Don’t be FOOLED by the corrupt and immoral acts of those who encourage Parental Alienation

Be careful if you deal with Sinai Temple which includes Rabbi David Wolpe. As I have posted before, Rabbi David Wolpe has hacked my computer along with Jason Patric’s who is also an advocate trying to end parental alienation.

It now appears, Rabbi David Wolpe has cloned more telephone numbers (which it appears he has done before regarding Pastor Rick Warren and calls to me he pretended were from Pastor Rick Warren which my ex-husband alluded to in one of his complaints against ME which was dismissed).

Now it appears Rabbi David Wolpe is trying to make me think I was given a government grant BUT in order to be able to accept it; I have to go to Western Union, pay them $200 cash and then they will release the grant of $7,000. This is highly suspect as most people realize. PLUS, I have to call a specific phone number when I get to Western Union so they can talk to this US Grant office before they release my grant after I have paid $200 in cash. Again, highly suspicious.

***Remember, best selling author Stephen Fried explains that intentionally and repeated destroying the loving, nurturing companionship between a loving mother(father) and her Children of all ages has been a CORRUPT SECRET CORPORATE POLICY AND PRACTICE among RABBIS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, including RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S FATHER, the late RABBI GERALD WOLPE who author Stephen Fried says was his son’s mentor. […/]

Thus, to do other corrupt, abusive and immoral acts is EXPECTED as many experts and authors have explained because they have corrupt, abusive and immoral values, behavior and character and refuse to change their very harmful ways.

The telephone calls from what appears to be cloned phone numbers given to me by Rabbi David Wolpe or someone on his behalf were made today 5/15/2015 around 11:05 am and 
11:11 am. 
These are the telephone numbers which are being checked out (206) 508-3081 and 206-792-9719 which I was told were from a Federal US Grant Office. I believe it is wiretap fraud and other unlawful and immoral behavior to impersonate a US Federal Grant office.

Rabbi David Wolpe has been hacking my computer and emails for several years and when I REPEATEDLY contacted the board of directors and others at Sinai Temple and at other Jewish Organizations to help me end this problem; they have just ignored me. So, he knows I have been applying for grants because he hacks my emails. He and the others involved try to manipulate your mind and use unlawful schemes since they know your confidential email information. They try to make you so distraught so you will end your efforts to bring out the TRUTH and hold them accountable. They refuse to reasonably CHANGE their abusive and corrupt policies and behaviors WHICH is why Parental Alienation has become a much more widespread problem since the 1970’s when the late Rabbi Gerald WOLPE helped make it a secret Jewish Policy and Practice so the Jewish leaders and organizations could PROFIT even though they KNEW this was harming Jewish Children and their Loving Mother (father) as author Stephen Fried explains. […/]

The board of directors and others at Sinai Temple and at other Jewish Organizations have also ignored my reasonable requests to start talking, writing and having programs on Parental Alienation and help reunite loving, law-abiding parents with their Children of all ages. So has Pastor Rick Warren and others at Saddleback Church (Saddleback Valley Community Church).

Anyway, when those who know I have the evidence to prove the net worth of my community estate was never established and many other unlawful acts were committed as part of their sophisticated PLANNED conspiracy to UNLAWFULLY PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE; they will do what they can to silence me from exposing this TRUTH and holding them accountable. This is what my $70 million dollar lawsuit is about and it is case number BC580980 filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California you can look up in public records.

My lawsuit is NOT ONLY about stealing money and community property; it is ALSO ABOUT the very, very serious problems of INTENTIONALLY destroying the heart, soul and mind of Children of all ages and their loving Mother(father); so they can keep them in a state of emotional torture until some STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS RUNS when the loving Mother(father) can no longer claim the money and property they stole from her, so they think.

It is just so horrible and to think this is what organized religion in the US has become; a bunch of TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS who enlist Judges, Law Firms, Business Executives, Relatives, Therapists and others so they can all PROFIT FROM THE DIVORCE OF THE CORRUPT FATHER( Mother) at the expense of the loving, law-abiding Mother and their Children.

This is not a horror film, this is MY LIFE, MY CHILDREN’S LIFE and the life of millions of others like us since this is an epidemic problem in the US and in other countries too.

So, do you think my Children have been placed in a “climate of fear” and are afraid to contact me and get away from their abusers? There is not a rational reason why my Children would not contact me to civilly discuss why they have suddenly chosen to alienate me since the divorce and try to resolve their issues. This is what reasonable, mature adults do especially since I showered them with so much love and enriched their lives in many positive ways for about 20 years until they alienated me.

The truth will prevail and more and more of the lies and schemes become very clear.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge. 
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;



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