Do You Have a Room with a View of Growth or of Manipulation and Other Forms of Violence?

Do you have a room with a view of growth or a room with a view of stagnation, manipulation, lies and other forms of violence which includes Parental Alienation?

To change your view and realize Peace of Mind and Happiness; you need to have a plan. Plan to change your view by making yourself completely independent emotionally and financially; so you no longer rely on those who are causing your view of stagnation, manipulation, lies and other forms of violence.
Have confidence in yourself that you are very capable and can use your skills to find your way. Plus, with the internet, it is much easier to find your way around a new city or area.

Also, remember those who use manipulation, lies, deception and other forms of violence to get what they want are so used to behaving this way that they do not even know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth.

It is pathetic but this is what they have become.

So, don’t expect them to be able to help you because they can’t even help themselves. You are better off without them and learning from them what NOT to do.

Don’t expect them to change because they think they are a King or Queen and are entitled to behave this way and treat others as they choose. They also do not have empathy and care that they harm others.
This is the way they are so face the truth and get a new room with a view of growth as quickly as you can.
Also, if you are an alienated child, which includes adult children, contact your loving alienated Mother (Father) since she (he) can help you too.

***Don’t be afraid of your sick, alienating Father (Mother) because he is so caught up in his lies that he does not even know what reality is anymore. He has told different lies to different people and has trouble keeping them all straight. This is just what they do and the way they are. Expect this.

So, don’t back down and develop your plan so you can realize peace of mind and happiness. It is waiting for you and so are many wonderful opportunities. Don’t forget how smart and wonderful you are too. Look at some photographs to help you remember.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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