Dear Defendants…

Thought many would be interested in seeing this email I recently sent. Remember, truth and justice will prevail.

Dear Defendants,

I want to make it clear that all of you, the defendants in Los Angeles County Superior Court Case # BC580980 UNILATERIALLY AGREED to move the November 17, 2015 hearing before Judge Elizabeth White in Department 48 to January 15, 2015 without consulting me; the Plaintiff.

It is my understanding that the rules of court demand that parties cannot make unilateral changes to court hearings so please send me the rule which shows you are legally allowed to do this.

As all of you know or should know, I have been trying to receive my 50 percent interest in the assets of the community estate for over 7 years now. Is this why you are delaying?

To show your reasonableness, please send me the money and property from the community estate which you know I was deprived of receiving based upon tax returns and other documents that are part of the case. I am entitled to the fruits of my labor for over 20 years as you know or should know.

Let the record reflect that I do NOT accept the continuation of the November 17, 2015 hearing and please send me the laws of court which show me you can unilaterally make the decision to move the hearing to January 15, 2015.

Also, please provide the facts and legal basis showing why I was deprived of custody and visitation and why civil restraining orders were issued against me and are still effective.

I abide by the laws and I expect all of you to also.

I am not sending this email to defendants Mark F. Hassman and Mikel Sanders-Persky due to their civil restraining orders they had issued against me without any legal or rational basis. I do not want to find myself involved in another dismissed lawsuit involving abuse of process and malicious prosecution in criminal court based upon their false and misleading restraining order allegations.
Sara Hassman




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