Do you know why many write memoirs?

It is not for fame or publicity but to understand their past and why they are in or have been in a particular predicament in life.

They want to focus their mind so they can figure out why they have developed certain thoughts, habits and behaviors.
As many psychologists, philosophers and other professionals have proven with FACTS; remembering and pondering about your past, OBJECTIVELY, without being a revisionist; will help you understand why you made the choices you did and why you continue to make HARMFUL CHOICES.

Recapturing your past will break through the blockade to your memories which you have been trying to BURY for years. But, instead you are full of SHAME for what you have done but never addressed as your choices reflect. You need to address your past memories and behaviors so you can HEAL YOURSELF.

Some people, like RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at SINAI TEMPLE try to shame, harass and ridicule the person who is trying to expose the TRUTH about their lies, abuse and corruption and business practices to profit from divorce by intentionally harming loving Mothers and their children of all ages.

This is what they have done to me as the FACTS of my law suits clearly explain (Los Angeles County Superior Court case# BC580980 as just one example). They use their “Charitable” agreements and other schemes.
Lies and false stories about those who do not agree with their abusive and corrupt acts and way of doing business is the way abusive and corrupt communities PROTECT their abusive and corrupt way of life. History has proven this over and over again.
History has also proven over and over again that it takes a STRONG WOMAN or man to stand up to their acts of abuse and corruption and bring about positive changes for ALL. This is what I am doing.

Having difficulty in locating certain memories you have buried is expected so just sit and ponder without any distractions. So turn off your cell phone, computer and other devices. Focus your mind.
If you do this successfully with a strong desire then you and those in your world will no longer be subjected to your lies and you will have PEACE OF MIND. 
You will understand who INFLUENCED YOU to become abusive and corrupt and why and IF YOU ARE REASONABLE; you will change your thoughts to kind and caring thoughts which will change your habits and behaviors.

The first step is AWARENESS which is what uncovering your buried memories does. Now you will only have ONE MOTIVE; to help others in positive ways so they reach their beautiful potential; not to abuse them and take advantage of them for YOUR benefit. ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO BE TRUTHFUL, don’t harassment them if they are truthful.

For all truthful and kind people: remember do not let YOURSELF go astray if your ex-husband(wife), children, parents, Rabbi like RABBI DAVID WOLPE, Pastor like PASTOR RICK WARREN and others in your life chose to do so. 
In Judaism, the Torah teaches that one must always be ready to be an alien in her or his own community. 
In other words, you must not go astray because others do; even those who have prestigious titles and pretend to follow religious teachings. YOU set the example for yourself and others; resisting abuse and corruption. 
This is also very REASONABLE.

An honest person must maintain his or her responsibility to make our world a better place for ALL. 
Abusers, liars, cheaters and thieves promise a lot but do very little showing their greed. See the proof before you believe them. Make them change first.

***Your job, family and friends are NOT worth keeping if they make you become abusive, a liar, a cheater, manipulative, or a thief.***
Again this is REASONABLE.

Are YOU reasonable or think you are entitled and will not be held accountable for your corrupt actions? This is delusional.

You should surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you in positive ways while giving you support.

***If you wait too long before you choose to focus your mind so your memories return then you will live in a world of hopelessness or despair. 
As a result, one’s own mind and body can become THEIR ENEMY by their own doing. 
This is why so many people who have prestigious titles and a lot of money have many OBSESSIONS. Do you want to turn into this or continue to live this life? They eventually destroy themselves.

I have found that many men have a one track mind because they do not know how to love. They try to SHAME YOU by saying YOU are not spontaneous or that they do not have a “beaver” problem. Remember, anyone who refuses to face THEIR problems and obsession responsibly, a reasonable person does not want them in their life. Period. They do not want their problems and to be treated with disrespect, dishonesty, abuse and lied to.

So, get rid of the garbage in your life and don’t let them back in unless they have clearly changed. This includes your family.

There are so many wonderful things in this world. The photos are some selfies of me enjoying some great attractions around Los Angeles recently with PEACE OF MIND.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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