Don’t Be Afraid to Embace Your Challenges because They are Building Your Character and Bringing You Joy

Honest Communication, Being Reasonable and Objective, Not Running Away from your Challenges and IF YOU RESPECT THE SOURCE; then being grateful for suggestions and honest critiques; are all wonderful behaviors to have. This means not taking the suggestions of someone you respect personally or viewing them as an attack so then you become angry or revengeful.

How you choose to react to a situation is in your control. If you choose one way and that doesn’t work, then just try another.
If you always have a positive INTENTION and what you are doing is REASONABLE; then you will grow in many positive ways, even if the result is different than you expected.
*** Wise adults try to learn and grow throughout their entire life.

Use suggestions from a person or author you respect to help you develop a healthy new perspective or launch a new beginning with a positive and moral purpose. This can be a great day and a great new start; something to be grateful and happy for; not angry or revengeful.

Often our challenges and great accomplishments involve joy, but not necessarily pleasure. In other words, when you are diligent and focused working hard to accomplish an important goal; you will probably find it difficult. However, in the end you will find great joy with what you have accomplished and in the lessons you learned.

Part of living life to its fullest means not giving up when things become difficult or when you begin to realize some TRUTH you did not expect. This is typical when you embark on a new challenge or enter a new stage of life. Just keep going.

Know that if you have a good intention and focus your mind that something good will emerge.

A rich and rewarding experience usually involves some pain which is why most people refuse to have a rewarding experience until they are brought down to their knees and forced to. As history has shown, most important changes were brought about by people who were dissatisfied, uncomfortable, aggravated, frustrated, fed up and very determined to make a positive difference.

Those who are complacent or see the truth but don’t want to endure the joy and pain to bring about positive changes will stagnate, not live life to its fullest and not have a meaningful purpose in life. Usually they also will not be happy or have peace of mind because they “sold out.” They gave up.

***Remember, all of us have the power to navigate our circumstances and make choices as to what we do or don’t do with our time and energy.

Know that when you have a strong FOUNDATION which consists of being honest; respectful; treating others as you want to be treated; being resourceful so you are prepared for your challenges; learning to become aware of how evil and corrupt others can be so you are not caught off guard; trying to help yourself and in the process setting the example for others to follow. This is a strong foundation so don’t worry.
***You will do great because you have the strength and skills to TEACH YOURSELF what you need to know and do. This is MATURITY and GROWTH.

Sometimes our challenges really test us; but that is great. Don’t worry; with your strong foundation KNOW you are fine so keep going and don’t hesitate. It may not be easy but; it will be worth it.

Life is made up of many challenges; some are more difficult than others but when you embrace them and try to resolve them in an honest, positive manner; you will grow in many ways. Often in ways you never expected.
So don’t be afraid to embrace your challenges because it will build your character and make you a wiser and more compassionate person.

Your challenges may also be preparing you for your next exciting adventure in life; making you a stronger and wiser person with greater understanding and empathy.

Don’t give up.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder,



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