Never allow anyone to scare you, threaten you or manipulate your mind so you become their puppet living without love, kindness and respect but worse; YOU THEN ALSO try to destroy the love of others.

Instead, CHOOSE to stay strong; use your special mind and your special skills God gave you to help others in positive, meaningful ways. If you do this; you will have self-esteem, be proud of yourself and your accomplishments and not have regrets because you lived life to its fullest using YOUR POTENTIAL. 

As my dear friend Joel always comments; WHO OWNS YOUR MIND? Do you or have you sold it to someone else so YOU REMAIN SILENT when YOU have the skills and experience to make a positive difference for many in our society and even in our world?
Particularly women who use their mind and skills are labeled in derogatory ways as: crazy, witches, bitches, ungrateful, stupid, and the like all to encourage others to disregard their TRUTHFUL, IMPORTANT message like how those with prestigious titles in our society and false images are DESTROYING LOVE and ABUSING THOSE WHO ARE VULNERABLE because it is profitable and beneficial for them.
Anyone with a sound mind knows that depriving a loving, law-abiding Mother who raised her children and helped them thrive in many positive ways from receiving her legal rights to custody and visitation at the time of divorce is abuse. This is the emotional abuse called Parental Alienation which many psychologists, therapists and other experts have proven.[]. 
Many, many tests and clinical evaluations must be performed and unquestionably determine that a Mother is unfit and dangerous BEFORE she can be deprived of her legal and constitutional rights of custody and visitation.

***However, in the United States today, millions of Mothers like myself are being deprived of their legal and constitutional rights of custody and visitation WITHOUT such tests and evaluations because it is PROFITABLE for the establishment as my divorce judgment and many documents in my case clearly show on their face. No interpretation is needed; the abuse and fraud is very visible from reading many documents.[Los Angeles County Superior Court case #BC580980]
Further, why are ALL Jewish organizations in the United States ignoring this epidemic problem of abuse called Parental Alienation? This includes RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD who is on PRESIDENT OBAMA’s council for religion. She has refused since 2013 from acknowledging my emails, voicemails and concerns about Parental Alienation in the Jewish community and help me understand what I could have possible done to have been banned from Sinai Temple in 2013. (They made a “charitable” agreement with my ex-husband with my money and property from my divorce which I never received). We supposedly live in a democratic republic not a dictatorship. 
***Bestselling author Stephen Fried even discusses how this epidemic problem of profiting from alienating loving Mothers from their children at the time of divorce has been going on in the Jewish community since the 1970’s.[…/Chapter-2-for-WEBPAGEThe-New-R…]
Is it because I questioned why the Jews are ignoring this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and REFUSING to help loving, law-abiding Mothers reunite with their Children I was banned from SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles? Was banning me part of the “agreement” they made with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN so I would suffer from more abuse and emotional torture?
To show how ruthless these Jewish Organizations and Leaders have become; I consulted RABBI DAVID WOLPE the senior rabbi at Sinai Temple. Thus RABBI DAVID WOLPE knew FIRST HAND I was trying to cope with the abuse of parental alienation but obviously took more advantage of me by banning me from the Sinai Temple in 2013 AND since then, neither he nor anyone else from Sinai Temple or ANY OTHER Jewish Organization in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES will help me understand why.

What could I have done that was so horrible but I was not arrested for? I have had a clean record my entire life of over 50 years and I am known for my honestly and good values.
Treating me like this is not Judaism but terrorism and the abuse of profiting from Parental Alienation…destroying the love between an honest, law-abiding Mother and her Children commonly occurring at the time of divorce so:
1. the father does not have to pay child support, 
2. can abuse the children even more
3. and can also try to destroy the Mother so she does not have the ability to defend her legal rights and hold the father and all those helping him accountable so they can SECRETLY STEAL her money and other assets. In my case this is millions of dollars.

Too bad for them because I recovered enough to expose this horrible truth which is what I am doing.

This is ruling with AUTHORITY vs. REASONABLENESS. Any reasonable person knows as many experts have proven that it is in the best interest of the Children of ALL AGES that when their parents get divorced; they should have an INDEPENDENT relationship with BOTH parents. This is not happening in millions of situations because many are profiting from this abused called Parental Alienation including “religious” organizations.

Thus, the love between my children and myself has been destroyed to the point where we no longer have any relationship because my children refuse to acknowledge my existence and no one in this entire world (except some very close friends of mine) will help us. The Jews refuse to help along with the judges, the law firms, the court-appointed therapist, executives, joint venture partners, schools and colleges, the State of California, the new wife/stepmother, Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and others. As the facts clearly show; they just want to keep profiting hoping I will GO AWAY AND THEY CAN KEEP MY MILLONS OF DOLLARS and KEEP RUNNING THEIR CORRUPTION HARMING OTHERS LIKE ME.

With the help of the honest and wonderful Judge I clerked for JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS; my honest and wonderful trusts and estates law school professor LARRY ROSENTHAL; the lead therapist of the Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister League in Baltimore, Maryland named CONRAD NATHAN and even my ex-husband; I sued my parents, sister and their corrupt law firm who were all secretly using my social security number with a fraudulent grantor trust to defraud IRS and others in 1985 when I was 27 years old. I gained my FREEDOM from my parents, sister and their law firm and was able to have a clean record with the IRS and file my own tax returns as an adult should be able to do. This is justice.

My ex-husband knows how much I love our children as most Mothers do which is why Parental Alienation is such an unconscionable abuse and severe torture for both the Mother and the Children as any reasonable person knows.

Thus, as I explained yesterday in my post, my dear friend Cindy and I met about 7 years ago when I was trying to understand parental alienation and since then we have become very close. She considers me her spiritual Mother and I consider her my spiritual Daughter. How beautiful.

Now her horrible father has banned us from seeing each other while Cindy is in the hospital because I am asking very important and reasonable questions regarding epilepsy to try to help Cindy based upon MY PERSONAL knowledge and experiences. Any father with a sound mind should be grateful for Cindy’s and my friendship and the fact that I have extensive knowledge regarding epilepsy. Again, sick people try to DESTROY LOVE SO THEY CAN CONTROL. A loving, reasonable father would want us to SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCES so we can together help Cindy not DEPRIVE HER OF KNOWLEDGE and LOVE.

What will be interesting is if those from METRO CAVLARY CHURCH in Santa Monica, California who expressed how grateful they are from my love and assistance I have provided to Cindy and “prayed over me” and told me they know I am a very good person; will try to help. Will they try to help Cindy with all their resources and network, find the strength to stand up to her father? 
Will they try to help me with their resources and network stand up to the judges, law firms, Jews, court-appointed therapist, schools, joint venture partners, executives, Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and others so I can obtain a legal divorce so my ex-husband is no longer a polygamist?
Will they help me reunite with my children?

Or like so many others in our society who have the resources and the network, will those from METRO CAVLARY CHURCH in Santa Monica, California just ignore these blatant acts of destruction of love, acts of parental alienation, secretly stealing a wife/mother’s assets and income at the time of divorce causing her to become financially devastated and have other problems?
Time will tell. Is METRO CALVARY CHURCH like all the other religious organizations in the United States which profit even if this means abusing others and stealing their assets, or are they different?

As the famous author Elie Wiesel said: if you do NOT fight against corruption, you empower the corrupt as many did regarding Hitler. Closing your eyes to corruption makes our world a worse place for all which is NOT what God commands.

As my wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben said: never give up fighting for your good values and good character. If you do, you have nothing. I can only control what I do so I will never give up fighting for my legal rights and those of others who are unable to fight for themselves. If I die trying, so be it; I will die knowing I lived to my potential with love in my heart and I never sold my soul.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. It is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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