Commonly a FRAUDULENT DIVORCE JUDGMENT and PARENTAL ALIENATION go together because the abused and emotionally tortured parent REASONABLY trusted others

Commonly a FRAUDULENT DIVORCE JUDGMENT and PARENTAL ALIENATION go together because the abused and emotionally tortured parent REASONABLY trusted her husband, law firms, judges, religious leaders and others who are all dishonest, abusive, terrorists themselves since they perpetuate the Fraudulent Divorce Judgment and Parental Alienation instead of reasonably, morally and legally helping to RESOLVE IT.

They all WORK TOGETHER to perpetuate this TERROR AND ABUSE so they can PROFIT, as the facts CLEARLY SHOW of my lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles BC580980.

Sorry I haven’t written a post in a while but I have been busy not only doing fun and enriching things in Los Angeles, which I just love, but I have been also writing motions and getting information together to enforce my legal rights and those of millions of us suffering from a Fraudulent Divorce Judgment and Parental Alienation.

 I have a great weekend planned and I hope you do too. Los Angeles has many fun and educational things going on all the time and at reasonable prices too. I am going to this special Chinese Ballet downtown which is very popular. Plus, I have never been to a Chinese Ballet. I also have another very special event I am going to and of course I find time to work out and sit in this wonderful massage chair while under an infra-red light which is so good for your skin. I just love living in Los Angeles.

Remember; if you have been alienated by your children, especially adult children, BE HAPPY to be away from their disrespectful, unkind and rude behavior. It is THEIR LOSS not yours, but UNTIL AND IF THEY EVER REALIZE THIS, having a relationship with them will only be toxic and in my case will make me sick again. I have wonderful, kind and thoughtful friends and also love doing things on my own too in this great city where I meet new interesting people very often.

Also, remember, if and when your children ever come to you and want to reunite; make sure you have discussions with a professional so you and they can TOGETHER UNDERSTAND why they believed the lies, schemes and were so rude and disrespectful instead of being reasonable since they know or should know you are an honest, kind and loving Mother (father). Why did they refuse to have a civil, honest discussion with you? All of this needs to be analyzed and addressed. In my situation, my children have not contacted me in over 7 years now but we had fun and positive relationships as their accomplishments and values showed up until the time of the divorce.

Also, it is very healthy for a parent to have their own life and activities as well as their children to have their own too. This makes for a more enriching, mature relationship.

So, as more and more of the truth of my case is exposed, which is happening daily; WATCH these abusers and terrorists WEEP FROM FEAR, not compassion or remorse.  They have formed a collective corrupt group where they do not have to think like an individual; they just FOLLOW THE PARTY LINE and obey.

When they finally realize with CERTAINTY that there is NO HOPE FOR ESCAPING jail and other punishments, then they will begin to LOSE THEIR MIND and often will start to weep out of FEAR.

They have chosen to live in a world without love and trust so they are all alone with an empty heart and soul and must keep looking over their shoulder since they do not know who they can trust. They will lose their mind and weep out of fear; just watch.


1) my husband MARK HASSMAN (we are still legally married because our divorce judgment is fraudulent);

2) his new wife, or whatever you would like to call her since I am not legally divorce yet;



 5) Watch PHIL SEASTROM of Seastrom & Seastrom weep out of fear too.  All the defendants thought he would be the man to save them with his illegal use of the “anti-SLAPP statute” and the illegal use of the “litigation privilege,” However, PHIL SEASTROM has not only incriminated himself much more but; he has also incriminated all of the defendants more too. Birds of a feather flock together. Don’t forget there is Guilt by Association too. My lawsuit teaches many important lessons.

 6) Watch court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN weep out of fear too.

He wrote a fraudulent report for Judge Silbar WITHOUT Any Tests but based upon hearsay from my husband MARK HASSMAN who has no psychological background or certifications and is just an angry, sick man. Corrupt Judge Silbar relied upon this report in issuing civil restraining orders against me to keep me alienated from my children so I could not attend graduations and other events if my husband was there as a polygamist with his OTHER WIFE. (This is not a comedy; this is my life which I am reasonably resolving through the court system).

 7) Also, watch RABBI DAVID WOLPE and PASTOR RICK WARREN weep as they claim to have remorse but it is all for their own fear. They have had years and can STILL start talking and writing about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation, reuniting alienated parents and children and help resolve these fraudulent divorce judgments. They and other religious leaders are known to be honest and have compassion but their actions show that is just a FAÇADE and they are part of this collective terrorist group with the purpose of PROFITING FROM DIVORCE AND PARENTAL ALIENATION.

 8) Watch other lawyers and business executives too which are defendants in my lawsuit; they will behave the same way; weeping out of fear only.

 They all know or should know better than to take advantage of others using acts of parental alienation and hiding assets and income of the alienated, abused and tortured Mother (father).This is not only illegal behavior but it is unconscionable and extremely immoral. However, NOT ONE OF THEM will step forward and try to LEGALLY resolve these issues and help alienated children try to UNDERSTAND why all of a sudden they began to alienate their honest, loving, law-abiding Mother (father).

 ZEAL for a legal and valid divorce judgment without acts of parental alienation but with enforcement of the Constitutional Rights to custody and visitation and the enforcement of other legal rights; ENCOURAGES love, it does not DESTROY love.

***Such zeal is very powerful and extremely difficult if even at all possible to defeat as all the defendants in my lawsuit and others are finding out.

 Abusive, corrupt cowards and weak people refuse to face the truth and instead try to show how powerful and influential they are so they can violate the law and not be held accountable, so they falsely think.  They also UNREASONABLY refuse to fight for JUSTICE FOR ALL which includes fighting to rectify a Fraudulent Divorce Judgment and Parental Alienation.

 Instead they find it more convenient for themselves (they are only interested in themselves), NOT to argue but to YIELD even if this means SELLING THEIR SOUL BY HARMING OTHERS who are innocent, kind and honest like a loving Mother and her children. They use lies, schemes and other acts to cause the Parental Alienation and a Fraudulent Divorce Judgment and they REFUSE TO YIELD TO REASON, TRUTH and JUSTICE.

 *** In essence, they do not value THEMSELVES ANYMORE which is why they have so many obsessions and refuse to get help. They have chosen to become part of a collective group now and have lost their individuality because they have allowed themselves to “obey” and NOT THINK. Thus, they are capable of RUINING themselves and the sick, corrupt collective group they are part of.

Just watch.

 Once a person becomes dishonest, lies and cheats and is a coward because he or she refuses to stand up for what they know is moral and just; they NEVER HAVE PEACE UNLESS they RECONCILE THE HARMS THEY HAVE CAUSED. If you doubt my words, read what many experts and authors have written and proven.

 These sick, dishonest, lying, cheating abusers and terrorists have a stone instead of a functioning heart and therefore they have no feelings for others. They only fear for THEIR OWN SURVIVAL and try to devise ways to use and abuse others to help them survive. They very incorrectly think that is easier than getting the help they need and rectifying the harms they have caused. Thus, when they cry, they cry from fear. Just watch as more and more of the facts of my case are exposed. Watch all of them lose hope so they weep from fear. This is quite common.

 As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. It is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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