Jewish Child Abuse

ALL  Jewish Organizations in the United States, their Members and ALL Jewish leaders, Seminaries, Jewish journalists and many other Jews have all been intentionally and maliciously ignoring Parental Alienation since the 1970’s because it is profitable for them in many ways including reaping the profits from SELLING THE CHILDREN suffering from Parental Alienation into Human Trafficking and forcing them to commit other criminal and immoral acts as Slaves.

Jewish leaders know it is one of the worst sins to pull precious children from the arms of their loving Mother and force them to commit criminal and immoral acts

as Hitler did?

In exchange for ignoring the terror and torture of Parental Alienation this EVIL JEWISH ENTERPRISE or CULT OPERATING THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES and also Worldwide are given contributions and other benefits which are the property and other assets the law-abiding Wife/Mother should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter too. 

The late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe started intentionally ignoring Parental Alienation situations in the 1970’s which he said were “epidemic” at his synagogue. He was even quoted by a bestselling author as saying he was “concerned about the future emotional health” of this one teenage daughter in particular. This so-called Rabbi had received a large donation from her very influential and wealthy father who he said had created the Parental Alienation by destroying the loving and sacred Mother/Daughter relationship but had dealt with her father’s “machinations” for years and this was just another one to deal with.       []

The late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe and many others watched this precious child show the control and brainwashing her father had created. They watched this precious child alienate her loving, law-abiding Mother and others for no justified reason and did nothing about it. Pure evil and horror. As this chapter shows; the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe and other Jewish leaders and organizations also refused to address this emotional torture and terror called Parental Alienation in their communities so families including children can empower themselves and not fall prey.    []

To this day ALL Jewish organizations, their members and ALL JEWISH leaders still refuse to address Parental Alienation as millions of Jewish children and their families have continued to suffer. They have become focused on lining their own pockets at the expense of the psychological, emotional, physical and financial health of innocent Jewish Children and their loving, law-abiding Mother.

GOD WOULD NEVER INTEND OR PRAISE a father or any other adult who leaves children in an abusive environment which includes the emotional abuse, terror and torture of Parental Alienation.

 I discovered the Jewish Mafia and corrupt professionals who willfully cooperate with these Jews.

 Jews and other professionals like judges, law firms, lawyers, the court-appointed therapist, executives, nonprofit schools, Bank of America and others are all working together to steal the loving, law-abiding wife’s 50 percent community property SECRETLY using charitable nonprofit organizations, [501(c)(3) and others, and also Limited Liability Corporations, Trusts and other financial vehicles].

           This  is property the law-abiding Wife/Mother should have received at the time of the divorce and thereafter.

***However because  the law-abiding Wife/Mother was so distressed from their intentional and malicious acts of Parental Alienation which destroyed her companionship with her children using lies, schemes, abuse, threats and other unlawful acts; she could not see straight and trusted the judge, law firms, her husband and others who owed her a FIDUCIARY DUTY to treat her honestly and fairly and should WANT to do this too. All of them breached their fiduciary duty and betrayed her trust at a time when she was very vulnerable due to their malicious and intentional acts of Parental Alienation they inflicted upon her and her Children. This is pure EVIL AND CORRUPTION.

Wouldn’t you trust several rabbis, a pastor, your own lawyers, a judge, the court-appointed therapist and even your husband who has a legal obligation to disclose all the community assets and any separate property and other property and is a Harvard business school graduate, a Chief Financial Officer and a Certified Public Accountant who handled the marital finances due to all his education and experience? Would you expect all of these professionals to break the law?

***Anyone who intentionally leads young people astray is very, very evil.
***Anyone who intentionally leads a vulnerable Woman or Mother going through a divorce astray is also very, very evil.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE OF SINAI TEMPLE for years has used the internet, like many gangs do, to send messages, hack my computer and cell phone. He tries to follow me so he can try to destroy me emotionally and also financially so he and others at Sinai Temple and other Jews can PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE using  “charitable” nonprofits unlawfully along with the AIDING AND ABETTING of judges, law firms, banks, the court-appointed therapist, nonprofit schools, executives and other crooked organizations, leaders and people.
Think I am the only one?

Think this is why Rabbi David Wolpe’s wife divorced him around the time social media became popular?
Has he done other unlawful or immoral things online too to others for the benefit of himself and this EVIL JEWISH ENTERPRISE or CULT they have the gall to call Judaism?

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD, who was on one of President Obama’s councils regarding religion, has refused for years to respond to my emails and voice mail messages regarding Rabbi David Wolpe’s hacking and why I have been banned from going to public and private events at Sinai Temple when I am a law-abiding citizen and known for my honest values and character.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD also refuses to explain why she ignores Parental Alienation and as a Jewish Leader INSTRUCTS other Jewish Organizations and Leaders to do the same including Sinai Temple and Rabbi David Wolpe. 

RABBI MARVIN HIER founder and dean of the “charitable nonprofit” organization the SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER and also a prominent Jewish leader has also remained silent and refuses to address these epidemic problems in the Jewish Community and also Nationwide.

RABBI MARVIN HIER also refuses to explain why he ignores Parental Alienation and as a Jewish Leader INSTRUCTS other Jewish Organizations and Leaders to do the same. 

RABBI MARVIN HIER apparently has no interest in ending Parental Alienation and the illegal and immoral use of charitable nonprofits because in 2013 the Jewish Daily Forward called him…

the most overpaid executive of a JEWISH NONPROFIT.

HIER and his family received nearly $1.3 million dollars in 2012 from the charitable nonprofit the Simon Wiesenthal Center.   


1) Since they know I can prove they are intentionally and maliciously promoting the terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation;                        

2) Since they know I can prove they are profiting from my fraudulent divorce judgment since they have MY community property and have refused to return it to me even though I have requested many times.

Why won’t Rabbis give sermons and write about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation that has been going on in the Jewish community for decades?

Why won’t synagogues and other Jewish Organizations have lectures, discussions, classes and other educational events about the terror, torture and oppression of Parental Alienation that has been going on in the Jewish community for decades?

Why won’t synagogues and other Jewish Organizations help reunite millions of loving, law-abiding Mothers with their children? My children and I have been alienated from each other for over 8 years now; yes 8 years. Also, my crooked Jewish husband MARK F. HASSMAN refuses to use his negotiation and other skills to help us reunite. What a horrible father and person.

Why won’t any Jewish journals, newspapers and magazines write about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation that has been going on in the Jewish community for decades?

Why are all these Jewish professionals and organizations ignoring the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation?

My case #BC580980 in Los Angeles County Superior Court shows many of them and others they work with are PROFITING FROM THIS TERROR AND TORTURE AT THE TIME OF DIVORCE and THEREAFTER.

You can also see my case in CA Court of Appeals #B267984 and also:                                                                                                                   My Federal cases in U.S. District Court of California:

            #CV16-4188-RGK(JEM) which involves Former First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA; and  #CV17-01081-DOC(JEM) which involves U.S. Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG.

These cases refer to the original case which shows the creation of  Parental Alienation and other immoral and criminal acts of terror and torture; CA Superior Court case #09D002792.

Former First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA claims her legacy is to protect Children and Mothers and do what is in their best interest. Really?      Then why has she refused for years to acknowledge Parental Alienation and how it has been very seriously harming Children and Mothers psychologically, emotionally, financially and in other very tragic ways? 

JEWISH U.S. Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG is the  featured dinner speaker at the American Law Institute’s upcoming annual meeting where one of the scheduled discussions is about Charitable Nonprofits.

    JEWISH Justice Ginsburg knows that Charitable Nonprofits were never intended to be used to steal assets and launder money but it appears from my inquires that she is discussing how to use them in these unintended, illegal and immoral ways. Disgraceful.

 I will be posting many facts so people can educate themselves and others about how these evil Jews and professionals are profiting from divorce using Parental Alienation, Charitable Nonprofits and other corrupt and immoral schemes.

As the Jewish author Eli Wiesel said; you must NEVER remain silent because your silence helps the predator/abuser and harms the victims even more.

So, I will continue to bring out more and more of the truth even if the Jewish mafia doesn’t like it.

If they kill me; all the facts are part of public records so it will be easy for someone to expose the truth and seek justice.

Using Parental Alienation as a means to make loving, fit Mothers (fathers) and their Children of all ages severely emotionally distressed and steal community property is abuse for the children and the loving, fit, alienated parent and is a crime.

One must never sacrifice their honest and reasonable values to the corrupt establishment who may seem “prestigious but are nothing but criminals and abusive cowards as my cases also unequivocally show.

As my very wise and wonderful GRANDFATHER BEN taught me: Hitler could take everything tangible from us but; Hitler could not take our good values and character and without those you have nothing. Thus, my wise and compassionate Grandfather taught me that I always must peacefully fight to defend my good values and character and also fight to defend my legal rights.

The very wise, honest and compassionate Judge I had the honor of clerking for named JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS taught me that I must never close my eyes to corruption.
Instead I must use my education, skills and experience to defeat the corruption and fight on behalf of those who are unable to fight for themselves.
I am so grateful I have recovered enough from the Parental Alienation to be able to peacefully fight to defend my good values and character, defend my legal rights and to abolish the corruption of the SECRET EVIL JEWISH ENTERPRISE or CULT. I am fighting for my benefit and for the benefit of those who are unable to fight for themselves also so we can restore humanity and Make America Great Again.

I JUST NEVER, EVER BELIEVED I would be fighting to defend my good values and character and my legal rights against fellow Jews so I could end their corruption taking place nationwide and worldwide. 

Giving EVIL a FACE so they can be held accountable and THERE WILL BE A COMING OF A NEW REALITY.

JUST LIKE THE GERMANS WERE HELD ACCOUNTABLE to the Holocaust victims and their families due to murder, suicide, illnesses and abuse for years lost to SLAVERY AND TERROR, for intentionally causing very serious emotional and physical oppression and distress and for the theft of assets and personal belongs; I am holding my husband, Judges, Law Firms, Lawyers, so-called Religious Organizations, the Court-appointed Therapist, Executives, Bank of America, Nonprofit Schools and others for this terror, torture and oppression they have intentionally and maliciously caused and continue to cause Me in violation of our laws of democracy and our moral standards of civility.

JUST LIKE THE GERMANS, INCLUDING HITLER AND HIS HENCHMEN; does my husband and all those helping him to: 
1) hide my 50 percent community property interest worth millions and 
2) keep Me, a loving, law-abiding Mother alienated from my Children for over 8 years now; and so horrifically;                                                           3) SOLD MY CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY where they are forced to alienate Me, their loving, law-abiding Mother, and also forced commit crimes and immoral acts daily.

It appears this EVIL JEWISH ENTERPRISE or CULT and those AIDING AND ABETTING THEM have become delusional based upon their many documents signed under the penalty of perjury including the fraudulent divorce judgment, personal declarations, demurrers and others they filed.  

EXPECT THIS because liars, cheaters, abusers and manipulators CAN’T provide the facts because the facts show the TRUTH which liars, cheaters, abusers and manipulators are trying to hide.

They KNOW I have not received my 50 percent community property interest in an estate worth millions and its division and disposal are a mystery too; even though these factors are legally required to be fully and accurately disclosed before a divorce judgment can be deemed legal and valid.

They KNOW I am a fit, loving, law-abiding Mother who has been deprived of a lawful custody and visitation arrangement. This is what HITLER DID; he separated wonderful, fit Mothers (fathers) from their children of all ages and abused and threatened them in many horrible ways.

CATE SCHOOL with the knowledge of my husband, Sinai Temple and others physically and  sexually abused my Children along with all of the other defendants. This is what Hitler and his Henchmen did.

A NEW REALITY IS COMING. After WWII there was the emergence of Israel; now there is going to be the emergence of new precedent where: 
1) charitable nonprofits, limited liability corporations, trusts and other financial vehicles cannot be used to hide community property and 
2) where Parental Alienation will be deemed a very serious crime with very serious sanctions for those who create and promote it; including where they can all be held liable under the Federal RICO act.

These are very necessary and reasonable changes because they promote JUSTICE FOR ALL.

So, does the suit make the man (woman) or does the man make the suit?

Do the judge, rabbi and pastor in their robes, executives in their suits, a therapist, school administrators, and others in their outfits define their position or do they go along with the corrupt establishment and follow the unreasonable and harmful acts corrupt and evil people demand they follow?

Will they allow themselves to work behind a veil where they promote an image and hide the TRUTH behind the veil? OR,

Will they use their position to enhance the world in positive ways for all, not just for themselves at the expense of others?

People will define their suit as independent free thinking, reasonable people if they willingly, diligently and consistently CHOOSE TO use their position to enhance the world in positive ways for all; NEVER taking advantage of vulnerable Mothers, their Children and others. 

So far, all those I have sued have promoted Parental Alienation and my fraudulent divorce judgment. They have intentionally and willfully taken advantage of the opportunity to EXPLOIT a loving, kind, law-abiding fit Mother and her three Children and millions suffering like them as a myriad of facts show and continue to show. This is clearly evil, corruption and reprehensible behavior as any reasonable person knows. 
This is why a new reality is coming.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete.

This is what I have done and clearly explained in my legal complaints which is why a new reality is coming.

Spread the truth in your community and elsewhere to help bring about these very important changes in our society which is supposed to be based on moral and democratic values of liberty, justice and freedom for ALL.

In my world of love; not corruption, the strong take care of the weak by helping them to become stronger, heal and reach their special potential. This is love, civility and kindness which all make living very worthwhile and beautiful.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based on my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;


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