CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are not only occurring in foreign countries or in jihads and other terrorists groups but are occurring in the United States too by Professionals and American Organizations which many have grown to trust.

 Many Professionals and Organizations have POLICIES AND PRACTICES to help a divorcing FATHER prey on vulnerable Children, Teens and Young Adults and their Loving Mother at the time of divorce. These Professionals and Organizations still view WOMEN AND CHILDREN as PROPERTY which they have a RIGHT and are ENTITLED TO USE AND ABUSE as they want.

 Their policies help DESTROY at the time of divorce, the healthy relationships the Children, Teens and Young Adults share with their Loving Mother who raised them and helped them thrived in many ways.

Reasonable people and many experts have shown that destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship at the time of divorce is harming millions and some have called this a type of CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY which must be stopped so those harmed and FUTURE GENERATIONS will learn how to Love, be Compassionate and Truthful and not continue to believe and act like they have a right to abuse Women and Children. [;]

 Bestselling author Stephen Fried explains this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY has been going on in the Jewish Community for decades in exchange for contributions and other benefits which Jewish Organizations, their Leaders and Rabbis call “religious” and refuse to stop even though they know they are harming the Children and their Loving Mother and causing problems in our society. Any reasonable person knows as many experts have proven; this Jewish practice is not religious but is abuse and also a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. [;]

 Destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son bond at the time of divorce when the Daughter, Son and their Mother are MOST VULNERABLE and need the love and support of each other is evil beyond words and is similar to acts of jihads and other terrorist groups who harm women and children.

 Many religious leaders and organizations including Pastors and Churches too like Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church also use 501c3 and other agreements to help the alienating father TRANSFER AND HIDE community assets to keep them hidden from his ex-wife, the Loving Mother who they know or should know was deprived of receiving them at the time of divorce. IRS has been trying to crack down on this unlawful practice of 501c3 and other charitable agreements for a long time.

 These “religious” organizations know that if the Loving Mother did receive her fair share of her property at the time of divorce that she would financially and emotionally be able to help her Children and they along with the father could not use and abuse them. Also, the father would only have half of the money and other property to entrust to these “religious” organizations using their 501c3 and other agreements so they would not benefit financially as much as if he took his ex-wife’s share too; even though this is against the law. It is common knowledge that community property must be distributed 50/50 at the time of divorce and the ex-husband who controlled the marital finances is prohibited from taking advantage of the ex-wife.

 In order to receive this community property that belongs to the ex-wife but is being hidden from her; the ex-husband, “religious” Leaders and Organizations, Law Firms, Judges, Accounting Firms, Therapists, Schools, the new wife, Business Partners and others must all WORK TOGETHER to help the ex-husband TRANSFER and HIDE community property and also help destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship.

This COOPERATION to help the ex-husband TRANSFER and HIDE community property and also help DESTROY the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship is very clear especially in situations of long marriages of over 20 years like mine where my ex-husband, Mark F. Hassman is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, who received his MBA from Harvard and Spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering in the 1980’s and since then has negotiated multi-million dollar agreements. Also, I TRUSTED HIM to handle our marital finances while I focused on raising our three Children, providing a nice, warm, positive home and promoting his career. I was the full time caregiver and there was not any nanny. In a marriage the spouses are supposed to be able to trust each other. Our marriage ended when he became very dictatorial and started to treat me abusively and encouraged our Children to do the same. I developed seizures and became sick. It is a MIRACLE I have survived and all of my skills have returned too.

The community estate income during the marriage based on tax returns and other documents is approximated $800,000 to $1,000,000 (1 MILLION DOLLARS) a YEAR including Ordinary Dividends; Pensions and Annuities and other Savings and Accrued Interest; Rental Income; Partnership and Corporation Income and Trust Income; and Tax Refunds or Credits so during our entire marriage of over 20 years is at least 20 MILLION DOLLARS.

 My ex-husband even had his comment published in the Harvard Business School alumni magazine soon after our separation:

 “…The recession leaves little room to make excuses about lack of time to work out. I’ve got a sprint event on Catalina Island soon….”

 Examples of this unlawful cooperation by Professionals and Organizations with my ex-husband and others who carryout this Form of Abuse or Crime Against Humanity mainly Women and Children:

1) the tax returns of the ex-husband must not show the hidden assets and the Accounting Firm must not distribute to the ex-wife any delayed tax refunds and other delayed benefits and must agree to give them all to the ex-husband.  

Also, if the ex-husband has remarried then the new wife must agree to sign invalid tax returns because she reasonably should know all these delayed benefits of several hundred thousands of dollars cannot possibly be attributed to her new marriage.

 2) the Law Firms must not disclose the hidden assets so they are not part of the divorce and divided 50/50. They must PRETEND they never existed which includes retirement and savings accounts which the ex-wife helped save for and is now left in a poor financial state. Then they must agree to draft and sign and advise their client the ex-wife to sign an invalid divorce judgment. Even the ex-wife’s own legal counsel must do this.

 3) the Judge must agree to review, sign and file the invalid divorce judgment which is invalid on its face. Also, for post judgment spousal support modification requests made by the ex-husband, the judge must agree to  not order discovery so the ex-husband does not have to PROVE how he is paying for his expenses which is coming from these 501c3 and other agreements and well as passive income from hidden assets that the ex-wife should have received her 50% but did not.

 4) the Schools must not allow the Children to have therapy with a reputable therapist to help them realize what is going on including realizing the lies and schemes and that they should not alienate their Loving Mother.

 5) the Judge must not appoint a reputable therapist to help the Children realize what is going on and that they should not alienate their Loving Mother.

 6) Business Partners including Joint Venture Partners must agree to help TRANSFER and HIDE Companies, Partnerships and other Entities from the ex-wife and not distribute her 50% interest to her but agree to give her 50% interest to the ex-husband instead.

 7) the 401K Plan Administrator must agree to help TRANSFER and HIDE the plans from the ex-wife and give them to the ex-husband instead.

 Well, I have discovered that I and my Children are victims of this immoral and unlawful practice as these Professionals and Organizations are working TOGETHER with my ex-husband using lies and schemes to destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationships and also deprive me of my community property and other interests I should have received at the time of divorce.

These Religious Leaders and Organizations along with others appear to have agreements with my ex-husband that after some statute of limitations period runs; they will all SHARE MY PROPERTY that I have been deprived of receiving. In the meantime, they will use and abuse my Children and harm us financially and keep us alienated which is a form of emotional abuse for the Children and the Loving Mother as many experts have proven.


 Hiding community assets, income and other interests is a BIG BUSINESS for “religious” organizations and some non-profit Schools and Law Firms which is why Rabbis, Pastors, Priests and Schools and Law Firms REFUSE TO BE REASONABLE by discussing and writing about Parental Alienation or have educational events to help people understand Parental Alienation and learn to prevent it so Children of all ages and their Loving Mother will no longer be harmed at the time of divorce. They themselves secretly encourage Parental Alienation for a profit. It is pure evil and sickness to destroy Love; especially between Children and their Loving Mother.

 Even a Trust and Estate Law Firm reclassified and transferred community assets without my consent. Where do you think these community trust assets I was supposed to receive were disposed of? Would you believe with “religious” organizations?

 Most importantly, my ex-husband and these Professionals and Organizations working with him have allowed my Children to be abused as the photographs at the Boarding High School I have previously posted show of my minor Son at the time.

 ***They  have refused to use their professional negotiating skills and other resources to help us begin to reunite even though my ex-husband (and his new wife) told Dr. Phil on national television they supported a reunification of my relationship with my Children.

  I believe my Children are being threatened with financial and other repercussions because they would NEVER alienate me and also would have NEVER started cussing at me and writing disrespectful emails around the time of the divorce. They know better because I raised them with very good values and they were known for their kindness, values and respect for others.  As many experts have proven, my Children’s sudden change in behavior is very typical behavior of those suffering from parental alienation.


 I have been reviewing my divorce file to understand what happened to all the millions of dollars my ex-husband and I had saved for our Children’s college educations and our retirement of which I did not receive any and my Children are encumbered with approximately $225,000 of student loans.

 I am an attorney and used to clerk for a wonderful Judge. So, I am using my skills to rectify this situation and then change the laws so this form of abuse will be severely prohibited. Any reasonable person knows Children of all ages and their honest, caring Mother should be ENCOURAGED to support each other especially at the time of divorce; not have their relationship destroyed. They should learn TOGETHER how to cope with the divorce because this is what a healthy family does; they help each other and learn together.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF MY MOVEMENT to bring about these much needed legal changes to our society you can have the opportunity.

 During 2015, I will be rectifying this form of abuse called Parental Alienation by bring different legal actions. I have TRIED TO REASON with those involved many times but; they refuse to even acknowledge my concerns. So, as I have learned in life, sometimes you need to fight for your rights and those of your Children and millions like you. I refuse to become part of the corruption by remaining silent especially when I have all of this evidence to PROVE this abuse being carried out by many Professionals and Organizations and I have the skills too.

  I also have LOVE, love for freedom and equal rights for ALL which are principles the United States was founded upon and love for the well being of my Children, myself and millions like us. I also have an understanding of self-esteem and purpose and if you give up your values and what you believe in, you lose your self-esteem and your purpose for enjoying life.

 I have an advisory board but if you would like to make a contribution to help fund this legal venture it would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

 I will keep you posted on public hearings and the progress being made and also future opportunities.

Several think some aspects will come before the Supreme Court. I have many major Organizations which are a cornerstone to our society and their Executives or Administrators involved too. It is so horrible beyond words but; I know this is my OPPORTUNITY to make an important difference to so many in this world and to future generations, and you can too.

Please send any amount you would like to: Sara Hassman; 2160 S. Beverly Glen Blvd; Los Angeles, CA 90025.

 Many wonderful changes are coming in 2015. As one person told me; since these individuals and organizations have been extremely unreasonable and want to continue abusing Children, Teens and Young Adults and their Loving Mother at the time of divorce; the Corrupt and Powerful of today will be the Weak and Imprisoned of Tomorrow because this is JUSTICE. We cannot continue to allow them to destroy our Children, Loving Mothers and Humanity. Love, Truth and Compassion binds people of all ages and backgrounds so we can end CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

 As always, none of this is advice of any kind; it is just based on my experiences and understanding.

Very sincerely,

Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;




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