Do You Know What Determines Your Destiny?

Matters of taste and integrity determine Destiny. The standards you hold yourself to and the boundaries you expect those you associate with to follow will determine your friends, whether you have self esteem, peace of mind and are a happy, reasonable and responsible person.

For example, if you are reasonable and have good, not manipulative intentions; talk issues through in a respectful, kind, honest and compassionate way and demand others treat you the same or you will not have anything to do with them; then you will surround yourself with reasonable, honest people who also have good intentions.
Then, if you focus your mind, you will be able to accomplish great things and enrich those around you. Your intentions are ALWAYS to help others make positive accomplishments and reach their potential; not use or abuse them for your benefit or pretend to be helping them when you are taking advantage of them and harming them.

If you allow yourself to associate with those who are liars and cheaters then you will most likely become a liar and cheater too and this will become your destiny. You will accomplish things by lying and cheating and you will develop many insecurities and a lot of shame. You will rule by intimidation and not be reasonable, responsible or happy. You will have many secrets that make you more insecure as your shame increases.
As a result you will develop drinking, drug, eating disorders or other problems and obsessions because you are trying to deal with your shame instead of getting the professional help you need to address it in a responsible, result oriented manner where you are held ACCOUNTABLE for your progress or lack thereof.

When you find that someone you thought you could trust like a parent or a spouse has changed and is no longer honest, reasonable, respectful and responsible; if you don’t get away from them, they will harm you. They have chosen their destiny to become a liar and a cheater so this is what they do to everyone; even their own Children and their own Spouse.

If you want to have peace of mind, be happy and capable of love; you must FIRST be capable of respecting and loving yourself by being proud of what you stand for by SHOWING your values every day. This does not mean PRETENDING you have good values when you are really lying, cheating and harming others; which is what sick, evil parents who create Parental Alienation and those who go along with them DO. They have CHOSEN to lie and cheat a Loving Mother (father) and her Children as their destiny and will eventually destroy themselves as the truth always prevails.

You must ALWAYS be proud of what you DO and then you will not have shame, secrets and abuse yourself and others.
***Then your heart will be open for you to love another and bring them into your world of peace, kindness, honesty, respect and love.***

If you are not proud of yourself, then make reasonable and responsible changes so you become proud of yourself. You will get rid of your shame and LEARN TO LOVE.

This is how wise, reasonable and responsible people grow in life and reach their potential as they keep learning and having more life experiences. This is why it is important to get out from behind your computer or your television and go places, meeting and talking to people.

So, don’t ignore your problems and let them get worse so you develop more and more shame while you abuse yourself and are not kind or honest to others either. This is foolish and unreasonable and may also be considered Child Abuse or Domestic Violence or some other Criminal Act. If you go along with others who do this, you can also be liable as a Conspirator especially when you have benefited financially or in other ways. (This is not legal advice, just my understanding).

So chose a great destiny and associate with others who have the same positive destiny while ignoring those who don’t. WELCOME the opportunity to do things on your own until you meet people with your similar destiny or when you just feel like doing something by yourself.
When you FOCUS YOUR MIND on your positive destiny; just know and have the confidence that you will make great accomplishments, learn many important lessons and meet many worthwhile people too.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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