Do both American LAWS and American and Religious VALUES not apply to a divorcing loving, honest, law-abiding American Jewish or Christian Wife and Mother whereby she is LEGALLY ALLOWED to be treated as a SLAVE who has NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS?

IS IT A CRIME requiring jail time FOR a loving, honest, law-abiding American Jewish Wife and Mother when she REQUESTED but never received: 1) Her 50% interest in the property and other assets of the community estate at the time of divorce and thereafter; 2) Damages for being deprived her SACRED RIGHTS to Custody and Visitation and; 3) Damages for being denied Due Process before an impartial, fair and reasonable judge when exercising her First Amendment right to redress these grievances?
As any reasonably person knows; these are grievances the U.S. Constitution and other American laws; American, Religious and Societal values of love, family, freedom and equal rights irrefutably REQUIRE being legally, reasonably and responsibly resolved so Justice for ALL will be obtained. As just one example, the Due Process Clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution was passed to ensure the rights of newly freed slaves and this Clause states in pertinent part:
“No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”
Here is a description and the hard irrefutable evidence of what insightful PRESIDENT TRUMP cryptically and accurately calls the crooked and evil rigged legal system.
Is it also a description of a covert operation of the International Criminal Court of the New World Order being criminally extended to an honest, loving, law-abiding divorcing American Jewish Woman and Mother?
There is too much hard irrefutable evidence to state in one post so this will be a mini-series.
To begin, I will start with the hard irrefutable evidence from the recent 11/16/2018 and 11/27/2018 hearings where loving, honest, law-abiding Wife and Mother SARA HASSMAN was sentenced to 30 days not 15 days (due to California’s halftime release law) by evil, crooked and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR.
As any reasonable person knows, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S sentence was ILLEGAL and NOT PROPORTIONAL but was GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONATE.
In other words, what evil, malicious, crooked judge would sentence to jail a loving, honest, law-abiding Wife and Mother of over 60 years for sending her still legal husband an email requesting that he send her, her 50% interest in the community estate under his control and trust which the divorce judgment, reviewed, signed and filed by this SAME evil, crooked and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is hard irrefutable evidence that she never received it?
Think he stole it or did it disappear into thin air? Consequently, SARA HASSMAN is unfortunately still legally married to MARK HASSMAN because until the community estate under MARK HASSMAN’S control and trust is legally divided and distributed between the spouses, the community estate has not been legally dissolved and therefore neither is their marriage contract.
In addition, this divorce judgment also irrefutably proves loving, honest, law-abiding SARA HASSMAN has been denied her SACRED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to Custody and Visitation without any tests performed and without professional opinions proving she needed to be for the wellbeing of her children; this is outrageous!!!
But it gets even more incriminating for this evil, crooked and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and also still legal husband MARK HASSMAN because neither of them could prove any validity for the alleged valid ex parte (emergency) June 5, 2009 restraining order (granted by Jewish judge/commissioner LON HURWITZ), WITH AN ATTACHED Child Custody and Visitation Order; its modifications and; its renewals until outrageously 2032 NOR could either of them prove the disposal of SARA HASSMAN’S 50% interest of the community estate NOR explain why SARA HASSMAN is not entitled to request it and receive it.
As California Family Code section 2556 states in pertinent part: “The court has continuing jurisdiction to award community estate assets to the parties that have not been previously adjudicated by a judgment in the proceeding.” This includes any judgment, stipulated or any other.
Here is even more irrefutable incriminating evidence from the 11/16/2018 transcript incriminating evil, crooked and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and also still legal husband MARK HASSMAN who is a Harvard educated, Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant with Investment and Tax licenses and has negotiated contracts for initial public offerings, mergers, acquisitions and other transactions.
Highly educated and business savvy MARK HASSMAN 1) could not even state his case against SARA HASSMAN properly; 2) could not present his evidence properly; 3) but evil, crooked and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who has a judicial duty and oath to remain impartial and fair, helped MARK HASSMAN plead his case like his attorney would however; 4) as the transcript irrefutably proves, MARK HASSMAN never carried his burden of proof, (even with JUDGE SILBAR’S illegal help) whereby in the interest of fairness and justice this matters should have legally and reasonably been dismissed. Please note, MARK HASSMAN never carried HIS BURDEN OF PROOF beyond any reasonable doubt, with clear and convincing evidence or using any standard you choose.
In addition, as any reasonable person knows, especially a judge and a Harvard educated business professional: SARA HASSMAN is
PRESUMED INNOCENT until proven guilty with credible evidence and until she is able to exercise her Constitutional right to due process as both the 11/16/2018 and 11/27/2018 transcripts prove she was not. Regardless, WITHOUT any irrefutable evidence of guilt, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR illegally and maliciously sentenced SARA HASSMAN to jail.
I want to make it very clear that American judges and justices wield enormous power which why they ARE REQUIRED to take a SWORN OATH to uphold our laws by promising to be an honest, reasonable and impartial trier of the FACTS for all those who come before them. A great judge or justice is not only noted for his or her wisdom but also for his or her fairness.

In 1985, honest, wise, reasonable, responsible and impartial JUDGE JOHN FADER of the Circuit Court in Baltimore County, Maryland took his judicial duty and oath very seriously as was required. However, the 11/27/2018 transcript proves that both JUDGE SILBAR and MARK HASSMAN ignored this reference made by SARA HASSMAN; even reminding MARK HASSMAN that in 1985, as her legal husband, he actually heard and saw what JUDGE JOHN FADER did.
Specifically, honest, wise, reasonable, responsible and impartial JUDGE JOHN FADER recommended, after hearing opening statements, that the defendants of SARA HASSMAN (Sara Penn Hassman-with maiden name), go into the hall and try to reach a settlement before he proceeds with the trial when SARA PENN HASSMAN will be called as the first witness. Honest, wise, reasonable, responsible and impartial JUDGE JOHN FADER said that if a settlement is not reached, based upon the evidence in the file alone; he believes that SARA PENN HASSMAN will carry her burden of proof and prove her case of tax evasion, tax fraud, forgery, perjury, theft, conspiracy and others crimes against the defendants being her parents, sister, and their lawyers. (Stanley Penn, Helene Penn-Dorf, Ruth Penn Carliner, Leonard Kohlenstein, Esq. and Louis Glick, Esq., respectively)
Continuing, JUDGE JOHN FADER said that AS AN OFFICER OF THE COURT; he as a judge and a lawyer has the very serious duty to REPORT all defendants to the CRIMINAL AUTHORITIES and they will go to prison for a long time beyond a reasonable doubt, based alone upon the evidence in the case file alone.
Do you think this is why these defendants insisted that as part of the settlement the case file be sealed where a court order is needed to see the facts? Then as the lives of these defendants has irrefutably proven, as they maliciously intended and engineered; they have been able to live a pretend life of lies, pretending to be honest, loving, law-abiding Americans and Jews while trying to defame Sara Penn Hassman’s honest, brave, compassionate and law-abiding values and character even despite the fact that this case helped set a NEW LEGAL PRECEDENT to end the malicious and criminal use of the social security number of a son, daughter or other family member and a fraudulent trust whereby the Kiddie Trust Tax Laws were made obsolete. These are irrefutable facts.
Please note, there are many types of irrefutable evidence including but not limited to Circumstantial evidence which can be used to prove guilt, innocence, motive and other material elements of a crime, fraud, conspiracy and others which JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and MARK HASSMAN provided a plethora of at these 11/16/2018 and 11/27/2018 hearings to not only incriminate themselves but others involved in this CRIMINAL EVIL MALICIOUS GREEDY CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE and those aiding them in promoting the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of the epidemic problem in America called Parental Alienation.
****Thus, do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did millions of us a favor by giving me, SARA HASSMAN this illegal and outrageous sentence?
I will continue soon with more of this mini-series which irrefutably proves the illegal, immoral and criminal acts being carried out by this CRIMINAL EVIL MALICIOUS GREEDY CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE and those aiding them as OUR REVOLUTION is thriving as we spread the truth in public records, in our communities, online and elsewhere knowing that GOD is walking by our side as we PROUDLY stand strong in defending our beautiful values of Love, Family, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice for ALL making his world a better place as HE intended.   As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.                                                                                                 

By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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