Do you think the RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS SEXUALLY ABUSE the Alienated Children?

Do you think the RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS SEXUALLY ABUSE the Children from these millions of divorced homes where they have been alienated from their Loving Mother and are they abusing them in other ways too?

Is this how they FORCE these Children to alienate their loving Mother while using 501c3, Vow of Poverty and other agreements to hide the Loving Mother’s assets and income that she should have received at the time of divorce?

So they work TOGETHER with the ex-husband to keep the Loving Mother emotionally and financially devastated so she cannot help the Children.

Then the Children are forced to “obey” their sick father (the ex-husband) who is working with RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS to destroy the Loving Mother/Child bond of Children of all ages and keep her assets and income all for himself while giving the RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS their share too?

Is this why my daughter has gained 40 pounds since around the time of the divorce?
Do you think my Son at Cate School, with those photos I posted a few days ago of his abusive living conditions was also sexually abused?

RABBI DAVID WOLPE who was aware of the situation and saw the photos refused to even make a telephone call to try to help my Son.

Not only is that unreasonable, does that implicate him in the abuse and involuntary servitude?

***Is this why RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS REFUSE to give sermons, write articles, have classes and lectures on the harms of Parental Alienation and help the Loving Mother and her Children reunite; because they are part of the abuse?

***It is not reasonable that RABBIS, PASTORS AND PRIESTS ignore the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation affecting millions in our Country instead of trying to prevent it from reoccurring.

Reasonable people know that an organization which intentionally harms Mothers and their Children of all ages is not religious but is a corrupt, terrorist organization. Even President Obama confirmed this several months ago when he said ISIS does not promote religion because they harm Mothers and their Children. This is what terrorists do.

Thus, it is only logical that Temples and Churches like SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles with RABBI DAVID WOLPE and SADDLEBACK CHURCH in Southern California with PASTOR RICK WARREN; are also not religious leaders and religious organizations because they intentionally have been using 501c3, Vow of Poverty and other agreements to help an ex-husband hide the assets and income of his ex-wife knowing she should have received them at the time of the divorce which includes HER SAVINGS AND RETIREMENT MONEY.
This is not only corrupt, it is very sick and evil as any reasonable person knows. Are they also sexually abusing their Children so they can keep the Loving Mother in as state of emotional torture and control the Children so they continue to alienate their Loving Mother?

They don’t want the Loving Mother to figure all this out and then try to bring out the truth and fight for her rights by forcing them to give her the community assets and income they have hidden.
So, by keeping the Loving Mother in a state of emotional torture since she is alienated from her Children and keeping her financially devastated by hiding her assets and income including her RETIREMENT AND SAVINGS; they figure the odds are in their favor.

***So, do the Rabbis, Pastors and Priests take the SAVINGS AND RETIREMENT AND OTHER ASSETS AND INCOME that belong to the Loving Mother and then sexually abuse the Children so the father (ex-husband) controls the Children by FEAR and also FINANCIALLY since the Loving Mother has been deprived of receiving her property? They also profit from this too.

Is this what has been going on and why millions of Loving Mothers and their Children are suffering from Parental Alienation and so many young adults have killed people at school, in movie theaters and many other places since they have nowhere to turn and are being used and abused and not loved?

As bestselling author Stephen Fried explained Rabbis and Jewish Organizations have been destroying the loving Mother/Child bond in exchange for money and influence for many decades [see the post a few days ago or the Jewish Child Abuse website page;].

Of course the Rabbis, Jewish Organizations and Churches try to keep this a secret because they know it is against the law to hide assets and income especially SAVINGS AND RETIREMENT MONEY from a Loving Mother which she saved and accumulated during her long marriage. They also know it is not religious to try to defame the Loving Mother’s character so her Children and others think she is not the kind and Loving Mother that she really is.

But they think with all of their power, influence and connections they can continue to get away with it. Also, they try to intimidate and harass the loving Mother and turn others against her. Why do you think Rabbi David Wolpe has been hacking my computer and cell phone? Why do you think many Rabbis and other religious leader refuse to stop him?

These religious institutions should lose their non-profit status too.

If you doubt what I am saying then ask yourself; why do all these religious leaders and religious organizations REFUSE to use their power and influence to educate their communities about the harms of parental alienation, try to stop it from reoccurring and try to reunite the Loving Mothers with their Children of all ages?

As I continue to bring out more and more of the Truth regarding all those involved in destroying the Loving Mother/Child bond and Father/Child bond at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation.

With knowledge and understanding comes change.
If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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