Does this sound like “struggling” and that my support should have been reduced to Zero? Corruption?

More information so you can cast your educated vote; see prior 2 days posts for details. Weigh in on what you think Judge Claudia Silbar will do. 
Anyway, here is some additional information to help you decide.

Did you know my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN testified that he is “STRUGGLING” so Judge Claudia Silbar reduced my spousal support to zero WHILE he was approved and is paying for his TWO NEW LEXUS VEHICLES. 
Perjury? Conversion? Abuse of Process? Theft? etc.

Should my ex-husband and others aiding and abetting him in these unlawful acts like law firms, religious leaders and their executives and board of directors, schools, other executives, joint venture partners, an accounting firm, a current wife, his mother and many others start getting ready to go to JAIL?

***Do you think it is legal and should be encouraged to take the retirement, savings and other property from a loving Mother from her marriage of over 20 years and destroy her nurturing, positive, enriching and caring companionship she shared with her Children? The Jews have been doing this for decades as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains…/ and PASTOR RICK WARREN founder of SADDLEBACK CHURCH also has this immoral and illegal policy because SADDLEBACK CHURCH has my money and property and refuse to give it to me. My ex-husband made an agreement with them using it along with corrupt Jews. Legal? Moral? Of course not as any reasonable, sane, person knows.

Should they ADMIT to their MISTAKES and RESOLVE THEM? They should but don’t hold your breath. Remember, they think they are ENTITLED to use and abuse others.

Well, they chose the wrong woman to abuse along with her Children. I feel so sick every time I look at those photos of how my Son was forced to live at CATE SCHOOL boarding high school in California. I hope my children feel strong enough to contact me soon.

My ex-husband should have known better than to use and abuse me and our children but; obviously he and those aiding and abetting him are delusional and have many psychological, emotional, mental, control and other problems to behave this way as many experts have proven.

I continue to be the voice for all of us and millions like us as I forge forward exposing the TRUTH.

Stupid, corrupt and immoral “is” what stupid, corrupt and immoral “does.” I will not allow it nor should I or any reasonable, moral person. We have rights which will be enforced. Just watch!!!

As always, none of this is legal advise or advise of any kind. It is based on my knowledge and experience.

So cast your vote, what do you think Judge Claudia Silbar will do?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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