Commonly Alienating Parents and those Assisting them have the Psychological Problem called Cognitive Dissonance

Commonly due to the psychological problem called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, many people do not want to change their immoral, harmful and corrupt behaviors, even though they are angry, miserable people.

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is the mental anxiety a person experiences when they are confronted with new information that conflicts with their existing beliefs, ideas, or values. Thus, they try to avoid situations where their ideas will be challenged. They also only have relationships with those who will “obey” them.

Instead of reasonably and rationally having enriching, respectful and civil conversations and learning by being opened minded; they REJECT anyone who has ideas that conflict with their own or refuses to do what they order them to do. Many NARCISSISTS have the psychological problem of cognitive dissonance and refuse to get help so they no longer have it.

This is why people with COGNITIVE DISSONANCE commonly only feel comfortable being with the people they know. Generally they do not like to meet new people or go to unfamiliar places unless they have to due to a job or to gain control of someone or a situation.

***This is also why people with COGNITIVE DISSONANCE will not be collaborative; it is THEIR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY because they refuse to learn how to discuss ideas. Instead they MANIPULATE, BULLY and DECEIVE others until they agree with them.

When they espouse their ideas and demand you follow them; if you don’t they DISASSOCIATE with you. This is why many alienated children live in a “climate of fear.”

This is what many Religious Organizations and their leaders have done to me because they refuse to have a civil discussion and tell me why they refuse to give sermons, write articles and educate their communities about parental alienation.
This is also what my ex-husband did to me because I refused to sign student loans knowing we had millions saved but; he refused to give me an accounting as to where all our savings and investments went.

It is now believed my ex-husband is running a student loan fraud scheme investing the low interest student loan money for his own purposes and those who invest with him like a Ponzi scheme. He used our Children to force them to remain at Cate School in abusive conditions (as those photos I posted show) and then go to an Ivy League University so he and they could accumulate about $225,000 in student loans as the public records show.
He claims he is “insolvent” but many facts show this is just another one of his lies since he has MOVED THE MONEY AROUND to many different entities and into 501c3 agreements; including my money and assets he concealed from me.

My parents and sister and many of my relatives also disassociated with me when I refused to go along with their fraudulent grantor trust scheme. They ridiculed me and made things financially and emotionally difficult for me.
(just like my ex-husband did and continues to do with the Parental Alienation, taking my retirement, savings and other assets all for himself and his new wife, who goes along with him. High priced call girl, thief, child abuser has cognitive dissonance too???).

Even after the laws were changed so other parents could no longer setup fraudulent grantor trusts; my mother and sister and many relatives still refuse to try to UNDERSTAND that they were wrong and what they did to me was wrong and immoral. Instead they exist together in their collective, ignorant group. (My father died).
This is what sick people do who refuse to see the truth and live full of shame, misery, anger and unhappiness.
They live trying to control and manipulate and make others think they are influential and powerful when they are scum and refuse to have a moral conscience.

***Just remember, YOU are the strong, moral and wise one no matter what they say and do. This is how many psychologically and emotionally sick people behave; either you become like them or they try to destroy you.

Just expect this because very few ever get help and change.
(if my children are reading this, please expect this so you are not surprised when this happens constantly as I am sure you have figured out.)

Mental health is like physical health; if you have a health issue and you do not go to the doctor, it gets worse and worse.

They exist together as a COLLECTIVE group and have foolishly chosen to give up their independence which includes their independent thoughts and ideas. They have become ROBOTS and just follow the party line and do what they are told without even thinking.

***They try to tell themselves this is heaven because they have some title, some money and are part of this network which a reasonable person with a moral conscience would run from, never wanting to be part of. These robots have sold their soul and their mind and heart too because they do as they are told and have lost their Individuality. Commonly they have cognitive dissonance.

Rational people with a MORAL CONSCIENCE want to be RESPECTED for their individuality and positive behaviors and help others be respected for their INDIVIDUALITY too.
***However, these immoral people who lack a moral conscience are afraid to leave their collective group and BEGIN thinking and acting with their own thoughts and feelings because they are FOOLISH and COWARDS and choose to go on harming others and themselves.

They are cowards and pusillanimous people because they do not want to LEARN how to improve their character and grow in many positive ways. This is their cure; their medicine for alleviating their pain and misery but; they think the medicine is worse than the disease. In other words, they are not open minded, confident people and are lazy too because they do not want to learn to improve themselves and stop harming others. So, they keep their Moral Conscience buried deep inside of them.

They think it is easier to live in their misery than go through the necessary pain to undo the shame they feel about all the horrible acts they have committed and also get rid of their tempers and their cognitive dissonance.
They become more and more bitter and unhappy as each day goes by and develop drinking and other problems.
But, they try to make themselves believe they are special, influential and powerful because they have some title and some money which they can’t even relax enough to enjoy. But, they try to make themselves and others believe they are so much smarter that everyone.

***Don’t expect them to change and want to find their Moral Conscience because they think what they have going is worth it. They think the medicine of LEARNING how to make themselves a better person and helping others too is worse than their disease of immorality, corruption and cognitive dissonance.

I am bringing out the truth about the many parts of parental alienation to bring about much needed changes in the law and in family relationships including how millions of loving mothers and their children are deprived of their rights, their property and their companionship with each other due to cognitive dissonance and other psychological and emotional illnesses of alienating parents and those who help them destroy the relationship a Loving Mother (father) has with her Children of all ages. With understanding comes CHANGE.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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