Corruption or Reasonableness? Supporting Parental Alienation?

 Is this a Democracy?  Bureaucracy? Evil? Bullying? Would you want to be treated this way?

9-19-2013      10:34am

I just got back from Sinai Temple in west Los Angeles after they threw me out while I was quietly praying.

I went to their sukkot service since Rabbi David Wolpe’s twitter said to be kind so I thought I would be kind and peacefully go to services there and then afterwards discuss, peacefully why I have been exiled since 10-2012 about some “emailing issue” which was never explained and I have been diligently trying to find out.   I had with me the email from Rabbi Ralph Resnick that said;
from: Ralph Resnick [email protected]
to: Sara Hassman <[email protected]>
date: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Sara, I spoke with Rabbi Wolpe who specifically said that there is NO reason why you cannot come to services, he was more concerned about an emailing issue which he did not get into specifics with me about. I will check with Security and find out why that happened and get back to you. just to re-iterate, Rabbi Wolpe has no problem with you attending services here at Sinai.
So, since it said and reiterated that there was “NO reason why you cannot come to services.” I thought I would go and pray and then have a peaceful conversation afterwards.
Well, I was in the service for about half an hour and then Rabbi David Wolpe walked to the back and must have told security to come and escort me out. When security came I said, I have a right to be here and told them what the email said.  Officer Edward Garcia said, that I did not and he had told me before that I had no right to be there.
So as they were escorting me out, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.
He was so rough with me that my purple hat fell off and this nice lady security guard picked it up for me. I yelled out to people in the service to please find out what I have done since I am a good person and I have been trying to find out what I have done for about a year now and no one will tell me. I have even written to Jewish organizations in NY and everyone ignores my emails and even blocks them. I yelled as they were escorting me out; what is going on at this synagogue, I am a good person? What have I done wrong?
Outside, Howard Lesner, the Executive Director came out and introduced himself and said that I had defamed Rabbi David Wolpe and his father on my Facebook and Website page.
1- I told him I  did not even have a Facebook page or Website back in 10-2012;
2- Then I said that what I said is true, neither of them have ever talked about parental alienation.
*** Do you know what Howard Lesner had the nerve to say? He said, well why should they? I said it is child abuse and is harming millions of children.
3- Then I showed him the email above and he said well Ralph is only an employee and had no business writing this, he doesn’t know all the details. What details? Howard Lesner said the details that I defamed David Wolpe. I said, I have not defamed anyone. What is on my website is the TRUTH, even if you do not like what the truth is. Plus, again, all this happened after I was exiled in 10-2012.
4- Officer Garcia said I am trespassing and I better leave or LAPD is going to come and pick me up. I said I came here in peace to pray and discuss this. He said I better leave or they are going to come and pick me up. So, he followed me to my car to make sure I drove off like I was a criminal.


The Jews, in particular Rabbi David Wolpe who says he is a pluralist, are people who are open to differing opinions and peaceful discussions.
Why are they refusing to even peacefully tell me what email caused me to be exiled of which Dr. Phil and others would like to know too?
Rabbi David Wolpe encourages people to email him so I did and most of these emails involved coping with parental alienation. In addition, if someone upsets you with something they said in an email, as a mature adult, you tell the person, you don’t just exile them when they are going one Saturday morning to pray. This is not reasonable and does not make sense. This reminds me of how alienating parents make up misleading allegations which many of us alienated parents have had to go fight and have dismissed.
***I and others do not believe there is any emailing issue because if there was, Sinai Temple would have already told me and put this issue to rest. That would have been the mature, reasonable, professional way for Howard Lesner the clergy and their other leaders to behave.
Howard Lesner, the Executive Director, outside Sinai Temple this morning seemed focus on my website, launched only a few months ago (not before 10-2012), to help abused children suffering from Parental Alienation. He also is ignoring the law that I have FREE SPEECH.

I am sorry if he does not like to read the facts but the facts speak for themselves and have been speaking very clearly since the 1970’s when Rabbi Gerald Wolpe could have addressed this child abuse and ignored it.

Other Jewish leaders who witnessed the parental alienation at this Bat Mitzvah could have addressed it also as well as those leaders and individuals who were at the other ones on the schedule.


Well, this is a very sad state for the Jews at Sinai Temple and many others on the local and National level I have contacted and as a Jew and a child advocate and activist:

I have chosen not to ignore this issue of Parental Alienation and to bring awareness to it.

• Why should Howard Lesner, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple and other Jews even be angry me and my website and Facebook page? (Plus, I did not have this website when they exiled me in 10-2012. They are just making an excuse and hiding something).

*** Instead, shouldn’t the Jews of Sinai Temple and at other Jewish organizations be thanking me and all of us for trying to bring awareness to this child abuse called parental alienation affecting millions of children and families including Jewish ones?
Shouldn’t they be thanking us for trying to mobilize and unite to end this child abuse and help make our world a better place?

So the ones who have ignored parental alienation for decades are trying to silence me and defame my character? Why?


If they truly follow Jewish teachings, they will admit their mistakes and change their ways. This is called teshuva and Rabbi David Wolpe wrote on his Facebook page and elsewhere and spoke about this too very recently. This is a major part of the Jewish High Holidays which just ended.

• Why wouldn’t a synagogue, even if they and others made mistakes in the past, now want to change and support abused children and others suffering from parental alienation?


Why should they be angry with me for trying to do this and make society a better place?

• Is Sinai Temple and other Jewish organizations working with the abusing parent as this chapter in this bestselling book vividly shows Rabbi Gerald Wolpe the father of Rabbi David Wolpe did?


  This is a clear cut example of the Jews ignoring parental alienation whether Howard Lesner wants to face this truth or not. He seems to only want to bully instead of having a peaceful, honest discussion which was my intention of going there this morning.

I still do not know why I was exiled the Saturday morning back in 10-2012 when I went to pray. There has been no specific example given plus, everyone was very cordial when I was there the night before for an event.   If there was truly some problem, why wasn’t I told during the work week or that Friday evening when I saw many of the clergy and board members? Does it make sense that they were cordial and then the next morning exiled me?

To be exiled when going to pray a person must have done something horrible. Plus, the email above sent by Rabbi Ralph Resnick does not even make sense as to why I was exiled to begin with?

  Why wasn’t I told prior to being exiled on Saturday morning whatever this horrible thing is that I did? It seems very harsh to just exile someone when they are going to pray and then follow up with the email above saying “there is NO reason I cannot come to services.” This does not make sense; what is truly going on here?


The synagogue has a website and the Rabbis have Facebook pages. I am sure people do not agree with everything stated but in this country we have something called free speech. Again, my website and Facebook page were launched months after I was exiled from Sinai Temple in 10-2012, so they are not telling the truth as to why I was exiled in 10-2012.

What is the truth? Working with the abusing parent as the book shows Rabbi Gerald Wolpe did back in the 1970’s who is Rabbi David Wolpe’s father? These are what the facts in the award winning book show.

BUT FORGET ALL OF THIS AND REASONABLY ASK, why won’t the Rabbis and others at Sinai Temple and other Jewish organizations want to start talking about the child abuse of parental alienation so we can empower these children and others and begin to end it? Reasonable?  Why promote or silence the child abuse of parental alienation?

As my wonderful and wise Grandfather Ben taught me, never let anyone defame your good character and Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock who is very well respected and has experienced a lot in life also supports this too. Her new book coming out soon; “Judging Me”  will discuss why it is so important to stand up to what you know is right and to be a voice for those who can’t. Otherwise, we will just live in shame for giving up our morals and values.

If anyone has ever been treated this way by Sinai Temple or other Jewish organizations please let me know. We need to unite to find out the truth of what is going on as we cannot let our good characters be defamed and we cannot be silenced for exercising our Fundamental Rights which include Free Speech, Assembly and many others. Plus, we need to keep making a difference to the millions of children and others who have been suffering from the abuse of Parental Alienation. Many thanks, Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,; [email protected]



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