Did my husband MARK HASSMAN and millions like him marry NOT out of love but because their Wife was a good INVESTMENT?

Did my husband MARK HASSMAN and millions like him marry NOT out of love but because their Wife fulfilled their needs at that stage of their life? Was the Wife looked at as an INVESTMENT and a “good catch”? Did the Wife make the husband look good professionally and in many other ways so he was foolish not to marry her and PRETEND to love her and then also PRETEND to love their Children so HE could carry out his premeditated plans: profiting by using and abusing the Wife and their Children under the pretense of “love”?

Like those who have narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies, it clearly appears my husband MARK HASSMAN and millions like him married with the premeditated intention of using and abusing their Wife who is the Mother of their Children and also their Children so he could profit from tax and other financial perspectives while having control over them.

***Like a very sick narcissist and sociopath, it appears my husband MARK HASSMAN planned that his Wife and his Children would compose his little “club” whose members would sell their mind to him while becoming his “obedient” slaves. More explicitly, my sick and abusive husband and men like him manipulatively say in a positive, charming way to try to encourage this FAMILY SLAVERY that his Wife and Children have “unconditional love” for him. Further, he falsely claims the unconditional love is beautiful when he clearly knows or should know it is abusive and emotionally sick behavior. [www.PAlienation.org]

People should be encouraged to have their own INDEPENDENT thoughts so they enrich themselves and broaden their horizons.
People should be lovingly and sincerely guided by their spouse and parents to reach their beautiful positive potential while being taught esteemed values and character.

A sane, loving parent and spouse do NOT want their family members to have “unconditional love” for them thereby:
1. Allowing themselves to be used and abused;
2. Allowing themselves to develop depraved values and character and; 
3. Allowing themselves to be punished for THINKING AND ACTING INDEPENDENTLY. 
This is abuse, control and slavery NOT freedom or loving, compassionate and legal behavior.[www.PAlienation.org]

If my husband MARK HASSMAN truly at one time loved me and our Children, he:
1. Would clearly explain to Me why he suddenly wanted a divorce when I reasonably refused to sign student loans since we had millions of dollars saved for our Children’s education. In other words, what made him “fall out of love” at the time I “disobeyed” his orders that were unreasonable and unlawful?

2. Would clearly, with all his negotiating skills, experience and Harvard education, help me and our Children understand this sudden Parental Alienation and try to help us reunite as he even told Dr. Phil on national television he was interested in doing.

***Parents who create and perpetuate Parental Alienation do not love their spouse or their Children as experts have proven [www.PAlienation.org];

3. Would clearly try to rectify our fraudulent divorce contract by suing the divorce law firm he hired (SEASTROM & SEASTROM) for malpractice as I have done since we are not legally divorced? ***Didn’t he hire them to obtain a lawful divorce? Isn’t obtaining lawful divorce contracts SEASTROM & SEASTROM’S expertise and business or are they DECEIVING THE PUBLIC because they are really in business to abuse the Wife/Mother?

4. If my husband MARK HASSMAN truly wants to be divorced from me then he would fervently establish the net worth of the community estate under his control, establish its disposal and carry out the other steps necessary for us to have a legal and valid divorce. Because my husband has repeatedly refused to carry out these steps now for several years; this is just more evidence that he is working with the law firms, judges, religious organizations, non-profit schools, court-appointed therapist, his mistress and others with the CRIMINAL PURPOSES of depriving me of receiving the millions of dollars from my community estate I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter along with my other legal rights I have been deprived of.

What about the law firms, judges, rabbis, pastors, priests, religious organizations, non-profit schools, court-appointed therapist, his mistress and others; if they thought they had to follow the law and also had any compassion they would as Professionals and ALSO as Individuals:

1. Want to help Me and my Children understand the reason(s) for the sudden parental alienation and try to resolve it;

2. Want to help Me resolve my fraudulent and unlawful divorce contract so I can obtain a legal and valid divorce as my husband and I intended. (at least I THOUGHT this was my husband’s intention but apparently he hired law firms and others to create a fraudulent divorce contract so we remain married. The judges and law firms especially know we are not divorced because the laws clearly outline the steps necessary to obtain a legal and valid divorce. In addition, my lawsuit documents have also outlined these legal steps necessary so all the others know or should know we are not divorced yet.

3. Want to rectify my fraudulent and invalid divorce contract so my husband could obtain a subsequent valid and lawful marriage contract with his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY.

***My sick, lying, manipulative, abusive husband had to know when he signed a marriage contract with his mistress that he was not legally divorced from me because:

Don’t even try to reasonably explain that the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM did not tell their client my husband MARK HASSMAN that upon signing our fraudulent divorce contract that we were not legally divorced. If not, why didn’t my husband sue this law firm for malpractice?

What about the law firm I hired; THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN; they also knew upon signing my divorce contract and telling me to sign it too that I was not legally divorced.

What about experienced JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR; upon sanctioning my divorce contract by reviewing it, signing it and filing it; she knew we were not legally divorced. (She has since been removed from her post at this courthouse).Why hasn’t my husband sued her too?

What about the law firm I hired to stop my husband from reducing my spousal support to zero without any evidence of the net worth of the community estate, its disposal and his personal net worth; THE LAW OFFICE OF HARRIS GONZALEZ; knew that BEFORE a post-contract spousal support modification can be made, the divorce contract must be lawful and valid and that mine wasn’t.

4. Why haven’t any RABBIS, PASTORS, OTHER RELIGIOUS LEADERS, NON-PROFIT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS come forth with the evidence that community property, money and income was SECRETLY donated to their 501(c)(3) and/or other “charitable” agreements so I can obtain a lawful divorce by establishing the net worth of the community estate and its disposal?

5. Why haven’t Executives, Joint Venture Partners and the 401K Profit Sharing Administrator come forth with the evidence that community property, money and income was SECRETLY being hidden by them?

6. Why hasn’t the Court-Appointed Therapist ALAN LIBERMAN, PhD come forth and explained that his report did not contain any tests but was based upon hearsay of my sick, lying, abusive husband who does not have any therapeutic or psychological licenses or certifications? Why does this Court-Appointed Therapist want to promote Parental Alienation by writing a false report that I should be deprived of custody and visitation even though I have been a law-abiding Woman my entire life and my Children thrived in many positive ways when I was part of their lives? Why did experienced JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR rely on this fraudulent report of her court-appointed therapist which lacked tests and lacked any evidence showing I am anything but an honest, law-abiding Woman and Mother?

Thus, not only was my marriage seen as an INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY by my husband who lacked love and just pretended to love me and our Children; my fraudulent divorce was and still is seen as an INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY for my husband to use and abuse Me and our Children for his benefit. My sick, abusive, lying husband was living a lie during our marriage and continues to do so because he PRETENDS WE ARE DIVORCED WHEN HE KNOWS WE ARE NOT.

As the facts show my husband MARK HASSMAN has a pattern of lying, cheating, misleading and pretending to love; he also knowingly has a sham marriage with his mistress.

My husband needs his mistress to:
1) help him claim fraudulent tax benefits as their fraudulent tax returns show,
2) import some of his income to her so he can claim he can’t afford to pay me support as legal documents show and 
3) maybe for some personal satisfaction too along with other reasons.

***What a legal mess my husband has created all because he tried to PRETEND he was in love with me and our Children. 
Well, it isn’t over yet, as more and more of the truth is being revealed.

I will prevail because I believed my husband’s lies and charming behavior and I truly loved him (I no longer do of course) and I love our Children as my behavior has shown and continues to show.
Truth and Love will prevail, just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences and my compassion.


Unfortunately Peanutbutter Your love of your children is clear. -Your- words, clearly addressed to them in this public forum, unedited by me, a little over a year ago.

Unfortunately Peanutbutter ***TO MY CHILDREN: you should be ashamed of yourself for choosing money over love, kindness, honesty and morality. 
As a result as many psychologists, authors and others with educated minds have proven: You will suffer by being filled with shame and a lack of self-esteem your entire life; unless you change by doing what you know is moral and just and refusing to associate with dishonest, immoral people; like I have taught you and constantly SHOW you too. 
***How can you feel good about yourself taking MY money and believing the lies about me that you know are UNREASONABLE and RIDICULOUS especially if you open your eyes and look at the facts? 
I am ashamed of all of you; if you even care. 
You know better because I raised you with values of honesty, truth and kindness and showered you with a lot of Motherly love. 
I feel very sorry for all of you and please only contact me if you change your evil ways and return to your values I taught you of respect, collaboration, kindness, empathy and honesty. I don’t associate with those who take other people’s money especially their own Mother’s, lie and cheat and don’t care that they harm others including themselves. 
***You are a great disappointment to me but; it is very sad you are not disappointed with YOURSELF. Love, your disappointed Mother

Parental Alienation Solutions
Unfortunately Peanutbutter you are not thinking reasonably or in a Loving, Motherly way because: A loving Mother guides her children HONESTLY and does not placate them. She helps then understand the truth. When they are headed down an immoral and unlawful path she tries to help them understand which is what I consistently do. This is why my husband has tried to have my website removed and even forced my daughter to only attend the therapy Dr. Phil so graciously provided IF I would take my website and facebook page down. I won’t because this is very unreasonable as any reasonable person knows. I have rights to have a website and facebook page and I will not be controlled by my husband who tries to use my Children, and in this one example, my daughter, to try to unreasonably control me. My Children know my door is open to them IF they are reasonable, kind, compassionate and respectful and want to civilly discuss any issues. This is how a loving, law-abiding, compassionate Mother behaves. She doesn’t let her immoral or corrupt Children bring her down.  SHE BRINGS THEM UP TO HER HONEST, MORAL AND LAW-ABIDING LEVEL. I hope I made myself very clear.
Unfortunately Peanutbutter and thank you so much for making your important but incorrect point because I was able to clarify it. I hope you understand now and if you have children yourself, this is what you should do too.
Never stoop to their’s or anyone’s immoral or unlawful standards. Like I have said, this is why I got divorced; I refused to fraudulently sign student loans which my husband MARK HASSMAN ordered because I knew we did not need student loans and to do so would be criminal and immoral as any reasonable person knows; especially him since he is a certified public accountant and a graduate of Harvard business school. Thanks again for your question so I could clarify my words.
Do you have any other questions for me? If so, post those too and I will be very happy to clarify them.
I hope Unfortunately Peanutbutter you have a great day! I am still celebrating my Birthday. I went to this great cafe yesterday, was able to get a ticket to the special Rain Room at the LA County Museum of Art and this exhibit was very interesting and I will be going to a Dodgers game soon too. I just love Los Angeles and all of its excitement and many wonderful, honest, kind and civil people.
Susan Riddle Thank you for continuing your fight to expose the corrupt horrors going on with the divorce “industry” 

I’ve experienced it myself. 
And the prejudice of Silbar. She’s irreparably damaged my life by not letting evidence be presented, etc. She clearly favored my smirking, ex husband even though he was arrested by NBPD for Domestic Violence and could not obtain custody for over 4 years, until he threatened to sue Dr Adams right in front of me. 

My ex husband Tracy Riddle is so despised by the other judges they kicked our case out of Lamiraux and in CJC. I wasn’t aware of it, and never got to decline Silbar. The arbitrary and capricious, woman hating, sassy, “boys club” kind of gal. 
I’ve seen her make nicely behaved women break down in tears while awarding smug mean ex husbands whatever they want. 
I could go on and on. 
I’m a 12 year veteran of abuse. 
One question:
Is Claudia Silbar gone from Family Court? It looks like she is still sitting C63 on the court website but it’s not current.

Parental Alienation Solutions
Parental Alienation Solutions Susan thanks for your comment so others can learn. Yes, Judge Claudia Silbar is gone from her post at Lamoreaux Justice Courthouse. It was confirmed with me personally and then I confirmed it again myself months ago. I have sued her along with all the law firms, religious organizations, her court appointed therapist and others who keep perpetuating Parental Alienation and my fraudulent, invalid divorce. I can’t even get a valid divorce because the Establishment has my money and is profiting.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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