Do You Know How to be a Friend? First, are YOU kind to Yourself?

Do you know how to be a friend?
First, are you kind to yourself? You deserve that so please make sure others treat you with respect by setting your boundaries.

If they don’t respect you then stop associating with them because;

Once you are kind to yourself by doing good things to help yourself morally, keeping yourself in good health and in all other ways; you will feel better and ONLY THEN can you be a friend to someone else.

***Before you can be a friend to someone else, you have to be a friend to yourself by doing what is in your best interest morally, physically and in every other way.

Parents who create parental alienation do not have friends because they rule by intimidation. They FORCE people to be with them because people are afraid to disagree with them so they appease them and allow themselves to be controlled. This is abuse. People should not be force to do things they don’t want to do because they are afraid to disagree.

Friends associate with one another because they WANT TO, not because they are afraid to say no.
Many people today have to learn basic friendship skills which start with being true to yourself. Today is a good day to start.

Do something nice for yourself and for someone else, even give someone a smile. Have a positive, friendly disposition so you will have positive energy and people will WANT TO be with you.
Once this becomes a habit; you will see all the friendly people you have met that you enjoy being with and they enjoy being with you too. Don’t forget to do things you like because you will meet many nice people there too.

So, be a good friend to yourself and then you can be a good friend to others.

It all starts with you.
-Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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