Do you think PASTOR RICK WARREN and his good friend RABBI DAVID WOLPE; ASIDE from destroying the bond between a Mother and her Children so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by hiding and then stealing the distressed, honest, compassionate Mother’s money and property in their “charitable agreements” because she is so distressed and tortured to realize their theft and abuse; that they are also involved in LAUNDERING MONEY as part of a CARTEL?

I am not joking and I would never joke about something as serious as this.
Religious Organizations must hide all the money they steal from the wife/mother when the husband/father “donates” her 50% interest of the marital assets via “charitable agreements” which she should have received at the time of divorce but didn’t.

***FEDERAL AUTHORITIES recently broke up an international network of money launders that moved money through an Iranian drug cartel AND men from this cartel went to a RELIGIOUS TEMPLE where it is believed they handed over cash.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE has a predominantly Iranian congregation and also refused, along with other Rabbis and Jewish Organizations to speak out against the Iranian Nuclear Deal even though one of Iran’s PRIORITIES is to destroy Israel. This is not reasonable.

Word on the street is RABBI DAVID WOLPE is known to have an alcohol problem; well maybe he has a drug problem too and I just haven’t heard about it yet. Maybe people just think he is drunk when he is really drugged.

PASTOR RICK WARREN and his good friend RABBI DAVID WOLPE could solve their problems by just being reasonable by:

• Helping me reunite with my Children NOW, which as “religious” men they should want to do anyway;

• RABBI DAVID WOLPE telling me NOW with evidence why I have been banned from going to SINAI TEMPLE since October 26, 2012 which is believed to be around the time the Temple made an “agreement” with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN;

• Helping me rectify my fraudulent divorce judgment NOW which includes receiving my 50% interest in the community estate worth millions of dollars from my marriage of over 20 years AND my lawful spousal support award;

• Helping me rescind the bogus civil restraining orders issued against me without any legal or rational basis which are in effect until 2017, without any legal or rational basis. However, 2017 is believed to be when both of you, my ex, Judge Silbar and her court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN; the law firms; Cate School; joint venture partners; executives and others I have sued and not sued yet but are involved, will SHARE MY ASSETS worth millions of dollars.

What I am asking you to do is reasonable especially for “religious” men as both of you claim you are. Show me and the world since RABBI DAVID WOLPE once told me “the world is his stage” but refused to answer my question; if he ever came off stage.

***Now, watch your temper and DON’T BE ANGRY AT ME. You only have YOURSELF to blame for the CHOICES YOU MADE and CONTINUE TO MAKE. *****************

I HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT to make my own choices with my mind, heart and soul intact; WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

***I have NOT sold my mind, heart and soul so therefore I am not anyone’s puppet and have CONTROL of what I do.

I have chosen with my mind, heart and soul to DEFEND MY LEGAL RIGHTS as an honest woman with the skills and experience SHOULD DO so she can make God’s world a better place for other women (men) and children who are also suffering from parental alienation and a fraudulent divorce.

Again as “religious” men you should FERVENTLY SUPPORT MY EFFORTS.

So why not help me NOW and “begin again” with honest values and behaviors as you advise those in your congregations to do?

Why not begin to practice what you preach instead of being angry with me because I use my mind, heart and soul as a reasonable woman with the skills and experience should and hold those accountable for their abusive and fraudulent acts?

Stop taking your frustrations out on me and instead CHANGE your corrupt and abusive ways as you preach. This is reasonable and will save YOUR heart, soul and mind too.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; just based on many FACTS.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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