Do you think the Jewish Leaders are trying to lead people to HATE one another so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE?

Do you think the Jewish Leaders are trying to lead people to HATE one another so they get divorced and then lead the Children of all ages to HATE their loving Mother( father) so all of them can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE at the Mother’s expense?

What results is the ex-husband, works TOGETHER with the law firms, judge, synagogue and church and steal her millions of dollars from the divorce which she should have received.
***You may ask how this can happen to millions of loving, honest Mothers and Fathers causing Parental Alienation to become an epidemic problem.
Well, when the judge (JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR) appoints a very HATEFUL therapist (ALAN LIBERMAN) who writes a false and fraudulent report with lies and hearsay and NOT based upon psychological tests and clinical evaluations and then the HATEFUL judge uses this false and fraudulent report to give the HATEFUL husband(MARK F. HASSMAN)
• “sole legal and sole physical custody;” 
• orders visitation at the “discretion” of the child;
• orders civil restraining orders so the loving Mother (father) can’t attend graduations, birthdays and other celebrations and events of the Children because she cannot be there if the HATEFUL father and his current HATEFUL wife are present…

as many experts have PROVEN this is destroying the special bond a Mother(father) has with her Children called Parental Alienation and will inflict upon BOTH the loving Mother (father) and the Children of all ages very severe emotional, psychological and physical problems. []

The fact that destroying this special bond will cause many serious problems is also REASONABLE and COMMON SENSE.

So, due the PLANNED very distraught emotional and physical condition the loving Mother (father) is in at the time of the divorce; she REASONABLY TRUSTS the lawyers, the judge and ex-husband TO FOLLOW THE LAW AND NOT STEAL HER PROPERTY and MONEY by HIDING it with the synagogue and church in their “Charitable ” Agreements. 
(the lawyers of SEASTROM & SEASTROM, the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN, the law office of HARRIS GONZALEZ, DALE KIKEN of THE KIKEN GROUP)

The plan is to work with the HATEFUL Rabbis and Pastor or Priest to HIDE these assets during the divorce so then when the loving Mother (father) dies of emotional distress or becomes very handicapped in many ways; they distribute HER ASSETS among themselves leaving the handicapped Mother with financial and emotional problems due to the HATE they have created.

This is not Judaism; this is ABUSE, CORRUPTION and TERRORISM. This is NOT leading others to HATE in the name of God because God does not promote hate; God promotes peace and love.

(The synagogue is SINAI TEMPLE and the Church is SADDLEBACK CHURCH in my case along with many Jewish Organizations and Leaders I contacted).

***Well, it is a miracle that not only have I survived all of this HATE but their HATE has made me even STRONGER AND WISER so I have been able to peacefully file a lawsuit to hold all of them ACCOUNTABLE for their HATEFUL ways and harms they have caused and are still causing.

Unlike all of them, I do NOT use lies, manipulations, abuse or other acts of violence and HATE; instead I am using the LAW, MY MIND and REASON to bring out this horrible TRUTH and obtain JUSTICE for millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation in the United States and even throughout the world. 
***This is LOVE, PEACE and Judaism and what all REASONABLE religions promote.

Religion does NOT promote HATE and PROFITING FROM DIVORCE by ABUSING, LYING and CHEATING the loving Mother (father) and her Children. This is TERRORISM.

So, as the Jewish holidays are approaching; for any Jews reading this; think before you go to synagogue especially to Sinai Temple with RABBI DAVID WOLPE because all Rabbis, yes ALL refuse to give sermons, have other events about Parental Alienation and also refuse to help Children and their alienated Parent reunite. This is not Judaism, this is HATE and TERRORISM.

***Understand, by attending a synagogue and paying their membership and other dues; YOU yes YOU are supporting their HATE and TERRORISM.

***Ask yourself…How can a Jew, especially a Rabbi, HATE a Mother and keep her alienated from her Children who since the day her Children were born INSPIRED them to ACHIEVE while putting her own achievements and interests on hold?

She devoted her time and energy to NURTURING her Children and her Husband’s career helping all of them to make many positive accomplishments. THEN the synagogue helps the husband cheat this loving, devoted Wife/Mother from receiving her 50 percent interest in the marital assets so THEY can share them among themselves. This is not Judaism, it is CRIMINAL and they can all be INDICTED AND GO TO JAIL as my evidence clearly shows their criminal activity and CONSPIRACY.

It is disgraceful beyond words when capable people misuse their abilities. However, for a person to misuse their abilities to harm Mothers (fathers) and their Children by forcing them to give up their:
• love 
• happiness 
• being with each other
• and enjoying life together in many positive ways 
is CRIMINAL BEYOND WORDS as any person with a reasonable mind knows.

The Rabbis, Pastor, Judge, Law Firms, Court-Appointed Therapist; Executives (STEVEN M. MUROW of Dirtonu, MARJI KNITTER, MJ KNITTER) , Private School Administrators from CATE SCHOOL; Ex-Husband (MARK F. HASSMAN) and his New Wife (MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY) and others involved have TRIED TO BUY WHAT CANNOT BE BOUGHT which is happiness, respect and maybe even love. Look at them… they are so miserable with all of their obsessions and anger and anyone with a sound mind and courage can SEE THE TRUTH and loathes them.

It goes without saying that a miserable HATEFUL and VERY CRIMINAL person will REFUSE TO try to help reunite a loving Mother (father) with her Children; and instead will steal her property and money and keep if for themselves; while the Children and their loving Mother suffer in many ways; including a deprivation of LOVE and HAPPINESS.

***However, everyone OWNS THEIR OWN SOUL and each person must CHOOSE whether they want to fill their soul with HATE or LOVE.

If they choose to fill their soul with hate; they grow to HATE. So they spread HATE in this world and all of their stolen money is not buying them happiness and love. What disgraceful failures!!!

Plus they are such COWARDS because they refuse to look inside their own soul and find the courage to change their HATEFUL ways and truly find happiness and love by spreading it; not PROFITING FROM DIVORCE BY DESTROYING IT.

I continue to forge forward extinguishing their HATE because I have CHOSEN TO USE MY ABILITIES to spread LOVE and CHOSEN TO HAVE LOVE IN MY SOUL.

What have you CHOSEN for yourself? Have you chosen to go along with the Parental Alienation by spreading HATE and then developing obsessions and HATE for yourself. 
Choose wisely because your choices determine your destiny.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences of growing up in the world of HATE but then choosing to live in the world of LOVE.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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