Did you see the recent 20/20 show about THE UNDERGROUND NETWORK TO HIDE CHILDREN of a divorce involving Parental Alienation?


-Were my Children trying to contact me so all the defendants put them in hiding so they could continue to hide the truth and keep the millions of dollars from my community estate which belongs to me?

-All the defendants and Judge Elizabeth White of Los Angeles County Superior Court Dept. 48 know my Children and I had beautiful relationships and that they would never try to alienate me, steal my money and property or lie to me unless they were brainwashed or threatened.

– All the defendants and Judge White know I have the photos of my youngest Son BEING ABUSED AT CATE SCHOOL because he did not want to alienate me from his life.

This 20/20 show explains how the courts are very corrupt and even harm children of all ages; depriving them of love from their law-abiding parent and other basic needs.

The name of this 20/20 show is “Footprints in the Snow,” and explains the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation, corrupt judges, their corrupt court-appointed therapist and the entire corrupt legal system.

As I continue to fight for my legal and constitutional rights to end these epidemic problems to help millions of us; I am also fighting to end the MYSTERY of WHY my children have refused to contact me, their loving Mother for 8 years now.

Is RABBI DAVID WOLPE, PASTOR RICK WARREN, other religious organizations, non-profit schools, my husband, his mistress, executives, law firms, judges, the court-appointed therapist ALL involved in this UNDERGROUND NETWORK TO HIDE CHILDREN involved in Parental Alienation so they can profit by abusing them and their Mother(father) so they can keep her property and money they have stolen?

If not, why won’t all of them begin giving sermons, writing, having discussions, forums and other events to educate the community about Parental Alienation and also begin helping law-abiding Mothers (fathers) reunite with their Children?

Very often a wounded creature, hearing a rustle, rushes straight at the sportsman’s gun, runs forward and back again, and itself hastens its end. -Tolstoy

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my experiences and knowledge and my love for my children and humanity.

Truth and love will prevail and justice will be obtained; just watch.

Comment:   Yes, it is all about money, greed and control and using Children and their alienated Mother (father) at the time of divorce when they are vulnerable and need each other so Rabbis, Pastors, other religious leaders, judges, law firms, executives, the court-appointed therapist, non-profit schools and other non-profits and of course the very sick husband/father and his mistress can steal her community property, income and spousal support.

This is redistributing HER income and property which is against the law as any reasonable person knows. This is also a form of abuse called parental alienation.

It is truly horrible beyond words that none of those I mentioned above will help me reunite with my Children for EIGHT YEARS now and even know where they are and what they are doing when I helped them thrive and I have been a law-abiding citizen for over 50 years. As I have always said, the facts will speak for themselves and truth and love will prevail. Just watch.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org




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