Do You Think Jewish Leaders & Organizations Will Finally Get Our Message About Helping to Stop This CHILD ABUSE?

Do you think this popular Rabbi and other Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders will finally get our serious and important message about stopping this CHILD ABUSE called Parental Alienation and change their ways?


Do you think they will continue to support this CHILD ABUSE called Parental Alienation, where millions of Jewish children and others are and have been mentally, psychologically and emotionally abused as they have stood by and watched it for decades?

Do you think these Jewish people and organizations will stop aiding the sick, controlling abusive parent and start helping these abused children, teens, young adults and loving parents? They can’t say we haven’t been trying to help them positively and respectively understand as these tweets, with our messages show:

Reunite Children ‏@ReuniteChildren  

@RabbiWolpe Thanks,all of our supports have now had their questions asked. Hope you & other Jewish leaders start addressing this child abuse

 @RabbiWolpe Isn’t is a reasonable expectation we have of Rabbis & other Leaders to fervently help abused children & not ignore their cries

 @RabbiWolpe If Rabbis & other current Jewish Leaders can’t willingly learn to change & help abused Jewish children, shouldn’t they resign?

@RabbiWolpe Do you think current Rabbis & Leaders can WILLINGLY change & FERVENTLY help abused children of parental alienation?

 @RabbiWolpe Should these Rabbis & Leaders step down & be replaced by ones who care & DO help children being abused? This helps society too.

@RabbiWolpe Shouldn’t Rabbi & other Jewish leaders who have for decades refused to talk & write about Child Abuse be questioned?Reasonable?

 @RabbiWolpe Don’t we have an OBLIGATION to question our Rabbis or should we blindly follow them even when they have veered off track

@RabbiWolpe A good person’s dreams are launched by love not ego, money, fame or other selfish reasons. Love will help heal this child abuse.

 @RabbiWolpe Love overcomes everything. Why not give these abused children a voice & show we love them & are going to help & heal them? Love

@RabbiWolpe What is a person w/out a loving heart? Just an empty shell? Why not change & begin to help child abuse victims?Mend your heart.

@RabbiWolpe Isn’t Love being able to admit you are sometimes wrong & change so you can love again & help those suffering from child abuse?

@RabbiWolpe Ethical, moral, good, kind, lead by example, compassionate, Loving…don’t these describe those who help stop CHILD ABUSE

@RabbiWolpe Evil heart & soul, uncaring, self-centered, disgraceful…don’t these describe those who watch the child abuse& ignore the cries

@RabbiWolpe  What do YOU stand for, child abuse or helping those suffering from child abuse? Parental alienation is a form of child abuse.

@RabbiWolpe Great way to start off the New Year…helping abused children suffering from parental alienation. Aren’t Rabbis supposed to help

@RabbiWolpe Be a Hero with a Heart by fervently addressing the CHILD ABUSE of parental alienating &making an important difference to society

@RabbiWolpe LOVE IS… together using the special talents GOD GAVE EACH OF US, to heal millions suffering from child abuse of p alienation

@RabbiWolpe LOVE IS…bringing awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation so we can stop it & help these children heal. A blessing

@RabbiWolpe LOVE IS… when loving, caring people pull their resources & unite to help child abuse victims of parental alienation.Talk/write

@RabbiWolpe Easy choice? Should I talk & write about the CHILD ABUSE of parental alienation or not? To be or not to be, that is the question

@RabbiWolpe Are you in or still want to stand on the sidelines watching millions of children suffer from CHILD ABUSE of parental alienation?

@RabbiWolpe Talking & writing about the CHILD ABUSE called Parental Alienation should be an easy, common sense decision for a good person

@RabbiWolpe CHILD ABUSE, what PARENTAL ALIENATION is. Please start talking & writing about this abuse to help millions of children, families

@RabbiWolpe Rabbi Wolpe,what do YOU stand for? SHOW US with your actions.Will you begin to help abusive children or continue to ignore cries

@RabbiWolpe Should a Rabbi be respected when knows how abusive Parental Alienation is, but does nothing which is aiding the abusive parent

@RabbiWolpe Don’t you write weekly for national journals & appear on National TV to give help, advise, perspective to others?Not abused kids

@RabbiWolpe Is it a crime against humanity or immoral to empower abusers by not talking / writing about Parental Alienation so abuse worsens

@RabbiWolpe Ignoring Parental Alienation as your Dad did, made the abuse get worse. Why continue this evil when you have the power to help?

@RabbiWolpe Talking & writing about Parental Alienation would help millions of abused Jewish children & others have a sweet year. So why not

@RabbiWolpeAN EVIL PERSON knows children are crying out from Parental Alienation&other abuses & does not help with the talents God gave him

@RabbiWolpe If a person with a strong network, knows it is wrong to mentally abuse children & does nothing, are they GOOD or EVIL?

@RabbiWolpe Can you accept the opinions of one of your dearest foes made with respect? Can you embrace positive change to help children?

@RabbiDanielle Want to start talking/writing about the harms of Parental . Harming millions of Jewish children

@RabbiWolpe Why not lead by example & show others how to transform. Start to talk/write about Parental Alienation.Undo the harms of your Dad


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