Disgracefully, as the attached announcement shows, SINAI TEMPLE is honoring RABBI DAVID WOLPE even though its board of directors and its members know he has acted on their behalf as an evil predator, sexually harassed and committed other crimes commonly associated with Parental Alienation as my facts have proven. Evil predator and criminal RABBI GERALD WOLPE taught his son well as the book “The New Rabbi” explains.

Here is the link to “The New Rabbi” [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]

ALL JEWISH NONPROFITS and OTHER JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, THEIR LEADERS AND MEMBERS have for decades operated a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote acts of Parental Alienation as the book “The New Rabbi” and many documents clearly prove.

Promoting Parental Alienation and other crimes commonly associated with Parental Alienation including but not limited to: theft; money laundering; fraudulent and invalid divorce judgments; selling the alienated children into the sex and drug trades and forcing them to violate the law; is unequivocally not Judaism but constitutes terrorism, abuse, torture and oppression as any reasonable person knows and SINAI TEMPLE knows too. 
This so-called departed RABBI GERALD WOLPE was also an evil predator and criminal who promoted Parental Alienation ESPECIALLY AGAINST MOTHERS as the book “The New Rabbi” gives very specific examples.

So why do they do it? 
Because they are ALL EVIL PREDATORS and CRIMINALS and profiting from Parental Alienation in the name of Judaism. This is disgraceful beyond words.

Mothers suffering from being alienated by their children which these so-called Jews had planned and/or promoted at the time of divorce are intentionally made by them into EASY TARGETS and represent EASY MONEY to these disgraceful so-called Jews. 

As my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT and other documents prove; these Jews, including SINAI TEMPLE and RABBI DAVID WOLPE aided and abetted my evil predator and criminal (still) legal husband MARK HASSMAN in concealing MY community property and other income and assets and also keeping me alienated from my children even though I am a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother. 
They also REFUSE TO RECTIFY the very severe financial and emotional harms they have and continue to cause me and many others.

I consulted RABBI DAVID WOLPE for therapy regarding the Jewish perspective on Parental Alienation. Despite owing me a fiduciary duty; he had the audacity to IGNORE the photos from CATE SCHOOL proving how my minor son was being forced to live in an abusive environment with the approval of his father MARK HASSMAN and his ex-mistress or is it another ex-wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY. 
These are the photos posted at the top of my facebook page comparing my minor son’s neat room when I was part of his life and then how he was abused and forced to sleep outside on a bare mattress at CATE SCHOOL.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE refused to help me remove my minor son from this abuse. He even refused to contact the school and also my husband who was illegally and immorally given full custody by crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD, who was on one of President Obama’s councils regarding religion, has refused for years to respond to my emails and voice mail messages regarding Rabbi David Wolpe’s hacking and why I have been banned from going to public and private events at Sinai Temple when I am a law-abiding citizen and known for my honest values and character.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD also refuses to explain why she ignores Parental Alienation and as a Jewish Leader INSTRUCTS other Jewish Organizations and Leaders to do the same including SINAI TEMPLE and RABBI DAVID WOLPE; who is being HONORED FOR THIS BEHAVIOR.

RABBI MARVIN HIER founder and dean of the “charitable nonprofit” organization the SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER and also a prominent Jewish leader has also remained silent and refuses to address these epidemic problems in the Jewish Community and also Nationwide.

RABBI MARVIN HIER also refuses to explain why he ignores Parental Alienation and as a Jewish Leader INSTRUCTS other Jewish Organizations and Leaders to do the same.

RABBI MARVIN HIER apparently has no interest in ending Parental Alienation and the illegal and immoral use of charitable nonprofits because in 2013 the Jewish Daily Forward called him…the most overpaid executive of a JEWISH NONPROFIT. HIER and his family received nearly $1.3 million dollars in 2012 from the charitable nonprofit the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

JEWISH U.S. Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG was the featured dinner speaker at the American Law Institute’s annual meeting where one of the scheduled discussions was about Charitable Nonprofits.

JEWISH JUSTICE GINSBURG knows that Charitable Nonprofits were NEVER INTENDED to be used to steal assets and launder money but it appears from my inquires that she discussed how to use them in these unintended, illegal, criminal and immoral ways. Disgraceful.

The JEWISH MEDIA is also forbidden to report on Parental Alienation.


1) Since they know I can prove they are intentionally and maliciously promoting the terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation; 
2) Since they know I can prove they are profiting from my fraudulent divorce judgment since they have MY community property, income, and other assets and have refused to return it to me even though I have requested many times and sued them for it.

***Do you think RABBI DAVID WOLPE plans to retire with my (still) legal husband MARK HASSMAN who will turn 63 soon while they live off of MY STOLEN PROPERTY AND OTHER ASSETS?

All these so-called Jews must think it is easier to LIVE A LIE than to reasonably admit the truth, change their criminal and immoral policies and compensate me and others they have harmed as JEWS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

***Only an Evil Predator and Criminal, like RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE could accept an award for being an “outstanding leader” when he and many know the truth and that he does not deserve this award but deserves to be put in jail.

It is extremely unfortunate that many so-called Jews and others think it is easier to continue to live a lie, never understanding the beauty of LOVE. 
They think this is their PREDATOR PRIVILEGE and that they are teaching Me and others like me a lesson because we refuse to accept their evil and criminal ways.

I, as a Jew who lives like a Jew am sickened by this which proves how important it is for us to continue to spread the truth and promote OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation and all the crimes associated with this terror. Then there will be Freedom, Equal Rights, Love and Justice for ALL.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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