Changing Laws to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child and Teenager

Hatred and fear comes easily when a child or teen is repeatedly deceived or mislead by one parent who teaches him or her to see the other parent, who is loving and kind, in a false light, or not in reality.

This is called Parental Alienation and when the child or teen gives in to this fear and hatred and alienates the loving, fit parent, he or she has Parental Alienation Syndrome. A parent most commonly deceives a child or teen in this way at the time of divorce so he or she can obtain full custody, not have to pay child support and can receive other monetary and tax benefits by manipulating our laws. Our laws were not written with the intent to allow a parent to manipulate them and cause a child or teen to be ripped from the arms of their loving, fit parent.

Unfortunately, this is happening to millions of children and teens in the US due to the high divorce rate and the incentives in the law. In addition, our laws do not fine or sanction a parent (or others who aid this parent) in damaging or destroying the sacred bond between a loving, fit parent and a child or teen.

Parental Alienation is creating a tremendous burden to society because many children and teens are wrought with problems of depression, lack of self esteem, lack of trust, self-hatred and shame as they internalize the hatred of their loving parent, resulting in substance abuse, addiction and other psychological, emotional and medical problems.

Let’s eliminate the incentives in our laws that encourage a parent and others to harm or destroy the sacred parent/child bond between a loving, fit parent and a child or teen. Let’s bring awareness of the need for fines or sanctions which would deter a parent and others from manipulating our laws creating harm to these children, teens and society all for money or tax benefits.

Our Constitution did not intend for a parent and others to manipulate our laws in this way; neither did the founding Fathers of our Country and neither did God as we are “one nation under God.” Let’s end the pattern of harming our children by manipulating laws and the parent/child relationship.

by  Sara Hassman

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