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Soon I will write about the TV cameras, military helicopter and other wonderful things I saw in my Israeli neighborhood. In the meantime, be GRATEFUL you are away from your ADULT Alienated Children because…

Do you think you have kind, caring and honest children if they don’t even contact you during this coronavirus plague and war? When it is over people like this only care about what you can give them and how you can help them; not about you. What... (more...)

A Parental Alienation Scheme I just became aware of which explains why millions of Children, ESPECIALLY ADULT CHILDREN unnaturally and unreasonably have been alienating their loving Mother or Father for many years. Also, the amazing things Israel is doing to combat the coronavirus and some of my delicious ethnic dishes.

This Parental Alienation Scheme I recently became aware of involves, MAKING a PACT or AGREEMENT with the Children which initially makes the alienated Children feel special. They have their own “secret club” or “secret gang” like in the movies. Since... (more...)

Please note, my internet connect does not always work so If you try to email, text or call me; I may not be able to respond right away but; I am not ignoring you.

From time to time I may post some photos and describe some of the fun, interesting and important things I am doing during this Coronavirus pandemic and please feel free to post a comment about what you are doing too. All the best and love to everyone... (more...)

Here is just one of many reasons I love my new life in Israel among loving, caring, responsible people who are PROUDLY VOCAL and NOT SILENT when their ISRAELI LEADERS REFUSE TO UPHOLD DEMOCRACY. An unprecedented CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS started yesterday here in Israel.

It is very interesting to witness this and also compare it with Americans who comprise a silent, uncaring and irresponsible society as my overwhelming facts prove. In addition, the Israeli media is much more objective and informative than the American... (more...)

Wow! This Coronavirus Plague/War is exposing more of the TRUTH as the email below I just sent to my mother shows. For years, she; my sister; and my deceased father were illegally using my social security number to evade taxes. In order to clear my records with the IRS, when I found out about their scheme in 1985; I had to sue them and their attorney since they refused to stop.

Life shows that my Mother and Sister never learned their lesson given by honest and wise JUDGE DANA LEVITZ in 1985 since now, thirty-five (35) years later; they are promoting the criminal and immoral acts of Parental Alienation created by MARK HASSMAN,... (more...)

Brief summary using: 1) PRESIDENT TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS WAR actions and; 2) Recent Emails to MARK HASSMAN with his JOINT Tax Returns of many years and other documents; 3) MY CHILDREN’S unreasonable and unnatural behavior for twelve (12) years now; 4) ALL showing that the EPIDEMIC TERROR WORLDWIDE called Parental Alienation is INTENTIONALLY continuing. Why? Considered BUSINESS and/or POLITICS by wealthy, well educated, influential MEN in America? 4) Doesn’t anyone feel sorry for mine and millions of other Children and their Parents too?

PRESIDENT TRUMP said this WAR on the CORONAVIRUS is a time to “Treasure our loved ones.” Accordingly: 1) Have the MILLIONS WORLDWIDE who are secretly PROFITING from and/or PROMOTING Parental Alienation become so HEARTLESS that they STILL think... (more...)

Even during this CORONAVIRUS WAR the behavior of MILLIONS in HUMANITY proves, like the HOLOCAUST atrocities did, that they are capable of carrying out EVIL, IMMORAL and IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR against Humanity as they continue to promote and/or profit from the TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION instead of ENDING IT. Specifically…

MILLIONS of honest, loving Mothers, Fathers, Children, Doctors and others WORLDWIDE have DECADES, yes decades of photos; letters; therapists’ and doctors’ reports; books; lawsuits; emails; greeting cards; and other irrefutable evidence showing Children’s... (more...)

MY CHILDREN, is your father MARK FREDRIK HASSMAN, born April 24, 1954 at the military base in Fort Dix, New Jersey, whose social security number begins with 202; with all of HIS HACKING running an IDENTITY THEFT BUSINESS destroying the lives of people so he can steal their credit card and other financial information to have fast cash? Are you involved? Is this how…

My Children, is this how your father MARK FREDRIK HASSMAN is THREATENING YOU and OTHERS to go along with the Parental Alienation for twelve (12) years now, which is UNNATURAL AND UNREASONABLE as many experts have proven. Going along with the Parental... (more...)

DEAR 1) MY DAUGHTER; then 2) MY SONS and 3) THOSE PROMOTING Parental Alienation: HAVE YOU ALREADY HAD YOUR FATHER’S BABY or the BABY OF SOMEONE HE DEMANDED YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH? Know that you have so much LOVE in your heart and are very CAPABLE of being a wonderful MOTHER. However, TO ALL: BEFORE you can LOVE ANOTHER you must FIRST LOVE YOURSELF meaning: 1) the CHOICES you have made and; 2) your BEHAVIOR and VALUES, what you stand for and what you adamantly refuse to accept because; A person who CREATES and/or SUPPORTS and DOESN’T TRY TO STOP the TERROR of Parental Alienation is incapable of LOVING THEMSELVES and OTHERS as LIFE proves.

My Children, You don’t need to and shouldn’t PLAY A ROLE or have an IMAGE YOUR FATHER or ANYONE ELSE WANTS. Just be yourself; LOVING and HONEST AS I RAISED YOU TO BE and as I and many others KNOW YOU WERE, yes were, BEFORE the VERY WELL-DOCUMENTED... (more...)

TO MY DAUGHTER, if you are PREGNANT WITH YOUR FATHER’S CHILD or someone HE FORCED YOU to have sex with: 1) It is NOT your fault, this is rape and sexual, physical and mental abuse; 2) there can be no consent because INCEST and RAPE are VERY SERIOUS CRIMES; 3) DON’T WORRY, I can help you, don’t be afraid of any threats; 4) NO WONDER YOUR FATHER and OTHERS WANT THE PARENTAL ALIENATION TO CONTINUE; 5) A Child should be brought into this world from LOVE as you and your brothers were.

Sweetheart, I can only imagine what you are going through so just email me in Israel and I can help you. Don’t listen to what abusers and criminals tell you because they obviously do not love you. As my actions have proven; I clearly love you very... (more...)

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