DEAR 1) MY DAUGHTER; then 2) MY SONS and 3) THOSE PROMOTING Parental Alienation: HAVE YOU ALREADY HAD YOUR FATHER’S BABY or the BABY OF SOMEONE HE DEMANDED YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH? Know that you have so much LOVE in your heart and are very CAPABLE of being a wonderful MOTHER. However, TO ALL: BEFORE you can LOVE ANOTHER you must FIRST LOVE YOURSELF meaning: 1) the CHOICES you have made and; 2) your BEHAVIOR and VALUES, what you stand for and what you adamantly refuse to accept because; A person who CREATES and/or SUPPORTS and DOESN’T TRY TO STOP the TERROR of Parental Alienation is incapable of LOVING THEMSELVES and OTHERS as LIFE proves.

My Children,

You don’t need to and shouldn’t PLAY A ROLE or have an IMAGE YOUR FATHER or ANYONE ELSE WANTS. Just be yourself; LOVING and HONEST AS I RAISED YOU TO BE and as I and many others KNOW YOU WERE, yes were, BEFORE the VERY WELL-DOCUMENTED PARENTAL ALIENATION BEGAN twelve (12) years ago.

A child does not come with a handbook and you will UNINTENTIONALLY make some mistakes as ALL MOTHERS and FATHERS do. I along with most other Mothers and Fathers have wonderful, honest and loving INTENTIONS but; we are not perfect so it is EXPECTED that we will make some mistakes. But; we Never, Ever try to DESTROY LOVE and HARM THOSE PROMOTING LOVE which those promoting this TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION INTENTIONAL and MALICIOUSLY DO; as mine and MILLIONS of others overwhelming facts prove.

My Children and maybe Some Of Those promoting Parental Alienation;

Just remember how CAPABLE and RESOURCEFUL each one of you can be IF YOU WANT and CHOOSE TO BE.

Not Everyone in this world has your capabilities so please use them NOT ONLY to HELP YOURSELF BUT to also HELP OTHERS WHO ARE UNABLE as I have done and continue to do. This is what my wonderful, wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN and JUDGE SFEKAS both gratefully taught me which is also the sacred JEWISH COMMANDMENT of TIKKUN OLAM.

If any of you have REGRETS for some of the CHOICES you have made or the ACTS you have carried out; REPENT AND RECTIFY THEM. In other words, APOLOGIZE to those you have harmed and UNDO OR RECTIFY the harms you have caused otherwise; YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOVE and FIND HAPPINESS because YOU WILL BE FULL OF GUILT and SHAME for what you have done. Again my wise and compassionate beloved GRANDFATHER BEN used to tell me this and my experiences in life and history too have shown me it is undeniably true.

If you doubt my words and also those of GRANDPA BEN’S; please see an honest, therapist who practices “safe haven therapy,” meaning that your sessions will be kept confidential from EVERYONE.

   My Children, AS ADULTS NOW, please be RESPONSIBLE and take yourself, OR even better, ALL OF YOU GO TOGETHER AS SIBLINGS, to such a therapist so you can heal properly. (You can have skype sessions together if living in different cities and due to this coronavirus plague). I have PROUDLY had “safe haven therapy,” several times in my life FOR MONTHS AND EVEN SEVERAL YEARS, not just for a few sessions. My parental alienation therapy which continued for several years was in conjunction with psychiatrist sessions because, as expected, I needed anti-depression medication and medication to cut my thoughts off at night so I could sleep. A psychiatrist, not a therapist, can dispense medication and my therapist and psychiatrist both in Los Angeles, worked together. I am so grateful for having found both of them because…

What I learned was NOT INTUITIVE and these professionals I saw were trained in the areas of Parental Alienation, Narcissism and similar behaviors and other Family Matters including having a corrupt, manipulative, insecure, unloving and controlling mother, father, sister and then husband too. Remember, I also had therapy when I was 27 years old and NEEDED TO GAIN THE STRENGTH TO PROUDLY sue my parents, sister and their lawyer because they were INTENTIONALLY and MALICIOUSLY IMPLICATING ME IN THEIR ILLEGAL and IMMORAL ACTIVITIES. As my lawsuit against them proves; they REFUSED TO STOP using my social security number to evade taxes. However due to my brave efforts, my lawsuit against them changed legal precedent because it helped abolish the kiddie trust tax laws so their abuse against Me would not happen again to anyone include those in future generations.

All my therapy throughout my life in conjunction with my medication has been very rewarding and fruitful since it helped me UNDERSTAND evil, sick, manipulative narcissists and others with similar behavior and how to COPE and also HEAL. Anyone who ENGAGES in such therapy with honest and capable professionals as I did will have positive results as I have. Specifically…

*** I could have never learned to LOVE AND TRUST AGAIN without my therapy and medication too so I could eat, sleep, have a regular routine and be PROUD for bravely standing up for TRUTH, LOVE, FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE for ALL.

When you find TRUE LOVE; you and your partner will agree to and ACTUALLY love each other: 1) for “richer or poorer;” 2) enrich each other in positive ways and also; 3) help each other grow old together with a lot of love.


***If truly in love (as I reasonably thought I was) and CAPABLE of loving yourself and another; YOU WILL NEVER, EVER THINK of HARMING EACH OTHER or YOUR CHILDREN.

***However, it is very difficult to predict that after twenty (20) years a partner will totally change by UNDERMINING your loving ways and by USING AND ABUSING YOU and YOUR CHILDREN. This is one reason PARENTAL ALIENATION has become an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM WORLDWIDE.

In addition, Parental Alienation is UNFATHOMABLE since it shows an EXTREME BETRAYAL OF TRUST. In other words, the heinous crimes of sexual, emotional and physical abuse of yourself and your children along with the theft of your marital assets is INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO SOMEONE WHO REASONABLY, yes reasonably, THOUGHT SHE WAS MARRIED TO A MAN WHO LOVED HER and the CHILDREN THEY CREATED. As experts and others have proven; a person who creates and/or supports including remaining silent to the TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION is a person who is incapable of LOVING THEMSELVES and also OTHERS.

WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE OTHERS… AFTER PROVING that those you reasonably thought loved and cared about you don’t and also AS ADULTS don’t want to put forth the effort to learn AGAIN how to love and have compassionate and honest and moral behavior; you will want to put down your weapons and begin a NEW LIFE of peace and love which is what I am doing.

****Yes, it is ESPECIALLY DIFFICULT to forget about your CHILDREN whom you raised and whom you love dearly and thought loved you too but; in THEIR CURRENT state of mind AS ADULTS NOW and with their abusive thoughts and behaviors; they would only harm Me AGAIN if they became part of my life.

As my overwhelming DEEDS PROVE; I have diligently tried to help MY CHILDREN and many others SEE AND UNDERSTAND the TRUTH ever since the very well-documented Parental Alienation began about twelve (12) years ago. Quite unfortunately as capable as they are; they obviously STILL WANT TO BELIEVE THE LIES and KEEP REFUSING TO LOOK AT THE OVERWHELMING FACTS.

Their life WITHOUT ME and MY HONEST LOVE is a great loss to them which I hope they are ABLE TO REALIZE one day for THEIR OWN happiness and well-being. However, I will not sit around and wait which is why I have CHOSEN to reasonably begin my new life here in Israel. I hope if MY CHILDREN ever do realize this TRUTH that it isn’t too late for us to reunite and renew our once beautiful companionships but; I am very, very grateful to have healed and to be able to begin my new life here in Israel. I AM TRULY BLESSED.

MAYBE ONCE THIS CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE ENDS; those who survive will come to their senses and WANT TO CHANGE their evil and malicious THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS so that they will diligently help end this epidemic worldwide problem of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION by PICKING UP WHERE I LEFT OFF. Let’s hope knowing that I, My Children and MILLIONS of others could have never survived this terror if GOD was not walking by our side. He must have an important purpose for bringing about this Terror of Parental Alienation and then this coronavirus Plague.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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