Corrupt Bureaucracies, Russian Novels, Equus & the Mental Abuse of Parental Alienation

Corrupt policies of Organizations and other Bureaucracies,  these classic Russian novels along with the show “Equus,” all have striking similarities to the emotional child abuse and emotional torture called Parental Alienation, commonly occurring at the time of divorce.

The corrupt policies of Organizations and other Bureaucracies are willfully, knowingly and intentionally formulated by their Board Members and other Executives or Governing Bodies and then are willfully, knowingly and intentionally carried out by their Employees and others. This is injustice and pure evil, especially in a democratic country which respects individual rights and freedom. 

***All of these renowned works focus on the moral choices a person makes and the resulting mental anguish he faces due to his deliberate, cognizant choices.

For example, to agree to ignore the signs that innocent precious children, which include teens and young adults, are being emotionally harmed due to the deliberate destruction of the loving sacred parent/child bond at the time of divorce is similar to the choice the main character in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” made. He was faced with the choice of whether to harm a vulnerable, rude woman for her cash.

This main character, who is psychologically and emotionally sick, formulates and executes a plan to kill this woman.

–He reasons with himself that he can use her money to perform good deeds which will counterbalance the crime, while eliminating a rude individual from society.

–He also decides to commit this crime because he is so psychologically and emotionally sick that he believes he has a RIGHT to commit it since he can.

–He believes he is a God who makes his own laws and does not need to abide by the laws of society.

–He even justifies his corrupt actions by believing they are permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose. 

 So, how does this character in Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment,” compare with the corrupt policies of Organizations and other Bureaucracies which ignore the form of child abuse called parental alienation and the cries of emotionally tortured children and their loving parent?

An Organizations’ and other Bureaucracies’ policies are willfully, knowingly and intentionally formulated by their Board Members or other Governing Bodies and willfully, knowingly, and intentionally executed by their Employees and others.

 For example, the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe was concerned about the “future emotional health,” of many children from divorced families, in particular this one teen. However, he willfully, knowingly, and intentionally allowed the wealthy, influential sick, abusive father to continue destroying the sacred mother/daughter bond right in front of him when he could have easily stopped it.(1) He also could have addressed this issue afterwards with his Community as he said this behavior of emotional child torture was “epidemic” at his Congregation.(1) He was witnessing the child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation but deliberately chose to ignore it. Sinful.

Just like the main character in Dostoyevsky’s novel:

  1. Did Rabbi Gerald Wolpe formulate his own plan to ignore this sick, but wealthy and very influential parent’s acts of emotional child torture and the alienation of the loving mother
  2.  or was he merely executing a plan, as an employee, which was formulated by National Jewish Organizations like the one Rabbi Julie Schonfeld runs as the Executive Director,
  3. or was he following a plan formulated by the Board Members of the synagogue where he was employed?

Since Jewish Organizations as a group ALL have refused to address the issues of parental alienation affecting millions of Jewish children and families since the 1970’s; it reasonably appears that the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe was following a NATIONAL POLICY for all Jewish Organizations.  

***This is so horrifying, atrocious and upsetting, especially since I am a Jew and I am so ashamed of these Jewish “leaders,” who are nothing but frauds and who are making a mockery of God’s beautiful teachings.

They are also destroying our precious children, families and our society.

***This is such a disgrace especially since many Jewish individuals and families came to America fleeing the unjust tyrannies and dictatorships seeking basic freedoms supposedly respected by a democratic country like the United States.  Now the Jewish leaders and the Organizations they control have become these unjust tyrannies and dictatorships PREYING ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

******But even worse and so horrific; these Jewish leaders and their Organizations are preying on beautiful precious children and their loving parent who is trying to help them become responsible adults with good values and practices.

These corrupt Jews are destroying the hearts, souls and moral conscience of these precious children and contaminating our society with youth who now have depraved values and have been taught to teach others these depraved values and continue this corrupt legacy.   Pure evil.

 In sum, these repugnant acts of parental alienation;

-Either committed by a sick and cowardly individual acting alone

-Or by a sick and cowardly employee like the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, following orders from a superior to obey corrupt policies, are harming:

  • our precious children,
  • our family values,
  • destroying the sacred parent/child relationship,
  • leaving a legacy for these abused children to continue this emotional child torture called parental alienation,
  • And creating a society with emotionally fragile children who have become full of hate, shame, disrespectful and violent ways. Millions of children of divorce suffering from parental alienation are no longer being taught ways of kindness, compassion and collaboration. They are not taught how to peacefully discuss their differences, and learn how to love instead of hate.

These corrupt organizations’ and bureaucracies’ unjust, harmful and corrupt policies are willfully, knowingly and intentionally carried out by corrupt leaders, corrupt board members, corrupt executives, corrupt supervisors and their corrupt employees and others who are all adults, and have deliberately chosen with their own free will to carry out this corruption or nonfeasance, by ignoring the cries of these precious children, their loving parent, families and others.

They our tearing down our country’s social fabric turning our precious children, loving parents and others into slaves that must obey their orders or risk being emotionally or financially harmed or their beautiful characters defamed using their extensive networks; comprised of other corrupt individuals and corrupt organizations.

 Since the 1970’s when this “epidemic” emotional child abuse was discovered and then ignored by this sick, cowardly late Rabbi, Gerald Wolpe and other sick Rabbis and sick Jewish leaders and their Organizations even after Fried’s book described this horror; it can only lead a reasonable person to conclude that there must be a National policy in place to ignore this emotional child abuse can emotional torture.

Thus it appears these Jewish leaders, board members and others who control these Jewish organizations as well as their employees who implement their corrupt policies believe, like Dostoyevsky’s main character that they too:

  1. Are permitted to perform good deeds to counterbalance their horrifying harmful acts,
  2. Believe they have a RIGHT to commit this heinous act of emotional child torture called parental alienation,
  3. They are Gods who makes their own laws and do not need to abide by the laws of society,
  4. That their corrupt acts of destroying the heart, soul and mind of precious children and defaming and ignoring the cries of their loving parent is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose. This is horrible in itself but also; what could be a higher purpose then protecting the sacred parent/child bond and helping our children to grow into responsible, emotionally and physically strong, compassionate, kind, loving adults?
  5. That they have a RIGHT to deprive a woman of her freedoms by exiling her from coming to religious services and other events for some unexplained reason; even though they know and even put in a letter that she has very good character and values.

Thus, if there is not a corrupt policy in place to ignore this reprehensible child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation;

***WHY have these organizations and their leaders and employees been ignoring the cries of our precious children and their loving parent for almost 50 YEARS now?

*** WHY have they been accepting monetary, political and other benefits from the sick, abusive parent who is trying to emotionally torture precious children and destroy the sacred, loving parent/child relationship as Fried so vividly describes in his bestselling book?(1)

 Continuing; the Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov shows how corruption causes the soul to become very fragile but with the strength of love, it can be saved. In his acclaimed novel “The Master & Margarita,” Bulgakov discusses the Devil and the corrupt bureaucratic social order.

In both of these classic Russian novels; one of the major questions is, “If the powers of the Devil exist, and the world is run by the Devil and his entourage, why does this world still exist?” Thus, as Judaism and other religious and philosophical teachings believe; God and truth will always prevail.

Specifically, Bulgakov shows that innocent, inexperienced people, like children and their loving parent who have been emotionally tortured by lies and schemes of a sick alienating parent and those aiding this parent in his emotional child abuse and emotional torture, are unable to see the abuse and torture. Consequently, they do not realize they are being used as this sick parent’s pawns and toys.

Often these precious children are in “denial’ and can only see the good in their sick, alienating parent.

Often, the loving parent does not understand why his or her precious children suddenly have become disrespectful and have adapted other new depraved values and behaviors. This parent does not realize that their sick spouse has been undermining them and telling the children lies and misleading them so the precious children believe they should hate or fear their loving parent and permanently break the loving parent/child bond, like they too are getting divorced.

Similarly, Bulgakov showed that Yeshua couldn’t see Judas’ corrupt ways because he saw only the good in the people. Yeshua couldn’t even see this corruption when Pilate tried to inform him; as many of us loving, alienated parents have tried to inform and objectively educate our children about parental alienation.

*** This is especially true when our children are living in a corrupt environment or when our corrupt leaders, organizations and other bureaucracies aid this sick, abusive parent instead of choosing to be morally responsible by helping the emotionally abused precious child and their loving parent.

As Bulgakov showed, ***Yeshua couldn’t protect himself, because he didn’t know how and he was confused as to who his enemies actually were.  This is also very similar to the thoughts and confusion of millions of children of divorce, which includes teens and young adults, who are suffering from parental alienation.

Bulgakov also touches on what many believe is his interpretation of Tolstoy’s idea of non-resistance to evil through violence and the shame aspect as well. That is, if one chooses to accept the corrupt ways of individuals, organizations and other bureaucracies, then they will be burdened with shame throughout their entire life, unless they choose to:

  •  face the reason for their shame,
  •  understand its roots,
  •  confront it by trying to reason with their abusers or those inflicting the corrupt behavior or policies,
  • and change their corrupt ways or in other words; transform their character into one of an honest, kind, compassionate, loving person.

***If they are unable to reason with their abusers or corrupt individuals, they must form a just and righteous coalition. This will begin a new chapter in their life as they refuse to follow corrupt ways or corrupt policies.

This is what I have done and continue to do with my national campaign focused on ending the form of child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation.  I refuse to succumb to the evil and corrupt ways of these bureaucracies and I STAND STRONG AND PROUD defending my righteous values and the righteous laws and teachings of God.  God does not permit ANY type of abuse and reveres the sacred parent/child relationship; no exceptions.

 The famed Russian novelist Leon Uris in his celebrated novel, “Exodus,” used the Maccabees, the Haganah and the Palmach to illustrate this same point of non-resistance:

That is; only when a person is able to confront evil are they able to survive in a healthy environment with freedom of thoughts and actions. They cannot choose to remain a controlled employee or slave and be able to experience true happiness, live a healthy, balanced life and reach their special potential.

Only when they choose to confront corruption are they able to create environments which foster and encourage freedom along with kindness, compassion, integrity, teamwork and collaboration which often grows into very strong friendships and love.  Working together with very positive purposes, not just for themselves but for the country, community or society as a whole creates very strong bonds.  

The State of Israel is founded upon this belief as this is what the kibbutzim represent. Jewish immigrants, their Sabra children and their organizations around the time Israel was founded and in many other periods of Jewish history would never allow a parent or aid them in intentionally destroying the sacred parent/child bond as Uris’ novel showed.

Conversely, these compassionate, loving parents and those who controlled the Jewish Organizations and Bureaucracies along with many others, did everything in their power to try to help their children and help other children who were even strangers to them, not only survive but to mature into emotionally and physically strong, responsible adults with worthwhile purposes in life, also teaching them how to have time to enjoy life and its beauty. This is the foundation of the Jewish orphanages or what is called the kibbutz movement.

 So today, why are the Jewish organizations, Jewish leaders and other Jews allowing precious children to be emotionally tortured as they ignore the suffering of these children due to parental alienation caused by a sick parent’s acts at the time of divorce? Have they become the modern day Hitlers? (I am so sick writing this as I am a Jew and so abhorred).

  • They have forgotten their history and heritage,
  • They have forgotten their laws,
  • They have forgotten their teachings,
  • They have forgotten how sacred children are,
  • They have forgotten how sacred the family is,
  • They have forgotten how sacred it is to celebrate life and knowledge,
  • They have forgotten about the sacred harvest of not only our fruits, vegetables and livestock but also of the emotional growth of our precious children.
  • They are a disgrace to Judaism since they do not stand for what Judaism is.

As I have said before, I will not standby and allow this flagrant reprehensible behavior and mockery of God’s laws and teachings. Either these Jewish leaders should resign or change their evil and destructive ways and begin to truly follow the laws and teachings of God. I will not back down as I am a Jew and follow Judaism and it is a Commandment to protect our precious children and be the voice for them when they cannot speak.

 So, how does the popular and thought provoking show “Equus,” compare with the corrupt policies of Organizations and their Board Members who formulate them and their Employees and others who willfully, knowingly, and intentionally execute them?

A major point of the play discusses the conflict between the Apollonian and Dionysian value systems.

 In Greek mythology:

• Apollo is the God of reason, creativity and logical thinking. He represents the individual who has not given up his free will and has maintained his individual thoughts and character; his “self.”

• In contrast, Dionysus, Apollo’s brother, is the God of wine, ecstasy and intoxication. Rather than representing the individual, he represents a person who has given up his free will and his individual thoughts. He has replaced them by what the organization or governing power wants: That is, what the abusive, sick, alienating parent; the corrupt organizations and other sick, abusive influential individuals and bureaucracies want.

• The concepts of the Apollonian and Dionysian are linked to Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy. Nietzsche claims life always involves a struggle between these two elements, each battling for control over society. Neither side ever prevails due to each containing the other in a BALANCE.

***No one is perfect but telling children lies and trying to deceive them so they believe they should never see their loving parent again and should “divorce” them like their sick parent; this is blatantly evil, reprehensible and inexcusable. 

The issue, then, or so Nietzsche thought, is how to experience and understand the Dionysian side of life without destroying the positive values of the Apollonian side.  In other words, how to collaborate and work together using each other’s strengths, kindness, compassion and integrity so a healthy balance is obtained and then maintained.

It is inexcusable to lead others to believe lies and base their future actions and attitudes on these lies. This is especially true for Rabbis, Doctors, Teachers, Coaches and others who have professional titles indicative of trust and honesty and have been sought for their honest advice, but intentionally mislead the vulnerable. Horrific.

 ***It is important for a person to base their decisions on facts, not on lies or bullying. As explained, corrupt organizations and bureaucracies even sanction these lies and bullying, which is not only irresponsible but is culpable; which is why JP Morgan recently agreed to pay $2.6 billion dollars to those who were harmed by Madoff’s lies and schemes.

 ***What has happened to the moral conscience of individuals who formulate and enact such corrupt, harmful and evil policies? Should they be considered mentally competent or should they be forced to resign until they receive help and transform their harmful and evil ways?

Why did they CHOOSE to allow themselves to succumb to the corrupt ways of organizations and the immoral individuals that lead them or carry out their corrupt and harmful policies?

Instead why didn’t they CHOOSE to do what they know is moral and honest which will tame the bureaucracy thereby capturing their kind and compassionate heart and soul they once had. Consequently, they too have become corrupt by willfully, knowingly and intelligently carrying out corrupt policies like the emotional torture of children called parental alienation. It is no wonder our society has become comprised of more and more corrupt leaders.

Leaving the corrupt, environment and beginning a new chapter using your skills and experience may be a more viable alternative as many corrupt individuals and corrupt corporate leaders, executives, supervisors and employees are unreasonable as explained above and will not listen to reason. It is either their way or get lost. This is why corrupt people usually create an organization with those who they can manipulate and control as birds of a feather flock together.

Alternatively, kind, caring and honest people create organizations with those who promote their positive goals and ideas in an atmosphere of kindness, compassion and integrity. These individual do listen to reason and do not use fear, intimidation or violence to rule as many corrupt individuals and organizations do.

 Remember, there is “guilt by association” so think twice before aligning yourself or remaining with those who behave in corrupt and evil ways; like abusing children and emotionally torturing them at the time of divorce and helping to destroy the sacred parent/child relationship. An adult is responsible and culpable for his own actions.

 ***The emotional child torture called parental alienation is one of the most insidious evils anyone can commit. This is because those who create and perpetuate this child abuse and emotional torture are preying on precious, innocent children and a loving, caring parent. To make it even more insidious these sick, corrupt people are emotionally torturing precious children and their loving parent when they know divorce is at a time in their life when they need extra kindness, love and support and are very vulnerable and fragile. They need people to guide them in ways which are truly in their best interest; not to emotionally abuse them because it is in the abusers’ best interest but cleverly and deceitfully disguised as an act of love and compassion or religion. Pure evil. ( I feel so sick writing this as this is such horror and evil).

*** A moral person would NEVER INTENTIONALLY take part in such child abuse and emotional torture or promote those who do. Instead, they would surround themselves with honest, kind, compassionate people who do good things and lead a responsible life trying to HELP those harmed by the emotional torture of parental alienation.

OUR CHILDREN AND OUR FAMILIES are our future and we must provide them with a strong, stable foundation or roots with which to grow in healthy ways, like a healthy tree with strong, beautiful branches.

Choosing to exercise your free will and behave as a kind, compassionate, honest, responsible person is important as this enables one to have a healthy heart, soul and mind. Otherwise, a person will eventually regret the decision to give in to a life of corruption because this will cause his heart to become cold and his soul to become infected. The guilt and shame will slowly kill him too. He just lives a life of existing without truly living. He deprives himself of many beautiful feelings and emotions.

 As the respected author Dostoyevsky illustrated in “Crime and Punishment”; crime is its own punishment and retributive justice can never be so severe as the penalty the human soul can impose on itself. He also showed how being truly kind, compassionate and loving toward others can heal them.

 . ***Choose not to follow the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe’s corrupt, irresponsible, reprehensible ways of ignoring the emotional child abuse of parental alienation in exchange for monetary, political and other favors as the acclaimed author Stephen Fried shows he did. (1) Instead, choose to spread kindness, compassion, honesty and love.

By making others aware of this child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation, we are showing that we adamantly refuse to succumb to the evil ways of abusers which includes the sick, alienating parent and those who aid this parent including corrupt organizations, bureaucracies as well as corrupt individuals.

Only corrupt, sick, hateful, dishonest people would deliberately choose to follow a severely broken organization’s policy that is destroying the hearts, souls and minds of innocent children of divorce, their families and harming our society. We must hold them accountable until they agree to change their policies, permanently.

 If not I, then who?


(1)-  See highlights

 -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,




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