“Chain of Fools” and “Give them enough Rope and Watch them Hang Themselves”

Have you ever heard of the expressions; “A CHAIN OF FOOLS” and “GIVE THEM ENOUGH ROPE AND WATCH THEM HANG THEMSELVES?”

The classic novelists Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Oscar Wilde and others have written about how people allow themselves to be part of a Chain of Fools who have very dysfunctional values; lying, manipulating, abusing and harming others and eventually they “get enough rope to hang themselves” or in other words they believe their own lies and are very delusional that they end up being their own worst enemy and destroying themselves due to THEIR FALSE SENSE OF POWER, ENTITLEMENT AND REALITY.

Well, keep your eyes wide open because this is what seems to be going on with my ex-husband, his new Born Again Christian wife, the Jewish Organizations and their “leaders,” a Church, a California Boarding School, Corporate Executives, Joint Venture Partners, Law Firms, my ex-husband’s mother and others. They refuse to help me rectify my fraudulent divorce and continue to follow my ex-husband who refuses to disclose financial information regarding the community estate and other information that he and they are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to disclose.
So, they are all this “Chain of Fools” who continues to show their CLEAR PATTERN of violating the disclosure and other laws. Also, they think they will not be held accountable which is how they eventually “hang themselves when you give them enough rope.”

They think I will never be able to prove their unlawful acts.
Time will tell and I am bringing it on so I can end the emotional torture called Parental Alienation and my Children and I can renew our relationships.

***Any reasonable person would encourage this reunification and ENCOURAGE COMMUNICATION NOT ALIENATION since I am a loving Mother who has a clean record, has made many wonderful accomplishments and my Children THRIVED when I was their full time caregiver for about 18 years.

MY “INSOLVENT” EX-HUSBAND and THOSE HELPING HIM DESTROY the MOTHER/CHILD BOND and ALSO CONCEAL MY MILLIONS of DOLLARS of community property are obviously very DELUSIONAL for not trying to rectify this emotional torture and their other unlawful acts.

******I will not stand by and watch them continue this abuse and destruction but instead as a compassionate Mother and person who uses my mind, heart and soul; I am rectifying it. THIS IS WHAT A REASONABLE, HONEST, COMPASSIONATE PERSON DOES WHICH IS WHO I AM AND WHAT I STAND FOR. ********

I had some wonderful discussions yesterday with a criminal attorney and others. I needed to think so I went rollerblading by the beach in the sunny weather with the ocean breeze, waves and birds who have such beautiful bird calls and organized my thoughts. Then I brainstormed again and feel very confident that everything will work out beautifully as the “chain of fools” has already begun to “hang themselves.”
I have seen this so many times before.
Watch what they choose to do with their own free will.
They are so DELUSIONAL, HEARTLESS and PSYCHOLOGICALLY SICK that they refuse to stop harming others and doing unlawful acts until they are stopped.
I had to stop my own mother, father, sister and their attorney which changed the fraudulent grantor trust laws so this is just a rerun for me with different players but the same sick minds.
I will keep you posted as the events unfold in court and in other discussions.

Please do not worry. Just know I have everything under control and I have been through this before too.
Please just stand strong against them and don’t let them intimidate you, but be REASONABLE.
How can you REASONABLY trust and believe your father, his new wife, the Jews and many others who refused to help me abolish those horrible living conditions the photos show?
You can’t if you focus your mind and think reasonably.
I also have many emails showing how they approved of this which is very INCRIMINATING. Your brother was a MINOR then too and they had the legal obligation to take care of him not ABUSE him; aside from the emotional torture and abuse of Parental Alienation that all of us have and continue to suffer from which is well documented along with other abuses.
***So if you are reasonable you will focus your mind and get the help to see the truth and not believe abuse is acceptable. It isn’t!!! You should know this so why are YOU tolerating it? Also contact me. Why not?

Stand proud with your kindness, honesty, compassion and respectful ways I remember and I know is your true character. Also, do not think you have a right to abuse, lie or manipulate others either. You should know better than to have an entitled attitude or ever apologize for anyone. (You know what I am talking about. You do not own another person and have no right to apologize for them; only your OWN actions. If you don’t understand, why not go to a reputable therapist and discuss this. People are not property but have their own rights as I will clearly show you over the next month or so).

Make your choices wisely so you do not become part of a “Chain of Fools,” who harms others but thinks they are so powerful that they will never get caught.
Look at Madoff and Sandusky.
If you choose to be part of the “Chain of Fool” I will bring you down with the rest of them like I did with my parents and sister. I promise. You along with others are not allowed to harm others.

In a democratic republic, the laws apply EQUALLY to everyone and I will show you we live in a democratic republic just like I showed my parents, sister, their attorney and millions of others who changed the law to stop their abusive use of grantor trusts that allowed them to control children of all ages. Now, 501(c)(3) and other Agreements have done the same along with Fraudulently Issued Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and other fraudulent acts currently allowed.

***Remember I taught you to always do what is right, even when no one is looking. This is very important for your self esteem, character and values.

You can’t fool yourself because shame will develop in your subconscious and you will become very unhappy, bitter and lose your confidence and begin to bully and manipulate others for control. This is what typically happens when someone chooses to become dishonest, corrupt and harm others.

***Often important situations like Parental Alienation are a great OPPORTUNITY to let your beautiful character shine. This is the silver lining and the rainbow which will help you develop new wise perspectives to help you mature in positive ways.

All of us will greatly benefit from this divorce and parental alienation so just keep doing positive things and helping each other too, if you can. I hope all of you are respectful and kind to each other like you used to be. If not; start becoming respectful and kind to each other.
Change back to how you used to be with your beautiful values of respect, kindness, honesty and compassion as our choices determine what we stand for.

You know what I stand for which is truth, honesty, respect and compassion. I hope you do too. If not, understand that you are part of the “Chain of Fools,” which I hope you choose not to be.
Love always, Mom.

On a lighter side: I heard a great joke yesterday; those who are
pro-capitalism and supporters of free enterprise will enjoy it. Some researchers discovered that Ebola and Obama may be the same thing. (I think that is great especially in time for the mid-term elections.) Do you know he sent boots on the ground to Africa to fight Ebola but not to Russia, Syria and other places where they are needed; not to fight a disease?

Anyway, expect great things to happen between now and Thanksgiving if you are in favor of justice for women and children and not allowing others to take unfair advantage of them; especially by those who have a legal obligation to treat them fairly.

My ex-husband’s allegations made against me for believing I cannot contact business people and others to gather the legal information needed to rectify our fraudulent divorce will help clarify these rights of women and children.

***The judge already said I have the Constitutional right of free speech and can continue to post blogs with my ex-husband’s name and the statements he made on public record whether he likes it or not and my opinions too.
This is what free speech is; I guess my ex did not get that memo.
Maybe he was too busy traveling to bike races on Catalina Island even though he is “insolvent.”
Soon he and his wife will both be traveling to Boston for his expensive Harvard Business School Reunion even though he can’t afford to pay my support or buy cars for his OWN CHILDREN; only for his step children.
I guess even though his is a CPA, CFO, and Financial Consultant who graduated from Harvard Business School with Jeffrey Skilling of Enron who is in jail; thinks he is “insolvent” even though he can afford to purchase these select goods.
What do you think a jury will believe?
Time will tell.
Remember, God and Truth always prevail and so do those who are truthful and help themselves and others do positive things consistently; making our world a better place for ALL.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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