Headmaster of CATE SCHOOL Ben Williams:
“The dorm faculty members have been in steady conversation with xxxxxx(your son) about his preferred sleeping arrangement. We will continue to work with him on the subject but will not be more prescriptive than that.”

My response:
I am sure if you tell xxxxx he must sleep in a clean bed on a mattress with clean sheets I am almost absolutely sure he will cooperate. Let’s say I am wrong and he is resistant; doesn’t CATE SCHOOL have certain living standards that must be adhered to whether a student likes it or not? Do you have many other students with similar sleeping arrangements? Sincerely.

(Incidentally, as their School Handbook states, “The School does not allow students to replace the school-provided desk, BED, or drawers.” So the CATE SCHOOL headmaster, other administrators and my ex-husband knew or should have known they were knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily violating school policies and health regulations to allow my minor Son’s dormitory arrangement).

***Many documents show my ex-husband took out a student loan to pay approximately $50,000 of after tax dollars a year to allow our Son to have the PRIVILEGE of living in this abusive Boarding High School situation.

***I was never able to resolve this abusive dorm situation and here is an email I sent to my ex-husband and his response.

I emailed my ex-husband: A clean warm bed is a necessity!!! Where are your senses?

This is what my ex-husband responded: Let it go. He slept outside during his Sophomore year at Cate School as well, so this is nothing new. (Can you understand why I developed seizures and was suffering from emotional abuse and emotional torture and I still am coping with it along with my Children whether they realize it or not?)

Here is an email I sent to my EX-HUSBAND’S NEW WIFE thinking because she is a religious born again Christian; she would want to help me resolve the abusive dorm situation which she also saw on Parents’ Weekend.
I never received a response and she requested a restraining order against me, even though I have had a perfect record my entire life of over 50 years so I could never email her again and also if she is at my Children’s graduation or other celebrations, I can’t attend.

Think these acts of hers show she is “religious” or that she is committing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE of her step-son, INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE and OTHER OFFENSES.
Many documents signed “under the penalty of perjury show” my minor Son and my Daughter too have been forced to pay this new wife’s household expenses while they were away at college and had their own expenses. It was a significant amount too of over $500 a month that my Son and Daughter were forced to pay for this new wife’s household expenses.

Well, here is the email I sent her which she responded by getting a restraining order against me. Reasonable or do you think this shows some psychological or emotional sickness? Here is my email:

Please tell me the truth… were any of my children
sexually abused at Cate? I questioned this before but in light of the Penn State scandal, it has been reported that sexual abuse is going on at Boarding schools also.
Please have the empathy to tell me so if in fact this is the situation, I need to get my children help and also others to avoid this happening again.
Why won’t a Born Again Christian want to comply with such a request?
Many thanks,

Rabbi David Wolpe at Sinai Temple refused to make a telephone call to help me resolve this situation too. Think this could have anything to do with agreements Sinai Temple in Los Angeles or other Jewish Organizations have made with my ex-husband?

***The Jews have been known for decades to knowingly, intelligently, voluntarily, outrageously, intentionally and maliciously
destroy the special Mother/Son and Mother/Daughter relationship at the time of divorce in exchange for monetary and other favors as the acclaimed author Stephen Fried wrote about,[ ]

Think this is child abuse, involuntary servitude and other offenses the Rabbis and JEWISH Organizations have been committing for decades or do you think this is “religious”?

I am glad I have recovered enough from my seizures and emotional abuse to understand the truth and bring it out so we can stop millions of precious Children of all ages from being abused and separated from their loving MOTHER at the time of divorce while some very psychologically and emotionally sick people call it “religious” and others think it is part of a great Boarding High School experience.

***Would you pay approximately $50,000 a year of after tax dollars to allow your minor Son to live in this environment at CATE SCHOOL a California Boarding High School?
Think CATE SCHOOL should lose their accreditation and be sanctioned?

If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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