Crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and the crooked law firms SEASTROM, SEASTROM AND TUTTLE representing my crooked, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN and the crooked one representing me THE LAW OFFICE OF KALEEN HARRIS GONZALEZ intentionally, knowingly, outrageously, criminally and maliciously violated the law and still refuse to rectify their harmful errors.

Without any objections crooked JUDGE SILBAR stated that if MARK F. HASSMAN (my evil, crooked idiot husband) is not making a CURRENT INCOME, there is no need for the court to go through the California Family Law 4320 factors before granting his request made by the crooked law firm SEASTROM, SEASTROM AND TUTTLE, to reduce my spousal support to zero, yes zero. 

This is for a long-term marriage of over 20 years too which is unheard of and not supported by the law or any reasonable or rational basis especially without any PROOF.

Court records show that JUDGE SILBAR and the crooked law firms SEASTROM, SEASTROM AND TUTTLE and the one representing me THE LAW OFFICE OF KALEEN HARRIS GONZALEZ illegally and criminally DID NOT ORDER my crooked, evil, idiot husband to provide:

1) Current Income and Expense Declaration;   2) Personal and Business Financial Statements;   3) Tax Returns;   4) Profit and Loss Statements;   5) All Loan Documents for student loans, family home, other real estate, lines of credit, cars (his two Lexus vehicles) and the like and how he was able to get approved; 6) All Bank Statements;   7) All Credit Card Statements;   8) All Brokerage Account Statements;   9) All Retirement Account Statements (pension, 401ks, IRAs);   10) All Gift and Loan Documentation including charitable contributions which appear on tax returns;   11) All Trusts Related Documents;   12) All Expense Account Reimbursements;   13) All Cash receipts books and records;   14) Proof of children’s expenses including medical expenses;   15) Corporate or company minute books, 16) Shareholder and buy-sell agreements;  17) Share certificates;  18) Appointment books and personal calendars;  19) Safe deposit boxes and their contents like coin and stamp collections;  20) Escrow documents and closing statements; 21) Bankruptcy filings;  22) Back-up for documents that were not included in the Declarations of Disclosure.
All expenses must be PROVEN to be legitimate by my crooked husband WHO HAS THE BURDEN OF PROVE to prove his spousal support reduction request should be legally and reasonably granted. MARK F. HASSMAN being the BIG SHOT provider of:

a) his mistress, crooked MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY(aka the High-Priced Call Girl with the breast implants my STOLEN assets paid for) or as he and Judge Silbar allege is his wife despite the fraudulent, invalid May 7, 2010 divorce judgment,

b) of her “two kids” and

c) also of our three ADULT children

as he SWORE under oath; are NOT LEGITIMATE EXPENSES which legally and reasonably warrant him and his crooked law firm SEASTROM, SEASTROM AND TUTTLE to request and crooked JUDGE SILBAR to grant his requested spousal support termination or reduction to zero ALL WITHOUT OBJECTION from my crooked law firm Gonzalez.

Think we have Rigged Legal System?

Remember, this is only one small part, there is so much more incriminating evidence.

Stay tuned because many wonderful things are happening for those of us who live in the World of Love and support Truth, Justice and Equal Rights for loving, law-abiding Women, Mothers and others in our society.

Like PRESIDENT TRUMP said; we have tolerated terrorism long enough and PARENTAL ALIENATION is a form a domestic terrorism and so are all the crimes which commonly go along with this terror. 
Never expect these evil, crooked terrorists to rectify the damages they have caused because they think they are “entitled” to harm others so they can PROFIT.

I am thrilled more and more truth is being exposed and in public records too.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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