Developing an Iron Will so You can Accomplish many Important Goals

I realized I have something that many people do not have which helps me stay strong, have good morals and values and be NOT be intimidated by those corrupt people who feel threatened when I try to bring out the truth on a very important subject like Parental Alienation.

I have an IRON WILL to do moral and honest things to help myself and others; especially my wonderful Children and millions like them. You can have an IRON WILL too.
Here is how:
First, I have taken the time to educate myself with therapists, authors and other experts so I understand the problem and what drives the sick, alienating parent and those who aid him (her).
Currently, I am referring to Parental Alienation but; all through my life it has been about different subjects that I wanted and needed to understand.

Second, I have learned to EXPECT those who repeatedly refuse to change their corrupt ways to keep PROFITING from their corruption by:
1) Receiving money and other benefits, even sexual favors;
2) Intimidating others so they can CONTROL them;
3) Having this sick need for POWER, called power lust so they are myopic.

In other words, they will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to maintain their Profit, Control and Power even if they have to harm Children of all ages and their loving Mother (father) at the time of divorce when they really need each others’ companionship and thereafter too when they also need each other.

If you do not go along with them, like I won’t; they ridicule and harass you. This is what they do; they are corrupt.

Third, I have learned to understand that sick, corrupt people like this do not stand for anything. They do not have any beliefs or ideology they believe in but just do WHATEVER IT TAKES for them to maintain their Profit, Control and Power.
They have sold their soul.

As a result, they act one way to one person and then turn around and act the opposite to another person who has the opposite views, if this will help them to maintain their Profit, Control and Power.

They PRETEND they are doing good things but it is just an ACT and when you watch them closely, you will see all the corrupt things they do.

***They are professional manipulators, liars, cheaters and actors who have a network they have intimidated to carry out their orders. This network is comprised of sick, weak people like themselves as “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.”
For example:
TRYING TO MANIPULATE YOUR MIND is what Rabbis and other Jewish leaders, some Executives, School Administrators, Coaches and others with impressive titles do when someone like me would dare to bring out the truth about their corrupt ways which are harming millions.
Many use 501(c)(3) agreements and other agreements which perpetuate Parental Alienation as the root of the corruption.

******Any reasonable person knows or should know that a “religious” or REASONABLE person would try to REUNITE a loving Mother with her Children and also DISCUSS this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation so others will not be harmed. This is just common sense.***

Instead they try to fall back on their impressive titles and their network and try to show that the one bringing out the truth is crazy when it is THEM and their corrupt network that is very sick and corrupt.
I have seen this so many times.

***Many weak people do not want to get involved because they want to profit too by having business or other benefits sent to them.
Plus they want to be “included” and feel part of a group; not caring about the corruption.
They are weak and do not want to help themselves make positive changes and find a better group to be part of.
They rationalize the corruption which brings them problems of shame for years unless they choose to change their ways, which very few ever do.

However today, many strong people also understand this deception and manipulation as the news reports constantly show how Executives, Rabbis, other Religious leaders, Coaches, School Principals and others with impressive titles have been convicted of crimes.

I know with social media being so popular today; many of these corrupt people will send comments and emails trying to MANIPULATE THE MINDS of those trying to bring out the truth by trying to convince them they are wrong.

They even USE MANY ALIASES TO MAKE YOU THINK you are getting many different emails or comments from many people telling you that your thoughts are wrong when all the emails or comments are coming from the SAME person.
Often this person has been ASSIGNED THE JOB by their network of Executives or “Religious” leaders and is PAID to do this ONLINE “MIND MANIPULATION.”

Often the Executive and “Religious” Rabbi or Organization, School Principal and others will work together to help manipulate the mind of the person trying to bring out the TRUTH because they do not WANT TO LOSE THEIR PROFIT, CONTROL AND POWER doing their corrupt acts.

THEY REFUSE TO CHANGE and want to keep corrupting others as the Rabbis and other Jewish leaders and organizations have been intentionally destroying the Mother/Child bond for a PROFIT since the 1970’s and do not care that they are harming the Mother and the Children of all ages. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author].

I first learned these important lessons when my parents, sister and their lawyer were using my social security number in a wrongful way.
I helped change the “kiddie trust” laws so this became illegal as well as morally wrong as any reasonable person knew or should have known.
*** Just like parental alienation; any reasonable person knows it is morally wrong.
At that time, it was very profitable for wealthy parents to have their lawyer set up a trust in a child’s name with the child’s social security number. (called a grantor trust).
Then they put their income into it and paid less taxes, having more disposable income for themselves because the child was in a much low tax bracket than the wealthy mother and father.
However, it was very wrong and also very controlling for me and other children like me because we did not have control of our own social security number and we were not allowed to file our own tax returns.
This had gone on for years until I discovered this as a young adult because I wanted to start filing my own tax returns. My parents refused to rectify this and wanted to keep this arrangement in place.

I knew I needed to rectify the situation so I, as an adult, could file my own tax return knowing this was the ONLY ONE being filed on my behalf.

I received advice from my wonderful Trusts and Estates law school professor, the wonderful Judge I clerked for and others.
Then I had to go through therapy to develop the strength to sue my parents, sister and their lawyer so I could reclaim my social security number and stop this control, immorality and corruption.

During the time when the lawsuit was going on which was for 4 years and even afterwards, many of my relatives and people I knew growing up would say horrible things to me when they saw me. I stopped being invited places and people stopped associating with me.

***It was truly a BLESSING because I realized who my friends were and also those people who had GOOD VALUES and CHARACTER and those who were only interested in MONEY.
Many just supported my parents because they were very WEALTHY. As is very typical, these people were only interested in the money and not TRUTH or JUSTICE.
***My parents sent many of them business since they had a lot of money and the people cared more about their business and money than about the rights of children and justice.
This is the same corruption today with parental alienation but with new faces and different method; not a trust this time but 501(c)(3) agreements and other similar agreements and other corrupt acts.
But basically, corrupt people have been doing the same corrupt things for years by taking advantage of their children who trusted them and also a spouse who trusted them.

Today corrupt and immoral people can also try to manipulate the minds of others online as well as off line too so they can be more corrupt because they can reach and influence more people.
***So be aware that only ONE person is probably sending you emails and comments to intimidate you, even if it looks like they are coming from many.

***Just know the truth and that you ARE moral and strong and don’t let others intimidate you.
There are all kinds of negative influences in life ALL THE TIME so be strong and say “no” and don’t associate with manipulative people, even if this is a parent or sibling, like my own; IF THEY REFUSE TO CHANGE and stop manipulating and doing corrupt things.

Ignore any intimidating email messages and comments and just keep moving forward doing moral and worthwhile things for yourself and your brother(s) and sister, if possible.
If they choose to be corrupt then be INDEPENDENT and just do what you know is right; setting the example for them and others to follow, if they ever choose.

***Most importantly, be the kind, honest and moral person you are for YOURSELF.
I believe God helps those who help themselves so just take control of yourself and do good things.

*** Don’t spend your time and energy worrying about what corrupt people do. Just do what YOU KNOW is moral, honest, kind and caring. Be the person YOU want to be.
Be GLAD these corrupt people and those in their “network” have excluded you because you are so much better off WITHOUT THEM.
You can have peace of mind and not concern yourself with their manipulations. You can focus and use your own freewill to do the positive things YOU want to do.
Have an Iron Will.

On a personal note for my Children, if they are reading this:
I read an article about Ojai which included photographs of the art galleries and shops on Ojai Avenue where we used to go.
One shop is selling very colorful birdhouses made from gourds that I think look very interesting.
I have a big tree right outside my balcony and I am going to ask my landlord if I can get one of these birdhouses and feed and watch the birds like we used to do. I have a hummingbird feeder so I think it will be fine.

It will be interesting to see the birds that are attracted in Los Angeles compared with the woodpeckers, bluebirds and others who came to our bird feeders in the woods. I often hear beautiful birds chirping from my apartment, especially in the morning.
Speaking of birds; the Orioles aren’t doing too well.
I wonder how the Camden club is with the great food, the popcorn and those chocolate baseball candies and of course the cotton candy vendors outside. Remember your birthday parties there?

I think the O’s need Cal. Remember the gymnasium at his house where the birthday parties were and his batting cage?
I bet Ryan will be a big baseball star soon since he has the body with his huge hands and feet and of course great training from his father. (Not all fathers are like yours and mine; they truly care about their children and helping them have good values and reach their beautiful potential. Not using them for their benefit while harming them greatly).
Well, don’t worry; I know many great lessons are being learned. Remember all our fun hikes too? I believe we will have more great times together too.
Love always, Mom
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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