Do Judges, Lawyers and the other defendants HONESTLY BELIEVE THE LAW IS WRONG and therefore I am wrong and NOT legally entitled to:

1. Know the Net Worth (value) of the community estate under my husband’s control;

2. Know exactly how my husband MARK HASSMAN disposed of the net worth of the community under the guidance of the divorce law firm he hired SEASTROM & SEASTROM while I was also being guided by The Law Offices of ALAN SHIFMAN and The Law Office of HARRIS GONZALEZ;

3. Receive any part of my community estate from my marriage of over 20 years BUT my husband is legally entitled to take the entire community estate for himself even though the law clearly states I am entitled to 50 percent;

4. Receive legally calculated support based upon the net worth of the community estate and my husband’s complete and accurate personal net worth including all of his income; passive and otherwise;

5. Continue the positive and enriching companionship I shared with my three (3) Children since the day they were born until the time of the divorce due to my husband’s acts of Parental Alienation along with others;

6. Obtain a legal and valid divorce so I will not be committing MARRIAGE FRAUD, like my husband, if I choose to remarry.

When I knocked on the doors of SINAI TEMPLE, SADDLEBACK CHURCH, the courtrooms of JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE, the doors of executives, joint venture partners, the court-appointed therapist, law firms, non-profit schools and others I was DENIED CIVILITY and instead have been:

• Tortured, terrorized, abused, lied to, stolen from; cheated and mislead;




• FURTHER, religion is supposed to comfort people, NOT FRIGHTEN THEM WHEN:

1) they expose the truth or 
2) express new enlightening ideas which
CAUSE SOCIETY TO QUESTION their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

***Presenting new enriching ideas should be encouraged in an intelligent, democratic society which promotes progress; not entitlement, hate, greed, abuse and violence. The latter is not democracy but a dictatorship and other forms of injustice.

I refuse to live the way all the defendants want me to because I have a brain, heart and soul, my own special character and my own free will. As a reasonable person, I refuse to TURN OVER or SELL to the defendants my brain, heart and soul and give up my special character and free will while also giving up my legal rights but pleasing them. Thus, I am CHALLENGING THEIR PRINCIPLES which they do not like.

It is very apparent that many of these so-called leaders are merely all glitter and have no substance. They only have a sick interest of profiting at the expense of others, even vulnerable children, teens and young adults and their loving, law-abiding Mother.

***The defendants, many with prestigious titles, want to tell me and everyone else what to think, feel and how to behave so we act as one Collective Group, without any Individuality and regardless of the Law. They think THEY are the Law.

These defendants and others who act like them are destroying and SACRIFICING THE FUTURES of children, teens and young adults as well as those adults they terrorize into believing that they must think, feel and behave as demanded. Thus, everyone becomes their robot or slave and is under their control which is what they want.

Should I be alienated, hacked, stalked, sexually harassed on line and destroyed for:

1. Leading a life of following the law;

2. Using my brain, heart and soul along with reason and objectivity to make my own decisions and be an independent adult with self-esteem and confidence;

3. Encouraging my Children and others to do the same by example and also by expressing myself explicitly? Isn’t this what a loving, caring, honest, respectful and responsible Mother is supposed to teach her Children and others?

Centuries ago, many women called witches were burned at the stake by ignorant, sick, bigots and narcissists for bringing forth the TRUTH and enlightening society with new ideas to promote the general welfare of humanity; not just the general welfare of those with prestigious titles and positions. As history has shown, prohibiting the truth breeds evil, contempt, abuse, terror and torture NOT LOVE OR JUSTICE.

Thus as my Court of Appeal case shows, we are marching backwards since I, a woman, cannot receive my legal rights to free speech, due process, obtain a legal divorce without ALSO being inflicted with the form of abuse called Parental Alienation.

I will not stand by and watch this happen since I have the skills and enough of my health has returned too so I can make a positive difference to millions in our society. Our society moves away from justice by STANDING STILL and not addressing the changes in our world like the epidemic problems of Divorce and Parental Alienation.

If progress means ABANDONING THE LAW then I will reasonably fight this definition and change this meaning while holding those accountable for intentionally abandoning the law which is harming millions of us as my case shows.

A person cannot live in both worlds: They must either use their brain, heart and soul and their free will to make decisions OR allow others to tell them what to think and feel and how to behave which in essence has turned them into a SLAVE.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;


Parental Alienation Solutions:   If a person can profit by doing such an egregious, evil act of lying and deceiving Children so they alienate their loving, law-abiding Mother; then he or she must be an evil person and everything he or she stands for must be evil too.

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves: