Do You Know how to Find Inner Peace and Escape from Darkness?

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
(Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer)

However, many never allow themselves to get past stage one or stage two and consequently live their life believing lies.
This causes them to become wrought with many problems of self-confidence, shame, a sense of entitlement, power lust, control, hatred and others.

Instead of trying to be objective and reasonable by being opened minded and trying to understand reasonable ideas; they just continue to believe and preach their lies.

This causes these corrupt liars to live in the “dark.” They also try to get others to live in the “dark” with them so they can control them. This is what some people refer to as “Dumbing down America.”

A strong, reasonable and wise person finds “inner strength” to stand up to these people by “escaping from the darkness.”

***The way to escape from the darkness is to seek the truth AND also change your life so you no longer associate with those who try to force or encourage you to “live in the dark” with them and with their lies and corruption.

***You must do BOTH in order to find inner peace and live a life of truth and not in the dark: you must seek the truth AND THEN eliminate those from your life who want to live a life corrupting and harming others.

If you only find out the truth but continue to do corrupt, harmful acts, then you will not find peace.
It is like going to a restaurant; why would you keep going to a restaurant where the food made you sick? That is not reasonable or wise. Well, neither is keeping corrupt people who harm others in your life.

***To find inner peace you must use the truth you discovered to help others, making this world a better place.
This is why words alone are not enough; you also must DO things to help others. Words alone only help those who victimize others not those who have been victimized.(Eli Wiesel)

So use your free will to find your “inner strength” and then live a life of truth, not one in the darkness.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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