Do YOU have Despicable Conduct and are YOU Capable of Realizing when YOU have a Losing Hand?

DESPICABLE CONDUCT is conduct that is so vile, base, or contemptible that it would be looked down on and despised by reasonable people.

Making SECRET AGREEMENTS with Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles; Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Southern California; Cate School a California College Preparatory Boarding High School using 501(c)(3) agreements and other despicable Methods and then enlisting Family Law Firms, Trust and Estate Law Firms, a Judge, Rabbis, a Pastor, Joint Venture Partners and Investors, Corporate Executives, School Administrators, an Accounting Firm, his own Mother, his long time payroll assistant, forcing his own Children and others to conceal from a loving Mother and devoted spouse of many years who helped the family thrive and created a warm home:
1) her savings,
2) her retirement and
3) many other assets that she has been and continues to be deprived of receiving since the time of divorce and also
4) her lawful spousal support since her ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN swears he is “insolvent,” when he has entrusted millions of dollars and his income and THEIR community assets to these religious organizations and Cate School and others all with AGREEMENTS that when some Statute of Limitations period runs they have agreed that they will SHARE all the concealed assets and income worth  around 20 million dollars that the loving Mother and spouse of many years has been deprived of.

The concealed assets and income worth what we have figured to be around 20 million dollars belong to the loving Mother and ex-wife who was having seizures and COPING WITH ANXIETY around the time of divorce due to the ex-husband’s acts of destroying the special MOTHER/Children bond and other divorce issues. Think this is Despicable Conduct?

To make matters worse: The ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN is even collecting unemployment benefits as many public records show and was discussed at the hearings before Judge Claudia Silbar on April 2, 2014 and June 11, 2014. Think this is Despicable Conduct?

Think these acts by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and those helping him will be considered despicable conduct by a jury or a reasonable Judge like the one I clerked for or do you think they will think it is reasonable and acceptable to take a loving Mother’s property and deprive her of many of her rights along with destroying the Mother/Children relationship all while she trusted them?

This is NOT legal advice but as I and others understand: the laws mandate that these professionals and my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN are prohibited from taking unfair advantage of a spouse ESPECIALLY while she was in a state of anxiety? Think this is Despicable Conduct?

Think this is Despicable Conduct by the lawyers she hired, Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles who she consulted for therapy, a judge, joint venture partners who even tried to extort $112,500 from her and do other unlawful acts; and the Trust and Estates Law Firm who removed community assets out of a trust and reclassified them as separate property?

These are only a few examples as there are many more; like the joint tax returns signed by my ex-husband and his new wife where they deposited directly into their bank account tax refunds that were attributed to my marriage but were delayed due to sophisticated tax planning with an Accounting Firm who filed all of our joint tax returns during our marriage and was well aware of what they were doing. None of them have filed any amendments to rectify these and other errors. Think this is Despicable Conduct? There is so much more too.

Also, for all of those in my ex-husband’s alliance or coalition; many reasonable people believe you are clearly implicated as the facts show because my ex-husband could not legally carry out these acts of moving and concealing millions of dollars of community assets and income without your help and also your help in destroying the Mother/Children relationship.

To make matters worse: These acts of all these others are clearly documented as some of the posts recently posted on facebook show along with photographs and other documents. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

To have AGREEMENTS with individuals and organization and lawyers, judges and others who had to help my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN remove trust assets and conceal all these millions of dollars of community property and who have also destroyed the Mother/Children relationship will certainly be considered despicable conduct.

To make matters even worse again: (Also, again this is not legal advice, just my understanding)
The greater the defendant’s wealth, the greater PUNITIVE DAMAGES must be. Punitive damages are assessed in order to get the attention of those who have committed unlawful acts regardless of the amount of compensatory damages awarded to the plaintiff.
Some of these organizations and individuals who have helped my ex- husband MARK F. HASSMAN have a lot of wealth so the law will not be in your favor and many reasonably do not think WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE which includes photographs and many legal documents you will be able to avoid having to pay punitive damages.
Think this will ruin your reputations, your legacy and your life?

So, the important question is:
Do YOU, not your Gang Of Thieves or the Chain of Fools know when you have a losing hand?
Or, do you unwisely and incorrectly think like my parents, sister and their lawyer who thought that they too could bully and use their money to buy themselves out of their problem of the fraudulent grantor trust they created for me?
My parents, sister and their lawyer could not recognize with all their expensive and powerful professionals that they hired that they had a losing hand?
Can any of you?
Well time will tell, but this is the important question.

Now a note to us honest, kind, caring, moral and compassionate people who are DOING THINGS to make this world a better place for all and REFUSE to be intimidated by evil, corrupt, bullying and intimidating acts of others:

REMEMBER: When someone shows a lack of integrity, reasonable behavior and compassion; consider it a preview of coming attractions and get away from that person and the organizations they manage because you will be lied to, deceived and bullied because this is their behavior. They are SHOWING YOU very clearly. Watch what people DO not what they SAY. Actions speak the truth and so do many documents.

***A Note FOR MY CHILDREN if they are reading this:
Please be REASONABLE: What makes you think that if your father lies and cheats others he won’t lie to you and cheat you too as you know or should know he has done many times already?

This is what he does and those he associates with do too.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together. He and they may act “charming” and “pretend to care” but watch what they do and you will clearly see it is just an evil and corrupt act. Learn from my mistakes and yours too.For example:
You know your father already convinced you to spend your savings and Bar and Bat Mitzvah money on Cate School tuition when he has millions of dollars he is concealing. He wanted to control you better so you are financially dependent upon him. Aren’t you? Did his plan work because you trusted him as you should be able to trust your father? Well, I couldn’t trust my father either and never thought your father would change and be like my father after many years of a wonderful marriage. Well, we live and learn from our mistakes; if we are reasonable and wise.
Also, remember the initial ring he took back after what we all thought was a meaningful speech.
So, please don’t trust those who harm others and keep on harming, lying and deceiving others as many court records and other documents show because that is not reasonable. PROTECT YOURSELVES and don’t blindly agree with your father even if he and his “friends” or new wife appear to be charming. Watch what they DO and you will see they are evil.
I am here for you providing you are respectful, honest and civil because this is reasonable behavior. Anything short is abusive. I hope you SET YOUR BOUNDARIES too so you can protect yourself and your well being. This is what wise and reasonable people do; they do not allow themselves to be treated with disrespect and abused in other ways.
Btw, everyone likes my longer hair and I hope you are relaxing and making time to do fun things and are taking good care of yourself and helping each other too. That’s important as you know and please be kind, honest and respectful to each other as I taught you. Please.
Love, Mom

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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