Children and all people have a RIGHT to choose

Children and all people have a RIGHT to choose to love and communicate with both of their parents after a divorce without fearing punishment or retribution by a sick, evil parent and those aiding this parent.

No one has a RIGHT to emotionally torture or brainwashed children so they falsely believe they must hate or fear their loving, caring parent. This is pure evil and not permitted under the laws of DEMOCRACY.

As we stand proud and fight those who are intentionally ripping precious children from the arms of their loving mother or father at the time of divorce, know that we are supporting what democracy stands for; FREEDOM.

By standing strong against these MODERN DAY HITLERS who are destroying the sacred parent/child relationship and also destroying family and other righteous values, we are fighting to protect a DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE.

We are not being revengeful, we are fighting to preserve the world as God intended it to be; one of peace, kindness, compassion, love and helping one another to achieve this world.

 ***God did not intend for his world to be filled with those who promote destruction of the sacred parent/child bond, control, intimidation, hate, violence, abuse, greed and other evil behaviors.

Stand strong and know that we will prevail. As history has shown, God and the truth always prevail, it just takes time and perseverance.

It is one of the worst acts, if not the worst, to take children away from their loving parent using lies, schemes and other machination.

Stand strong, be proud and continue to spread awareness of this modern day GENOCIDE which is harming millions of children and families in the US alone, worldwide, the number is even more staggering. (1)

If not I, then who?

(1)- Parental Alienation Solutions Background page

By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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