Do you think this therapist is trying to MANIPULATE using the “shame and blame” technique?

I wanted to post an email conversation I had yesterday showing how a therapist tries to MANIPULATE a loving, alienated Mother (me), to try to distract me from the main issues which are needed to end Parental Alienation.


Do you think he is working with the religious leaders, law firms, judge, wealthy and well connected alienating ex-husband/father, business executives and others who are perpetuating Parental Alienation and Fraudulent Divorce Judgments where the marital property is not divided 50/50 between EACH SPOUSE? Here are the emails from yesterday (with a few spelling corrections and in pertinent part), so you decide.

I have often thought of you and your plight. Please let me know what is happening?
With warm best wishes, 
Les Linet, MD

just read my posts. Want to help me because I got the impression you sold your soul & refuse to stand up to the establishment even to help millions suffering from parental alienation. Please let me know if you Truthfully want to help, that would be great.

I can sense the pain in your email. [my comment now: really, how can you not have pain when you haven’t seen and spent time with your children in over 7 years and are trying to survive financially without your savings, retirement and investments from your marriage of over 20 years; this is the beginning of the “shame and blame” manipulation as I see it; but you decide what you think.]

You think I sold my soul. Please read my posts and the comments. 
Anyway, I do want to know how you are doing and what happened after the Dr. Phil show. 
I expect that Dr. Phil got it backwards and, as is the case in 99 percent of cases, actually made things worse – putting you in a position in which your desperation made you appear as though “of course you caused you daughter’s alienation”

My fight is about equal rights for women and how I am entitled to a lawful divorce by having my right to due process of law before an objective, reasonable judge.

***You know the game; the PARENTAL ALIENATION WAS JUST THE METHOD to make me so distraught that I trusted my corrupt lawyers who cheated me but I have a fraudulent divorce judgment; fraudulent on its face. 
The net worth of my community estate worth many millions of dollars was never established and neither was where it was disposed.

Restraining orders were issued against me WITHOUT ANY TESTS showing I was unfit or dangerous. I am a law-abiding citizen with wonderful values which the tests would show.
How would you like to help me? 
I filed a 70 million dollar law suit against the law firms, religious organizations, judge who signed the fraudulent divorce judgment, court-appointed therapist who did not practice safe haven therapy, joint venture partners, relatives and others who have stolen my community property and/or refuse to help me reasonably reunite with my children. They will try to delay and delay the lawsuit so I do not get my right to due process. I won’t give up and if I die in the process, so what; someone will pick up this cause.
How would you like to help me with your skills and experience?
Want to go public with me? What do you suggest?

How would you want me to help?

Contact those involved who perpetuate parental alienation so they can profit from divorce and make their unlawful and immoral practices very public with your sources.
Maybe some of your clients have lawsuits and can band together for a class action suit.
***It is quite simple: the marital estate must be completely and accurately disclosed at the time of divorce and then divided 50/50 between EACH SPOUSE; no one else. That is 50/50 between EACH SPOUSE, no one else. (not lawyers, judges, rabbis, pastors, executives, relatives, therapists etc. who think they are ENTITLED to cheat the loving wife/mother).
With all your years of experience, you must have some ideas of how you can be proactive in a very effective manner. 
-Call SINAI TEMPLE and ask RABBI DAVID WOLPE why he refuses to discuss, write about, have classes and programs on parental alienation.

-Do the same for PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH. Then post your responses on my facebook page. That should be a nice start.

-Want to call JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and ask her why the net worth of my community estate was never established and where it was disposed?

– Also, ask her what CLINICAL BASIS she has for keeping the restraining orders my ex-husband and his current wife have against me which keeps me separated from my children.

THESE ARE REASONABLE QUESTIONS. Then post the responses they give you on my facebook page. These people must be forced to answer and not allowed to keep their policy of profiting from divorce using parental alienation a secret.
What do you think?

These are good ideas. But contacting these people would be time consuming. I am currently working on 2 PAS cases that take up enormous time – in addition to the rest of my practice. Please understanding you’re asking a lot from someone who is sympathetic. More details about your interaction with Dr. Phil, the therapist he referred you to, your daughter and her father might be something more useful.

[These are my comments now- that is a ridiculous comment for many reasons…. First, it would take less time to send a few emails or make a few phone calls than trying to have therapy with me and my daughter and my very manipulative, ex-husband whom many have said shows characters of a person with narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. 
Plus, Les, an experienced therapist himself knows or should know my daughter is brainwashed and can be manipulated and furthermore this is NOT the crux of the issue. If the “charitable” agreements were NO LONGER allowed to be used to hide assets and income AND JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and other judges like her were forced to uphold the law and divided marital property 50/50 between EACH SPOUSE at the time of divorce like the law demands; again 50/50 between EACH SPOUSE; then my daughter and millions of other children of all ages like her suffering from parental alienation (as their behaviors are characteristically showing) would understand this abuse called Parental Alienation and WITH THEIR OWN FREE WILL go to their loving Mother(father) whom they have alienated.]

I just wanted to make this email conversation public so others can understand how these professionals are EXPERT MANIPULATORS and DO NOT HAVE EMPATHY and will play the “shame and blame game” by shaming you, like in this case shaming me for not understanding how busy he is and then blaming me for thinking he is not sincere. Remember, he reached out to me, I did not contact him.

***Don’t fall for this manipulation. Calling or emailing RABBI DAVID WOLPE and PASTOR RICK WARREN would only take a minute or two. Then it would take another minute or two to post their responses on my facebook page so all of us could learn and be enriched.

***Stay strong and do not let the manipulators try to manipulate YOU. 
To do so, just ask yourself… is what they are saying REASONABLE??? Think it through like I did with this email conversation. 
To verify my opinion I discussed this with a very wise and honest friend of mine and he agreed with me 100 percent. So what do you think? Please feel free to share to help others.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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